How to write clear and concise sentences?

Getting ready to write up your very first research paper? Writing a paper could be daunting, particularly for non-native English speakers. 😬😬😬 How can we avoid common mistakes in technical writing?

Check out the thread below! 🧡
*Active voice*

Friends don’t let friends use passive voice!

Using passive voice hides the subject and creates ambiguous, indirect, and wordy sentences. Things don't "get done" by themselves. Take responsibility for what you do and use active voice whenever possible.
*Statements in positive form*

Tell your readers "what is" instead of "what is not".

not honest ➑️ dishonest
did not remember ➑️ forgot
did not pay any attention to ➑️ ignored
did not have much confidence in ➑️ distrusted
*Which (non-restrictive) vs. That (restrictive)*

As a WHICH adjective clause is non-essential and non-defining, you go on a "which hunt" and break down long sentences with into simpler ones.

More on restrictive/non-restrictive adjective clauses:

Do not ask your readers to solve mental correspondence problems. Revise the sentence to get rid of "respectively".

*Fancy words*

I used to think using fancy words make the paper more "academic", but I now prefer simplicity and clarity.

utilize ➑️ use
initiate ➑️ begin
terminate ➑️ end
ascertain ➑️ find out
constitute ➑️ make up
disintegrate ➑️ break down
*Needless words*

Replacing needless words with simple ones!

at the time when ➑️ when
owing to the fact that ➑️ since
in spite of the fact that ➑️ though
the reason why is that ➑️ because
this is a subject that ➑️ this subject
the question as to whether or not ➑️ whether
*Remove vague pronoun references*

Find and remove all the ambiguous pronoun references in your paper, e.g., that, this, it, these, those.

Replace these vague pronoun references with SPECIFIC noun or noun phrase.
*Few / A few / Quite a few*

Be specific about the quantity you intend to describe.

A few = Some (not many but some)
Few = "Only" a few (a small number of)
Quite a few = Many
*Note that*

Avoid "Note that" and "It should be noted that." Readers don't like to be frequently reminded to pay attention.

Check out many wonderful writing advices on the web!…
That's all (for now)!

Would love to learn more about your favorite tips on writing clearly and concisely!

Often redundant!

Before: In many cases, the rooms lacked air conditioning.
After: Many of the rooms lacked air conditioning.

Before: It has rarely been case that any mistake has been made.
After: Few mistakes have been made.

Source: The Elements of Style

We often use "however" as "nevertheless/in spite of that" in a paper. Do NOT start with a sentence with however to avoid confusion. Why?

When starting with however, it means "in whatever manner/way" or "to whatever degree/extent".

Use transitions to connect sentences.

β€’ Space: above, below, inside

β€’ Cause and effect: as a result, because, since

β€’ Similarity: as, likewise, similarly

β€’ Contrast: although, however, on the other hand, in contrast


β€’ β€’ β€’

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