Now if you could just add the Find Fix and Finish team hired by the Saudi and Emirati families and currently active you would have a whiz bang story.…
The Gulfies also have their very own terrorist list.…
The media tends to hyperfocus on one element of the The F3EAD cycle (Find, Fix Finish, Exploit, Analyze and Disseminate) but there is a reason why dictators need to know dissidents locations. There are few if any consequences to those who aid and abet…like NSO
Let’s ratchet this up a notch. What is to stop dictatorships, gangsters and terrorists from using robotics to murder dissidents? Correct answer: Nothing.…
The Saudis have a list of 3000 names. Emiratis? Who knows. Russia? China? Again. Unknown. What we failed to learn from 9/11 was that kill chains start long before the lethal event and are deliberately convoluted. The Big Picture counts.
AQ and ISIS were the old models. Now our enemies and our frenemies are inside the house. The Abraham Accords are one example. Look under the hood to see the proliferation of lethal tech and weapons into a family dictatorship. We still support the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Why?
Their vassal states are even more clumsy. Trump cut aid. So is Biden. What about NSOs proliferation. How much does the US give Israel?…
Now that America is leaving Cheney Pompeo Rapture Strategy behind what is the impact of the new Israel/KSA/UAE/Egypt/Russia/China strongman coalition? Are we pencilling out the impact of a new Axis of Evil?…
Biden is shifting towards a European / Qatari/ Turkish alliance which must infuriate the families and tickle Putin and Xi. With less obsession on Iran. Overall this will shift the shape and look of terrorism as both sides reshape strategy.…
Will America get back to being a leader in punishing human rights violators, imposing sanctions and pushing for human rights or will it take a back seat to selling weapons and insider deals? And we have our own insurgents to deal with.…
639 American “dissidents” have been charged with crimes. Prosecutors are pushing for deals and guilty pleas. Wouldn’t it be interesting if a foreign nation was to recruit and train American dissidents? The unsaid fear of law enforcement based on actual events in other nations
Considering the difficulty these dissidents will have getting a job will Putin offer scholarships to Patrice Lumumba University and study at home plans?…
Sept 18 will be a portent of what’s to come. What type of comms will instigators use? Will ex CIA contractors be consulting on crowd dynamics? Will drones be deployed? Does the FBI have enough Infiltrators? What key phrases will be used by summoners? Let’s get ready to rumble.
The ideal situation is to trigger multiple Ashli Babbit take downs. Insiders who the ROF/ROE of Federal LEO and are willing to be martyred. Or push dimwits into the LOF. This has historical precedence. But do Magaqaeda have the stones to go hot?
If we pulled down those ugly Spartacus fences and instead installed moats full of sharks with laserbeams on their heads and rented killer robots. Tourists could take decent photos of the White House.…

• • •

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15 Sep
“Raven was largely staffed by U.S. intelligence community veterans, who were paid through an Emirati cyber security firm named DarkMatter”

Some background on the DPA next.…
DarkMatter is just one step of the Find, Fix and Finish kill chain. Currently there are two kill teams operational in Europe and soon. Roth America…both focused on Saudi dissidents because the fat man pays the bills the UAE buys the tech.…
Tahnoon’s DarkMatter aka G42 is using Covid to Gene sequence to find people and then kill them using cutouts and mercenaries. Tahnoon is partners with Prince in L6.…
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13 Sep
Madonna is now your Nazi granny flasher with butt implants. Anyone remember MTV?
I suppose talent is ultimately about the ability to make music relevant and entertaining. Here is mid 50's Roger Prince having some fun.
BB King born in 1925 having fun with some friends in 2011.
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13 Sep
The talibs downfall began when they demanded the UN and NGOs share their millions. The UN sent in junket journos forever casting the talibs as the bad guys. The talibs still want free foreign money to “fix” their country but have no plans to modify their bumpkin behavior.
we focus on western values but the talibs don’t even have the basic skills to run or manage the much larger, more populous nation. An armed uneducated generation raised on war and piracy will not do well. And we simply won’t tolerate their tribal shenanigans passed off as justice
There are also journos in Afghanistan documenting each failure. This won’t end well. China and Russia may pour in to strip mine but the talibs do not do well with modern extractive contracts since they are used to usurious strong arm terms and no investment.
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13 Sep
Major renovations at the UAE drone base. SkyAvia moving aircraft to Rawalpindi. Afghan pilots now heading to Abu Dhabi. Somethings up.…
Or are they coming here too?…
Things are in flux but somehow those aircraft magically disappeared from Termiz and some ended up Dushanbe while the little birds were likely flown in the IL 76s to Pakistan. Same company Prince used to smuggle helos to Libya.…
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12 Sep
Omar al-Bayoumi worked for Saudi intelligence. Doesn't that doesn't directly implicate the nation in 9/11 planning, execution, results and consequences?…
2003: "The FBI, according to the report, found the connection "somewhat suspicious."…
I can keep going. "Hani Hanjour was the hijacker Collins claimed to have told the FBI about while Hanjour was in flight training in Phoenix." You might remember Collins from my show and book "Hunter, Hammer Heaven". The early cel was pinged hard.…
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10 Sep
The constant predictable physical decay of Steve Bannon is some type of biological countdown to the Apocalypse.

"Steve Bannon looks like someone shaved their beard over a bowl of mashed potatoes" - Reddit.…
Bannon used to have cogent thoughts. Now he is a raving incel liquor store reject, slash late night AM talk show host in a studio where someone left the admin password for the security cam unchanged. His guest list seems like it is forwarded by the FBI.…
The Faux Outrage vehicle is distributed by an interesting fellow with no real estimate of how many viewers/listeners actual exist. How is it monetized?…
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