I saw a tweet yesterday inquiring as to why more tech coaches and “eduinfluencers” aren’t pushing for remote instruction in their districts.

As someone who proudly embraces the first and begrudgingly acknowledges that I am one of the second, let’s chat.

Really, this all boils down to folks severely misunderstanding the role of the tech coach/instructional coach.

First, my job is not to influence district administration. My job is to work with teachers so they get better at their craft, and inform school administration to…

…see how we can advance tech initiatives and STEM integration at our school, alongside equity.

Most folks at my school don’t know I have an internet presence. In fact, when a school-wide email was sent out about something I did globally, I got questioned: “ARE YOU FAMOUS?!”

Second, where I rank on the list of administrators is not anywhere near a role where I have the capacity to suggest literally anything regarding return to remote instruction. This, unfortunately, is not something I can even contribute an opinion to, let alone decide.

Speaking for WA state specifically, the mandate for in-person schooling did not come from our district or even state superintendent. It came from the GOVERNOR. So it will likely take a new mandate from the GOVERNOR to change that.

A STEM coach vs. a governor…yeah. See?

There is no scenario where my input would ever supersede what the governor has put into place.

Even with all my work and conferences and webinars and good working relationships I have with folks, it’s just not something that’s going to come from a coach. Period.

I bring this up because it’s created a very unique situation where it feels like we need to have options (such as hybrid or remote) but for the moment we can’t and literally nobody knows what the next steps are. Please be patient with your coaches…we are trying our best.

As for “eduinfluencers” or whatever I really don’t know where that person was going with that train of thought. Maybe I can teach the governor how to use Pear Deck? But that has absolutely nothing to do with suggesting returning to remote instruction to a political figure.

People think folks with influence in the edtech world have more power than we actually do. LOL all you need to do is scroll through my timeline and see how every day is a battle to get some people to even use their computers! And now you want me to make a remote edu decision?

I’ll close out by saying: we truly are trying our best but it’s simultaneously hard right now because, again, we don’t know next steps.

The best thing I can do as a coach—which is what I’m focusing on—is supporting my teachers and being there for them when they need it.


• • •

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This woman was dumped in PORTLAND, OREGON!!!! And now she is going to go confront him in Spokane.
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EVERY tech company says this. "We've achieved pay equity! If you have any questions or concerns, come to us!"

You know what happens when you come with the concerns? You get the axe.

If you don't get the axe for ruffling feathers or questioning pay hierarchies, you'll be lucky to get invited to speak about how you view pay the pay structure to be inequitable.

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Y’all wanted corporate secrets that can be put into the classroom, so now I’m here to give you those secrets.

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During my #ISTELive session today on Being Anti-Racist in Tech, there was someone that mentioned they do not think that Katherine Johnson (from Hidden Figures and literally helped to put us on the moon) and Isaac Newton are on the same level.

I've got time, so let's discuss.

I'd like to begin by asking you *how* many of you knew about Katherine Johnson before Hidden Figures came out.

Being a Black woman myself and having parents who are *very* pro-Black, I didn't even know until I saw the movie, and I'd wager many of you are in the same place.

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This heat wave is messing with my ability to do pretty much anything so here’s a rambling thread of useless facts I know.

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7.) And E.G. Daily, voice of Tommy Pickles, once recorded the show when she was in labor!

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17 May
I've got a free minute and I got several questions regarding my implementation of @iste standards at my school. This has literally been MONTHS of progress and since I've received inquiries, I want to share!

To begin, here is the document I created: docs.google.com/document/d/1L2…

Leadership wanted to implement ISTE wasn't exactly sure where to begin, so I created this plan.

First, you'll notice that not all standards are being implemented at once. Because, honestly, that's a LOT to take on. We are focusing on three standards per three cohorts.

I specifically chose standards we're already DOING, but could also do BETTER. I don't want this to be an additional burden on educators/students/staff after an already wild year given the pandemic and hybrid learning.

Speaking of, we'll be starting implementation NEXT year.

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