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@Samuel_Gryning #Lahjus-#Kiristys. #BigPharma on jo maksanut kuolettavista #mRNA -promootioista. Jopa Suomen kouluissa on maksettu oppilaille kymppi per piikki.
- Ensi-Lahjuksien oton jälkeen ns. poliitikko on kiikissä.

@Samuel_Gryning #Darpa-#mRNA ja #Ukraina-#Maidan2014 ovat saman #siionisti -jengin tekosia ja tavoite on edelleen sama, ylivalta. #Depopulation kuten Neuvostoliitossa bolsevikkien (ns. juutalaisten) #gulagit (66 miljoonaa tapettua) ja se #NWO.
- Jacob #Rothschild lifts he #Veil ImageImageImage
@Samuel_Gryning #Jews Murdered #Czar Nicholas, Stole #Russian Assets and Conducted the #Bolshevik #Revolution
- Immediately after the Revolution, Jews were euphoric over their high representation in the new govt. #Lenin's first Politburo was dominated by Jewish origins… ImageImageImage
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Everyone please stop wondering if COVID19 SarsCovi2 was a lab leak. This was all deliberate. I have a whole timeline of events, facts and evidence for all this being premeditated. We are wasting time. Charges need to be filed ASAP
COVID19 SarsCOVI2 Premeditation Timeline | This was deliberate, there was no lab leak. Bioweapon designed to kill large populations in masses while under the guise of protecting them. #vaccinegenocide #VaccineDeath #genocide #COVIDMURDERS #DeepStateCrimes #arrestfauci
Watch this whole video to see the full puzzle how they kept this all so secret
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🚨 Suspecté de #genocide et en cavale, il porte plainte contre une journaliste (thread).

Le 19 janvier à 13h30, au tribunal de #Paris (porte de Clichy), a lieu un procès inhabituel à plus d’un titre : un Rwandais suspecté d’avoir une responsabilité personnelle dans le... (1/12)
...génocide des Tutsis au Rwanda en 1994 et actuellement en cavale en France tente de faire taire une journaliste scandalisée par la bienveillance des autorités françaises à son égard.
Aloys Ntiwiragabo fait partie du premier cercle des extrémistes hutus rwandais,dont... (2/12)
...beaucoup échappent encore aux poursuites en justice pour leur rôle lors du génocide des Tutsis en 1994.Lui était alors chef du renseignement militaire. Il a ensuite créé un groupe armé de reconquête du Rwanda, qui sévit encore aujourd’hui dans l’est de la République... (3/12)
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[Live] Follow Live Reporting of SII & Ors vs Yohan Tengra & Ors, 100 Crore Defamation Suit

Bombay HC will resume the hearing of @adarpoonawalla 100 Cr defamation case on @ytengra and @AmbarKoiri shortly!

#Covishield #Genocide #MassMurderer #Defamation
Hearing before the bench of Justice Riyaz Chagla has begun with Adv Nilesh Ojha resuming his arguments.

