A young man was walking through a garden.

The soil looked good and he wanted to grow a fruit tree.

So the young man went to the store to buy seeds.

He walks in and sees two packages:

1) Basic seeds
2) Premium seeds

He reaches for the Basic seeds and then hears..
a deep voice from behind the counter.

It was the store owner.

“I wouldn’t choose that one” said the store owner

“Why not? It’s half the cost of the Premium seeds” said the young man
“That is correct. However, the Basic seeds take significantly longer to bear fruit and the fruit isn’t as tasty.” said the store owner

He then walks towards the young man and says “The Premium seeds bear fruit in a fraction of the time and are rich in nutrients.”
“I know that you’re just trying to sell me something that’s more expensive. So i’m good. I’ll take the Basic seeds”

“As you wish” said the store owner

The Young Man returns home to his garden and begins planting the seeds.


The Young Man, now married with kids..
runs to try the fruit from the seeds he planted.

As he takes a big bite into the fruit, he was underwhelmed.

“Tastes a bit.. bland. Huh. I wonder why??” said the now Older man.

His kids rush to the garden to try the fruits. After they take a bite they spit it out..
“Ew daddy! these fruits are gross!” said his children

Confused, the Older man went back to the Seed shop.

As he walks in he sees the store owner wrapping up a sale of those Premium seeds.

When the customer leaves the older man says..
“Ok i’ll try the Premium seeds.”

“Wise choice” said the store owner with a friendly smile.

The Older man returns home and begins planting the Premium seeds with the help of his children.


“Dad! The fruits are ready. Come try it!” said one of the now teenagers..
The Older man, now even older, comes to the garden.

He sees the big and bright fruits hanging from the tree.

He takes his first bite..

“Wow. This is DELICIOUS!” exclaims the older man

“I know right Dad?! OMG i’m taking some to school today” said one of his children..
The Older man, pleased with the outcome, returned to the Seed shop to thank the store owner.

He walks in and sees the store owner. The Older man approaches the store owner with a huge smile.

“You were right! They came out delicious. What’s the secret??” said the Older man..
The store owner, smiling, says to the older man:

“The Basic seeds are pretty standard but they’re made from just one basic ingredient which will grow the fruit you seek..
Now the Premium seeds are completely different. They are infused with hard to find ingredients and enhanced with a proprietary mix of nutrients. Each seed is significantly more expensive and hard to develop compared to the Basic seed.”

“Oh I get it now!” said the Older man..
The store owner then says “That’s great you finally understood the difference. It’s a shame it took you so many years to learn why you should’ve went with the Premium seeds first. But, better late than never right?”

“Yeah I guess you’re right. Anyways, I came by so I can..
thank you in person.”

“Sure thing!” said the store owner

On his way out of the store the older man turns to the store owner and says, “Wait I didn’t catch your name?”

“I’m Chad” says the store owner

The Basic seeds are your conventional sales advice. It can yield SOME results but will take years to get any kind of traction.

Years for a mediocre result? No thanks..
The Premium seeds are expensive because it required a lot of work upfront to make. They are infused with ancillary topics to Sales like Game, Psychology, Persuasion, etc

But the front loading of this work is a “short cut” in the long run as you gain mastery & become efficient

• • •

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13 Sep
On Outcome Independence:

When @BowTiedOx is lifting weights, he’s not overly concerned with how he will look afterwards.

He’s focused on the process (progressive overload) and knows the outcome will take care of itself..
When @BowTiedOctopod is making a delicious meal, he’s not overly concerned with how it will come out. He’s more concerned with following his because he knows the outcome (tasty dish) will take care of itself..
When @BowTiedTetra is doing SEO he’s not overly concerned with how quick his content will rank, he’s focused on the right process of making sure the SEO is optimized and there’s backlinks, then the outcome will take care of itself..
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12 Sep
In my experience there are generally two *types* of salespeople:

1) Hunters
2) Specialists

Each with their own pros and cons 👇🏼
The Hunters

I suspect only a small % of salespeople are Hunters.

Hunters are entrepreneurial by nature and are “natural” salespeople.

They can sell anything to anybody and are gifted promoters.

Weaknesses: Can be prone to overselling and have lack of deep domain expertise
The Specialists

These are the majority of salespeople.

They usually work in one industry for years and rely on credentials, experience, and education to excel in their role.

They are usually more “consultative” in nature

Weaknesses: No killer instinct, can slow deals down
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11 Sep
A young man was giving his 3rd demo of the day.

Following the same routine, he spent the majority of the call explaining WHY his prospect should be using their tool.

Across from his desk, a young Chad in Training (CIT) was giving a demo.

But he sounded completely different..
Instead of spending the majority of the time explaining WHY the prospect should use their tool, CIT focused his energy on HOW the prospect will use the tool to accomplish their goals.

Let’s dive in deeper to see WHAT was actually said:
Young Man: We have better automation than everyone else in the market and tons of integrations into your existing tools

CIT: LOOK HOW easy it is to automate your current workflows *as he’s showing the product* This is HOW you guys are going to win. Since your job revolves..
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10 Sep
A couple frameworks to mix and use for persuasion:

Framework 1
1) 2-3 pointed questions
2) Mirror back a summary + your perspective
3) Repeat

Framework 2
1) Cold Read (Intriguing assumption)
2) 2-3 pointed questions
3) Mirror back + Statement
4) Repeat

Examples 👇🏼
Framework 1

Her: Yeah i’m a personal trainer

You: Cool! What got you into that direction?

Her: Idk I just really love helping people and being active!

You: What is it about being active that makes you so happy?

Her: It just makes me feel so good when I’m moving around
You: Ha, I’m the same way. Restless actually. I work from home but I’m finding ways to be active everyday including getting a home gym. I feel like if you’re not growing your dying, ya know?

Her: omg yes! I completely agree. What do you do for a living?
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10 Sep
There was a time where “info dumping” worked with prospects.

Companies were the gatekeepers of the information.

So all the info they provided prospects was of a high PERCEIVED value. Couldn’t find this info anywhere else.

But in today’s world? Nah

Sales has changed forever..
Prospects can find nearly any info they want with a few minutes on Google.

On top of that, they are being overloaded with info everyday.

What does that mean for you, anon?

It means the way you stand out is by being a Chad Salesman..
The only real communication a prospect gets with your brand is through salespeople.

Most salespeople are terrible so they rely on scripts and info dumping to win over prospects

But EVERYONE is doing that!
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10 Sep
I don’t advocate for “casual” sounding cold emails because it looks cool.

You have to understand - executives talk differently than salespeople.

High status executives don’t send long emails pitching (begging) prospects to check out their product..
They drop 1-2 lines and say something like:

“John - Jimmy recommended we get in touch about our new facial recognition software. LMK when free to chat.

- John”

The sheer amount of cold emails I get weekly shows me that salespeople are just completely lost. And more importantly
prospects are increasingly getting annoyed with these emails.

My inbox is spammed with dumb shit like “Did I get something wrong?” “Did you guys just raise money or are my analytics lying to me”

Or “Would you be interested in potentially learning more?”
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