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Young Educated Muslim boys and girls have always been pain in the eyes of the HindutwaRashtra regime.
Be it any political party, they have always designed and supported draconian laws to contain muslims in the name of law and order.

The government on a regular basis carried out planned #Genocide of Muslims which was never reported to the outside world.
After the #BabriMasjid martyrdom Muslims started questioning the political parties who pretended to be the messiah of Muslims.
That created a panic.

Laws like TADA,POTA,MCOCA were brought to picture.
Young Muslim men from #Kashmir and other parts of the country were picked up under false charges only to be found innocent decades after rotting in jail.
Many Muslim men were encountered to fuel the anti-muslim narrative

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1/ Gravitas: #China claims ownership of a Russian city #Landgrabbing #QAnon @realDonaldTrump
2/ Looks Like #China’s “#LandGrabbing is getting way out of hand... Steeling land from 21 Countries?!? Even trying to take land from #Russia!? 😬 #Communism
3/ But there is more... No wonder @realDonaldTrump keeps saying
👉🏻#China 👈🏻 🙄 “International #LandGrabbing#QAnon
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#Brazil: Government military mission took 66 thousand 150 mg chloroquine tablets to treat indigenous people from nine ethnic groups from the Yanomami and Raposa Serra do Sol Indigenous Lands.
#Brazil: Indigenous leaders angry about #COVID19 risk from military visit.
"We are worried strangers came here and left the COVID-19. The Yanomami people were called into the garrison with no explanation"…
Video: @RedeProYY
"We don't want to be used as government propaganda," said Parana Yanomami. "We don't want outsiders coming here to take photos of our children. The visit took us by surprise."
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"Economic growth accompanied by worsening social outcomes isn't success, it's failure"- @jacindaardern
by his Uneducated Mental Mess is Catapulting India 2 a #SocialSuicide
The #DeathKnell
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#ReligiousFreedom @OrtaineDevian

🦠When will #DeepState learn?


🦠The list goes on & on

🦠Blood will be shed for every freedom lost

🦠(Their) goal~bloodshed

NewThread Image
#ReligiousFreedom @OrtaineDevian

🦠Little did the #Luciferian #globalists know that COVID-19 would #WakeUpAmerica

🦠We SEE & HEAR more distinctly bc of the CONSTRAINTS imposed upon us

🦠It has ALERTED us to their evil ways as they serve Satan

🦠SPOILER: God wins
@BardsFM Image
@OrtaineDevian @BardsFM @Maca691 @lenlucas46 @DRottiemom @sjorolan @slavewar @Sta1tOfLiberty1 @d5iza @STORMBLADEX69 @gonv_survival @heidi_weigand #ReligiousFreedom @OrtaineDevian

🦠COVID-19 Constraints Can Be Blessings

🦠It can help us to REALIZE what we have not fully realized before

🦠Hankies ready. This video highlights several of wake-up calls that we have received because of COVID-19… Image
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I was told about the effects of pain pills when I was a teenager, not by healthcare professionals, but by teenagers who took them to get high. I wonder why everyone seems to always assume a link between pills and legitimate use ? Prescription Heroin is used in many... (cont)...
.. countries, but I don't here Heroin use linked to legitimate supply chains in these countries... Street dealers do not depend on their steady supply coming from the 7 or 8 pills Bobby swipes from grandma every few months... Even if street dealers had a number of these (cont)..
.. "suppliers" lined up, there's NO WAY the dealers could get enough or consistently to keep users supplied, then there's the issue of getting these imaginary "suppliers" to see them to h for enough less than what he sells them for to make the risk worth it... (cont)..
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So, The Malabar Massacre of Hindus, will be whitewashed as a Revolution?
#Hindus of #Kerala, are we going to let the murder of our ancestors be ridiculed like this?
This movie will be the biggest insult to our innocent ancestors, who were killed, raped!

So a known Hinduphobic filmmaker & card carrying member of Communist Party plans to celebrate 100 years of the brutal Massacre of Hindus in Malabar!?

Not surprised. His party's key ideology is elimination through violence!



What is shocking is Prithviraj Sukumaran, agreeing to play the role of Chief Instigator of the massacre!
This Actor who takes pride in being well read, disappoints with his ignorance of this brutality!