#BombayHC #Covishield #SerumInstitute
Adv Ojha points out First false statement by Plaintiff that it is not proved that death of Dr. Snehal Lunawat was due to side effects of vaccines and therefore the allegations by defendants are false and the defendants are guilty of defaming plaintiff.
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Vreselijk. Structurele deportaties kinderen duidt op #genocide (art II(e) Genocideverdrag) als wordt bewezen dat dit met oogmerk is om #Oekraïeners te vernietigen als nationale groep, zodat alleen mensen overblijven die zich Rus noemen. Kinderen weghalen = toekomst groep weghalen
Draadje om dit wat nader toe te lichten. De ontvoeringen van kinderen gebeuren al sinds 2014 en is sindsdien een kernonderdeel geweest van de strijd van #Rusland tegen #Oekraine. Inmiddels gaat het om enorme getallen. UKR zegt 300.000 kinderen; RUS zegt zelfs 700.000. #Nieuwsuur
Zoals @lisas_research uitlegde in #Nieuwsuur is de "protection of the children"-retoriek al onderdeel van de propaganda en rechtvaardiging van dit conflict sinds het begin. Zij zeggen de kinderen te redden uit Oekraïense handen om ze zo een nieuwe, Russische toekomst te bieden.
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@P_McCulloughMD explains how CV19, not the vaccine, creates blood clots. The hardest hit being those with 2+ infections.
McCullough branded #AAPS sent out an email this morning with this latest info. I included the pdf below.
#AAPS emailed me this today describing how #SarsCoV2 exaggerates blood-clotting response leading to clots in the lungs, brain, other organs and large arteries like the aorta. @P_McCulloughMD is named in this report.…
#SarsCoV2 has blood clotting mechanism built in
#mRNA exacerbates/causes #BloodClots
📢@CDC LIED! - said we "can't get #CV19 if vaxd"
✅Vaxd people still get CV19
✅mRNA reacts w/ CV19 increasing mortality rates
✅Virus - made in a lab
✅mRNA - made in a lab
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Bring on the #FauciFiles ⬇️
Every government is complicit in a campaign of coercion & censorship, restricting the necessaries of life to mere privileges to force as many to take the shot as they could.
They knew it could kill but pushed as safe & effective #YeahNah #Genocide
The developed countries spent the years prior to their plandemic importing & exporting covid supplies so they would all be complicit.…
The developed countries spent the years prior to 2020 importing & exporting covid supplies so they would all be complicit ⬇️…
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- "Ostin raketteja Ukrainalle..."
Video: #EthnicCleansing #Genocide.
'Lapset jotka #Ukraina'n joukot tappoivat #Donbas'ssa ennen sodan, #DeNazification, alkamista.'
#OSCE #France:
The conflict in #Ukraine was not opened by #Russia on Feb 24, but by Ukraine a week before. #BulletinNo27.
- de #mercenaires de la #CIA conduits ou « conseillés » par des Américains et composés de #combattants #ukrainiens ou #européens
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Chapter 18

of *Psychology of Apocalypse: Ecopsychology, Activism, & the Prenatal Roots of Humanicide*

by Michael Adzema, is titled,

“Prenatal Irritation Become Bigotry & Body Adornment, PME 4:”

READ BOOK…… #psychology #prenatal #anthro #womb

PA 18/1
Chapter 18 is subtitled:

“Prenatal Matrix of Human Evil 4...

“Revulsion, Itchiness Become Racism, Tattoos, Tea-Party Politics, Hippie-Bashing, Genocide...

“Loss of the “Golden Age””

READ BOOK… #psychology #prenatal #anthro #womb #symbolism

PA 18/2
“[*Quotes/highlights:*] “We create culture wars & put those other people on the other side—they are hippies, immigrants, minorities—always they are described as ‘filthy’ & ‘dirty,’..” []

READ BOOK…… #psychology #prenatal #anthro #womb #birth

PA 18/3
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Szykowaliśmy się do wieczerzy wigilijnej, gdy prawie równocześnie z serią karabinową i dźwiękiem sygnaturki usłyszeliśmy ujadanie psów i podejrzane hałasy w pobliżu naszego domu. Na te odgłosy matce wypadły z rąk talerze, na których
niosła opłatki z miodem. Krzyknęła: - Dzieci uciekajmy bo mordują! Ten krzyk i brzęk rozbijanych talerzy słyszę do dziś. Siostra rzuciła się do okna i uchylając okiennicę zawołała: - Idą do nas. Wszyscy wypadli do sieni, by uciekać na strych. Wiedziałem czym to grozi i siłą
ściągnąłem matkę i brata Kazika z drabiny. - Chodźcie za mną! – rozkazałem. Chciałem uciekać przez pokój na wschód, ale okazało się, że drzwi do pokoju były zamknięte. Matka wcześniej odruchowo zamknęła je na klucz, który schowała w kieszeni, o czym w panice zapomniała. A na
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The world’s largest de-mock-racy is currently violently assaulting, forcibly removing and arresting Sikhs protesting for the right to clean water and air at #ZiraSanjhaMorcha. India has given up any pretence of freedom of speech or democracy, even peaceful protest is not allowed.…
In the Green Revolution, the Indian regime poisoned my people’s land, depleting and contaminating the groundwater table. My people suffer from disproportionate cancer rates as a result. Punjab’s Malwa region is called a cancer belt; with a year-on-year increase in cancer cases. ImageImageImageImage
For the last 148 days, protestors have campaigned against an alcohol factory that is polluting the groundwater of Zira, Punjab, and surrounding villages by discharging toxic chemical waste from the factory directly into groundwater reserves.
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WHAT TYPE OF CYNIC & HYPOCRITE DO YOU HAVE TO BE to watch the premiere of 🇷🇺 "Boris Godunov" in the @teatroallascala while 🇺🇦 culture gets destroyed by 🇷🇺 bombs the whole year!?


