BBC journalist @Tom_H_Wright once again exploits @bbc platform to smear a brave @opcw whistle blower and @ClarkeMicah. But he cannot address multiple flaws in the BBC Mayday series:- @wallacemick @ClareDalyMEP
1) Wright attempts to downplay the recent ruling that Mayday breached BBC editorial standards by insinuating, without evidence, that an OPCW whistleblower was motivated by financial gain. @ClarkeMicah @bbclysedoucet @NikGowing:-
2) The producers of Mayday are also unable to evidence their claim that the final OPCW report on Douma took seriously the idea that the alleged chemical attack in Douma did not occur:- 'they discussed it as a scenario and tested their evidence against the possibility'
3) This claim is misleading because it was actually the original unpublished interim report and the toxicology report from NATO CW experts that specified alternative hypotheses, whereas the final OPCW report did not:-…
4) Both of these reports were suppressed: the original interim report was secretly redacted by someone in the OPCW without the knowledge of Douma team members. This act of subterfuge was the first event that signalled corruption within the OPCW:-…
5) The clear conclusion reached by NATO toxicologists that the Douma victims were *not* killed by chlorine gas at location 2 was obfuscated in the final report
6) The clear and documented confirmation of these acts of censorship was ignored in the BBC Mayday series. @MichaKobs @CL4Syr @martinbright
7) The Mayday series also misleads its audience by relaying the @OPCW's official line that the dissenting OPCW douma team members were allowed a hearing:- 'The OPCW says it's already given them the opportunity to do that'. @chloehadj
8) In truth, since the very beginning the central issue has been the refusal of OPCW management to allow the serious concerns of Douma team members to be heard.
9) Indeed, the stonewalling continues to this day through refusal of the @opcw and the governments of the US, UK and France to address multiple procedural and scientific flaws in the Douma investigation @UKUN_NewYork @INakamitsu @BWoodward_UN:-
10) Whilst courageous people raising questions have been subjected to what are now clearly understood as deliberate smear and disinformation campaigns; @Tim_Hayward_ @McCormack_Tara:-…
11) Some of the latest issues are listed in this thread:-
12) Refusal to listen to its own scientists and the character assassination campaigns bring the @opcw and the @un into disrepute and prevent the truth from being established about Douma. The @bbc and its journalists @Tom_H_Wright and @chloehadj are complicit in the smear campaign
13) Further questions re Mayday can be found here, from @aaronjmate. As you might guess, he has yet to receive any answers. @ClarkeMicah

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16 Sep
Again @Tom_H_Wright misleads the public. In fact, the central issue with the @opcw/Douma issue relates to the obfuscation and suppression of evidence by the @OPCW:- @ClarkeMicah @aaronjmate
1) @Tom_H_Wright refers to the finding of two yellow cylinders as part of the @OPCW's 'long list of evidence'
2) But he ignores the suppressed original interim report and the sidelined leaked analysis provided by an OPCW inspector which identified the inconsistency between the damage observed on the cylinders and the impact damage.… @CL4Syr ImageImage
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2 Sep
The @ACLU advocacy of draconian measures, compelling vaccination ignores key issues:- @NeilClark66 @Valkyrie20201 @Tim_Hayward_ @JamesDelingpole
1) The science is now highly contested with respect to the vaccination strategy being pursued. On the scientific controversies see, for example, @hartgroup_org @collateralglbl @PanData19 and a useful recent interview here with @RWMaloneMD:-
2) Leading independent researchers such as @elleprovocateur and @_whitneywebb have made clear that there are political agendas (e.g. @wef, great reset, 4IR etc) underlying the COVID-19 event. These are being ushered through with no democratic scrutiny.
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2 Sep
Leading voice of 'the left' advocates discrimination and medical apartheid whilst demonstrating minimal awareness of the now well-established scientific controversies regarding draconian COVID-19 policies and vaccination. @hartgroup_org @PanData19 @RWMaloneMD @MartinKulldorff
1) On the propaganda underpinning the COVID-19 narrative see for example analysis of the role of the Trusted News Initiative by @Abettervision…: and also @BareReality's 'A State of Fear'
2) On burgeoning scientific controversy see, for example, @hartgroup_org @collateralglbl @PanData19 and a useful recent interview here with @RWMaloneMD:-
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1 Sep
Smears and attacks are what the powerful use when they cannot win through democratic and rational argument. They are tools in their propaganda arsenal. Never before have we seen such widespread use of these against scientists and professionals @pcrclaims @hartgroup_org
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23 Aug
@BTudbubble @RealScottRitter @MaxBlumenthal The reality is that a very large number of scientists and professionals now make clear that lockdown/coercive measures etc/mass vaccination are wrong/flawed. See here for the latest of professionals speaking out:
@BTudbubble @RealScottRitter @MaxBlumenthal @gbdeclaration This is all occurring in a context where we now know that a huge propaganda drive has underpinned the various draconian responses:-
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2 Aug
I assume from your silence, @martinbright, that you are unable to substantiate the allegations you have made against me. Some more facts for you. @ClarkeMicah @Tim_Hayward_ @RuthSmeeth
1) It is not a matter of dispute that the subject matter of the working group is *well established* and *legitimate*; for example, ...
2) ... it is no longer seriously disputed that the UK & US have been involved in a so-called *dirty war* aimed at overthrowing the Syrian government. Professor Sachs makes clear the illegality of this policy in this @MSNBC interview:- @KevorkAlmassian
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