Or is it deliberate?

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This is how whiteness, racism and mediocrity is continuously rewarded at @UofT. How this woman has been named senior fellow at U of T’s massey college is beyond me. Alissa Trotz has resigned from her position at Massey College at University of Toronto following this appointment
This is the same woman who has been fired by actual publications — right wing/right leaning publications at that!

If THEY are firing her, how tf could U of T allow this person to even qualify after the first stages of scrutiny?
Now we have lost one of the only two Black ppl we’ve ever had on the Governing Board and then ONLY Black person that was on it currently.

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#NYC Nurse - Says They Are Murdering for Money” via @YouTube @FBI #QAnon
@realDonaldTrump @RudyGiuliani @TheJusticeDept @IvankaTrump
2/ Doctors and Interns are getting paid to murder people with Government Funding?!?? #COVID19
#QAnon @realDonaldTrump @TheJusticeDept
3/ Are the #NYC Doctors & Interns intentionally overdosing patients to make it look like #COVID19 Deaths?!? They are actually getting Paid to do this!?? #QAnon @realDonaldTrump @IvankaTrump @FBI @TheJusticeDept
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Calling for Genocide of muslim's, denying treatment/segrigation on the basis of religion by doctors & others is 'Fake news Alert' & 'Bigoted comments' according to Indian liberals who's primary job is whitewashing crime and monkey balancing. Let's have a look at Reported Incedent Image
Orthopaedic surgeon arrested for calling for #Genocide of Muslims,that also after so much outrage on social media booked just for hurting religious sentiment later released on bail , now running his clinic without an inquiry… ImageImage
Dr.Aarti Lalchandani Dean kanpur med college Refers COVID +ve Muslims as terr@rists, Wants govt to send them to Jungle & Jail in solitry confnmnt treating them is wasting resources of 100 crore citizen on 20 crore muslim's

Action taken just transferred
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The message so far from racial arsonists has been for the most part incomprehensible gibberish. The latest howler, get this, defunding the police, was apparently thought up on a bar napkin over a few drinks because it has not even the remotest chance of being taken seriously.
The message has been a central casting litany of hoary sloganeering that lost its emotional heft 30 years ago. The chant rant is not based on fact and is a pathetic regurgitation of prior memes and themes, repackaged and reconstituted. But it doesn’t seem to matter in the least.
When @AttorneyCrump throws out the term #genocide in any other context he’d be laughed out of town. But today such blather enjoys cachet. It’s like the drone of #NoJusticeNoPeace. If you say something long enough and loud enough to throngs preoccupied with larceny, it’ll do.
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The #FakeNewsMedia likes to use the words “peaceful” and “protests” in the same sentence to describe this 👇
If these #AntifaTerrorists are truly fighting for change with the #BlackLivesMattter movement against “#SystemicRacism”, then why wouldn’t they start by burning down all the #PlannedParenthood centers that are committing #Genocide within the Black Communities?
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The Evil #Brahmin.

Why the Evil #Brahmin is #Abused in Indian #society ?

The Evil #Brahmin used to give #education for #free!

The #Evil Brahmin used2provide

#medicine & #medical
care4 #free,
only what
the #patient
AFTER being #Healed
was accepted as payment!
The Evil #Hindu #Brahmin used2not
differentiate in
upper or lower class
eg #SriKrisna & poor #Sudhama
#studying in the same #Gurukulam (#school)
or being good #friends!

The #EvilBrahmin did not use #sword 2convert ppl !

The Evil #Brahmin advocates #vegetarian lifestyle!
The Evil #Brahmin is projected as being Godly or spiritual but he is only the holder of scriptural #knowledge for #Hindus & thus him,
being #ungodly
is only a #scam 2justify attacking him
2justify a #Brahmin #Genocide even today by #commies!