We didn’t expect it from you, @vonderleyen...


© Mariupol… Image
On March 16, 2022, the Mariupol Drama Theater which served as a bomb shelter for more than 1300 civilians was destroyed by an airstrike by the 🇷🇺 army. From 300 to 600 people were killed in the theater that day. Image
The russians are the GREATEST CYNICS OF THIS CENTURY. They are the GREATEST CYNICS OF MANY PREVIOUS CENTURIES! Thieves and genociders!

Supporting and promoting anything russian is BEYOND ABOMINABLE.

@teatroallascala Image
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Now that #M23/RDF massacred hundreds of innocent #Congolese in #Kishishe and get caught on red-handed,what do we expect next?
1) We should expect them to massacre more people secretly, manipulatively and brutally & do everything possible to accuse it on the Congolese government! Image
2)The strong manifestation denouncing a genocide in Congo,prepared by Rwanda has one goal:it's a counterattack to the Kishishe massacres they committed to make sure Congo has an image of genocidaires to neutralize their own massacres and to put Congo 🇨🇩 on the defence position! Image
3) #M23 are Tutsi who claim to fight for their rights but instead genocide other 🇨🇩 tribes.When there is hate speeches caused by their killings,M23 denounces hate speeches instead of stopping their killings.The Tutsi too should denounce M23 that causes hate speech towards them! Image
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IF you look at that picture of "Bill Gates" speaking...that is NOT "Bill Gates". Thank God.
THEY held this in Brussels, Belgium, NOT the U.S. WHY? Had we, the growing resistance, found out, it would have been disrupted.
What we have learned from Covid, as "Died Suddenly" happens
to friends, family, colleagues, others, DAILY, is that Big Pharma Medicine BETRAYED us. That Bill Gates and his ilk are MONSTERS of GENOCIDE. That the Government BETRAYED us. That MSM BETRAYED us. That the NGOs of the FDA, CDC and WHO BETRAYED us. That, indeed, a bioweaponized...
...Lab created "Virus" was unleashed on the world, KNOWINGLY and WILLINGLY. That #BillGates, Johns-Hopkins, ad nauseum ran that very simulation in Oct.2019 in NY. That "Covid" had patents for many years. Yes, many of us did the research. I did. I found it all BEFORE it was
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1)After the people of Congo getting peace,who will be blamed for their extreme misery? Rwandans? Hello No! Did Rwandans elect Kagame? Does Rwanda have a really parliament? Aren't Rwandans suffering the same way like Congolese? Western nations will carry the blame! This is why⬇️ Image
2)The same tactic that was used by Kagame's RPF to invade Rwanda,the same way they are using on Congo.They cry that the Tutsi are mistreated as a reason of their invasion. In Rwanda,they invaded in the form of 1959 Tutsi refugees,but it was an excuse,though Tutsi refugees existed
3)Museveni,Kagame & NRM had already committed a genocide against #Acholi in Uganda and blamed it on Obote. So when the Clinton Administration decided to back them,they knew they were backing genocidaires to invade Rwanda,meaning genocide wasn't to come as a suprise⬇️ Image
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#GENOCIDE IN #DONBAS#CrimesAgainstHumanity
- #Poroshenko: “We’ve Bombed the #Schools”, Donbass Children Don’t go to School. Instead, they are holed up in filthy basements without #electricity and in many cases,
they are kept away from their loved ones."…
Ex-president #Poroshenko will face jail term or leave #Ukraine, court official says | Aug 2019
The #Criminal Cases Against Petro #Poroshenko, Explained | 17.6.2020
- has been the target of a multitude of criminal cases ever since he lost the election to Volodymyr #Zelenskyy in 2019.
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@iltalehti_fi #Russian FM #Lavrov #reproaches #Finland for supporting “war party” in #Ukraine | 03/02/2015
- The Russian Foreign Ministry is unpleasantly surprised by the fact that the Finnish authorities allowed the delivery of #laser #rangefinders to Ukraine.
@iltalehti_fi Why #Finland, already living in #Famine, 130000 families with children lacking food and clothes, the fifth (5th) poorest country in the #EuropeanUnion, is stepping on the same #Nazi-#Rake again and agan...
@iltalehti_fi #Finland The Min of #ForeignAffairs hides the submitted statements on the #NATO Act - #Niinistö demands NATO #ratification in Finland regardless of the #rules | Nov 25
- URGES parliament to deal with the sc NATO law, even before #Turkey and #Hungary!…
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1. The CAA and CAB were fast track asylum for refugees coming to India fleeing persecution in neighbouring Islamic states of Pakistan, Bangldesh and Afghanistan. This meant Hindu, Sikh, Christian, Buddhist minorities who are legally oppressed.