The "Evil Brahmin" #genocide is
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1)@awiktorin @EU_Armenia:

It was not a 'tragic event'.
It was a #Genocide. It inspired RAPHAEL LEMKIN to coin the term "GENOCIDE" in the first place, way before the #Holocaust (a note: the term #Holocaust had also been used for Armenian Massacres 1894-1896)

2) @awiktorin @EU_Armenia:

In case you & your team would like to educate yourselves more on the #ArmenianGenocide..:


(HINT: scroll down once you follow the link below)
3) @awiktorin @EU_Armenia:


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1. #OperationSearchlight : #Genocide unleashed on #Bangalis in #EastPakistan by #PakistaniMilitary on Mar25-1971. It was set to be launched at 1pm on Mar26, but Awami League President Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s proclamation of independence. #1971LiberationWar #TrialPakiWarCriminals ImageImageImageImage
2. President #SheikhMujiburRahman proclamation of independence the previous night prompted the #PakistaniMilitary to start its welldesigned #Massacre 13hrs ahead of the schedule, so that the Bangalis could not put up a strong resistance #1971LiberationWar #TrialPakiWarCriminals
3. A Paper published on Aug5-1971 by PakiGovt #AwamiLeague had a plan to stage an armed revolution early on Mar26. #MajGenKhadimHossainRaja, GOC14thDiv and #MajGenRaoFarmanAliKhan GOC57thDiv came to a decision on Feb22-1971 regarding the army action named #OperationSearchlight
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⚫️In 1980’s Some Police Officers, Nat Guardsmen & Military officers became AWARE of a plan to OVERTHROW the REPUBLIC of the US

⚫️They learned: The world's richest families plan 2 place 1/2 the masses of the earth in servitude under their complete control

@OrtaineDevian ImageImageImage

⚫️Their plan calls for elim of 3 billion people through war, diseases, abortion & famine

⚫️COVID _19 is an #Illuminati plan. #Genocide, Increase of quadrillions researching a cure they already have

⚫️The #MSM took an oath 2 NOT tell the truth

@OrtaineDevian @MagaGlam Image


⚫️”We r going 2 impose OUR AGENDA..& subjects WE choose to deal with”(CBS)

⚫️"Our job is 2 give people NOT what THEY want, but what WE decide they ought to have”(CBS)

⚫️“Our job to CONTROL the NARRATIVE”

@OrtaineDevian @HB04920973 @lenlucas46 ImageImage
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⚫️More DISTURBING EVIDENCE for the #GreatAwakening

⚫️Evil #MockingbirdMedia

⚫️Evil Politicians

⚫️#Illuminati WANTS our GUNS~Buy more

⚫️We’ll break it down ~ HOLD ON

@OrtaineDevian @HB04920973 @TuckerCarlson @NSAGov @lenlucas46 @TWITMO_INMATE @MagaGlam Image

⚫️In 1980’s Some Police Officers, Nat Guardsmen & Military officers became AWARE of a plan to OVERTHROW the REPUBLIC of the US

⚫️They learned: The world's richest families plan 2 place 1/2 the masses of the earth in servitude under their complete control

@OrtaineDevian ImageImageImage

⚫️Their plan calls for elim of 3 billion people through war, diseases, abortion & famine

⚫️COVID _19 is an #Illuminati plan. #Genocide, Increase of quadrillions researching a cure they already have

⚫️The #MSM took an oath 2 NOT tell the truth

@OrtaineDevian @MagaGlam Image
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🇺🇸 Dr. Rashid A. Buttar ~ Please share!

🙏 Great to see more Dr's speaking out!

💉 #Depopulation through #Vaccination…
No mandatory vaccines for US Citizens, No mandatory microchipping, No mass surveillance, under any circumstances.

✍️ Sign the petition:…
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Deforestation has exploded in the Brazilian Amazon– having almost doubled in 2019. Illegal loggers & land grabbers have not stopped destroying the forest with the onset of the pandemic.

A (very long) thread 1/13…
Indigenous communities face the advance of the #COVID-19 in their villages with little help from the government. Without direct intervention by the Brazilian Army and the Federal Police to expel the invaders, a genocide of entire indigenous communities is underway. 2/13
In the first 3 months of 2020, Amazon deforestation was up 51% from a year ago to an area roughly the size of New York City. The Yanomami land, in Roraima state, is overrun by 30,000 illegal goldminers, according to the Hutukara Yanomami Association. #EndAmazonDeforestation 3/13
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