2. Yet the mainstream media backed by India's so called secularists jumped on this as evidence of yet more anti-Muslim discrimination by India's right wing fascist Hindu government. Why for example were not Shias and Ahmadiyyas given the same fast track asylum?
3. Ahmadiyyas in particular are singled out for persecution in Pakistan, suffering deadly attacks. Shias also suffer to a lesser extent. Hence the law was held to be against Muslims.
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Russification is an example of destroying the #national identity, and it is also a part of #genocide. Image
A crucial element of this #crime is the intention to fully or partially destroy #Ukrainians as a national group. Image
Under such circumstances, #children are the least protected and the most vulnerable category of people, therefore they need the most protection. Image
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America we have a problem. There is now a ven diagram with 3 circles that are extreme left, extreme right and antisemitism. It does not matter if the anti-semite is some evil white dude motivated by the Turner Diaries or a black nationalist shooting up a Jewish deli its dangerous
and evil. But there are a couple more circles that fit as well. Groups Russia has tried to influence and groups that support Russia in Ukraine. Kim Dotscam was right when he said Ye is done. When you make Alex Jones back up and say whoa, well you've gone straight past the looney
bin and dived into oblivion. But here is the thing, Kim (who has a lot of US followers) didn't say Ye was wrong, only wrong to say the quiet part out loud. Russia is going to make absolute hay with this and claim: Americans think there is something to love about Hitler, and if
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1/17 Own conclusions on @RUSI_org report: #Russia set out to conquer and annex all of #Ukraine and to commit #genocide by murdering #Ukraine government and all those who would resist #russification.
2/17 The plan was based on mistaken assumptions of opinions of #Ukraine population and military, in particular a faulty perception that the majority would not resist a #Russia invasion
3/17 #Ukraine intelligence estimated that instead of the overambitious actual plan the #Russia main effort would be a general attack in #Donbas. While dispersal was mostly done in time, redeployment started too late.
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An elaboration on Peter Dickinson's article for the @AtlanticCouncil: People around the world - not the least #Israelis - will now better understand why some "civilized" states did not help Jews in the 1930s and 1940s as much as they could & should have./1…
@AtlanticCouncil #Israel has today its own reasons to largely watch rather than substantially help prevent an almost live-streamed #genocide. Countries had eight decades ago their own reasons not to "overreact" to a looming #Holocaust that was still in the fog, at that time. /2
@AtlanticCouncil #Morality does not necessarily create behavioral imperatives even in the face of the possible suffering of millions -- as #Jews can now vividly learn from the behavior of their own state. /END
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Short one today, gotta go to work early, I think I am gonna get told to go down the street and pee in a cup lol. DOT reqs require randoms to keep the motoring public safe from intoxicated truck drivers. No worries, I am working towards my 18th year clean. These are the easiest
in the world to pass. No studying, no prep work well at least until they ban caffeine then I am screwed. Speaking of tests, the Russian Army continues to fail the hardest test in the world: combat. Just saw a meme from a well known troll page claiming Ukraine is only defending
so hard to protect a child trafficking ring. The poster was so close to right but as a Russian failed 180 from the truth. Ukraine is defending Bakhmut so hard to prevent a child trafficking ring. Every inch of Ukraine the Russian's occupy is followed by filtration, torture, rape,
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1. #Syria: No recent reports of Turkish attacks beyond the reported bombing of #Managh airbase near #Afrin and harassing fire in the #Darbasiyah district. A review of the Turkish media found nothing in the three main English daily papers. The Turkish language Ankara Gazeti
2. had an article quoting DM #Akar that Tukey's actions are legal under international law presumably reaction to reports where he was seen admitting to using #chemicalweapons in #Iraq. Not a very strong position and could indicate that behind-the-scenes diplomatic engagement is
3. not very positive for the Erdogan regime. #Turkey has air power and heavy guns but a poorly trained conscript army that will be chewed up and spit out by the US SOF trained SDF in urban warfare. Erdogan may have played his hand in the belief that he could extract concessions
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