Board's first question to Reudrich is about "Problematic drawing around southeast." Specifically because his proposal whole break up Saxman and Ketchikan.

The court has already said it's "impermissible" under prior attempts.
He says it's justified because the Saxman area is connected more with Sitka than Ketchikan.
Reudrich just says Southeast is hard to map because of its "extreme length and lack of width."

Board member Nicole Borromeo, who went to Mt. Edgecumbe, says the whole proposal for Southeast doesn't work and doesn't reflect the real connections in the community.
Then there's some questions about this "a very strange appendage" dealing with Hooper Bay and Southwest. Image
Bahnke says Reudrich's plan is overly focused on minimizing the deviation from the ideal population at the expense of the other constitutional requirements.
And then there's this district tying Nikiski to South Anchorage.

Talk about appendages. Image
As questions were heating up about Reudrich's Anchorage-area maps, Chair Binkley calls a quick break.
Then there's a question about including Cordova in with the Interior villages.

Ruedrich says it's his best attempt at solving "The complicated problem of Cordova as a place."

He says they wanted to be put with Kodiak and not Valdez... so he put them with the Interior.
Well is there any socio-economic integration with the Interior? (Not really.)

Ruedrich: "It is not blessed with a road system."

Borromeo notes it also has daily flights and an all-year port... unlike much of the Interior villages.
Ruedrich on the drawing of Kenai/Anchorage maps: "This is an attempt to cure the habitual abuse of Kenai."

He says they've historically had too much population.
On Ruedrich's proposed plan for the Anchorage area.

Borromeo says there's "all kinds of strange appendages. ... I could not rationalize this part of the map."
Borromeo kinda just spikes the whole plan. She says there's a lot of strange pairings and broken boundaries.

She says it's a good example of why trying to focus in on the numbers undermines the rest.
Borromeo also has questions about the "strange appendages" from the Alaskans for Fair Redistricting plan presented by David Dunsmore. They're looking at SE.
Been listening to the hearing. Far less silly stuff going around.

But really interesting listening to Borromeo (with a little bit of Bahnke) really digging into every plan. Asking for the reasoning/evidence behind pretty much everything.

Good to build the record.
And that's it for the overviews of the third-party boards.

Now the #akredistrict board is going to be discussing changes to its generally panned draft proposals, which are loaded with all sorts of weird appendages.
Here's one of the updated plans for Southeast.

Hard to really parse out any of the significant changes not having a clear plan in front of me/knowing anything about Southeast. Image
Yeah, really having a hard time parsing out the difference between the older plans and these ones.
The Eastman district would go all the way up to Nenana now. It had previously stopped around Healy.
Eagle River would get a donut district. Where the core would be its own district and it would be surrounded by the outer Eagle River area.

The delineation, it seems, would be who has sewer and who doesn't. Image
It looks like they've adopted the two updated plans to replace the initial two that have gone out. It sounded like there may be some tweaks to board member Borromeo's plan that sounded relatively minor in nature.
And now considering whether to adopt any of the five public plans as a proposal.

Bahnke asks that the Doyon Coalition plan be adopted. Simpson seconds it. They do.
The Alaska Democratic Party's plan looked like it was maybe in trouble, but Chair Binkley offered a second.

Member Borromeo objects but only after they already adopted it. There's some flavors of #akleg here as they sort out the motions that they need to take with it.
Borromeo says the ADP plan "sliced and diced" the Kenai and says it's not fit to be taken on the road with the Alaska Redistricting Board.

Simpson says there's other Democratic plans that are better.

Binkley says there aren't any other partisan plans.
Bahnke says the hope is to have several plans available to take them on the road to hear from Alaskans.

Marcum says the public has already had the opportunity to sound off on the plans and they should keep them limited.

Bahnke says input has been limited. Binkley agrees.
Binkley says the board should take more plans with it. He says you might disagree with the entirety of the plan but there may be minor parts of it that are of value and worth shopping to the public.

Borromeo says sure, but that it should be focused with 60-day deadline.
Borromeo says she doesn't think the plan has the merits to be taken on the public roadshow.

Bahnke says she doesn't think 7 are unmanageable. "There are parts of each plan that are flawed. ... It gives us the opportunity to hear from the public."
They end up nixing the ADP plan. Marcum, Simpson and Borromeo effectively voted against it.
As for the Ruedrich-driven plan, Borromeo says she also has problems with the plan for rural Alaska but says it's more warranted for consideration than the Alaska Democratic Party's plan.
Simpson praises Ruedrich's plan for "having really good deviation numbers."

They adopt it without problems.
WELP. A dog just yankd off its bandage and is working on his stitches.
So it lokos like all the plans but the ADP plan got accepted for the road show

• • •

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22 Sep
Dunleavy: "The goal was to make sure the system didn't collapse. ... Alaska's done a very good job."

He says the state's low death rate is evidence of the good job the state's done.

#akleg #akgov
Dunleavy then focuses a bunch on breakthrough cases: "The vaccinations aren't 100% foolproof, we know that now."

(We knew that then, dude)

Dunleavy: "As society goes about their business, there's definitely an emergency going on in the hospitals."

He says the reason hospitals are overstrained is because of burnout akin to what every other industry has experienced in the pandemic.

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In opposition to the Assembly's proposed mask mandate: "People are constantly picking their nose and touching stuff!"

"As a nurse, I always respected science but science…" something about the Bible.
Testifier who says the Assembly is ignoring the science: "Deaths are primarily among older people, such as myself. ... Back off the emotion."
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Happening now. Oral arguments in AFN's lawsuit challenging the Dunleavy administration's expansion of the Constitutional Budget Reserve sweep to include the Power Cost Equalization program.


The key issue here is what is/isn't subject to the sweep. Previous decision said it has to be in the general fund AND available for appropriation by the #akleg.

Under a 2019 opinion by former AG Clarkson, Gov decided if it was LIKE the general fund, then it was the general fund.
Unsurprisingly, this hasn't been implemented equally across the board with a lot of questions about whether Clarkson's expanded understanding would also mean the Alaska Permanent Fund's earnings reserve account and several others should also be swept.

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5 Aug
Out running an errand now, but the #akleg fiscal working group is underway with today’s hearing with Revenue Commissioner Lucinda Mahoney. Sounds like it’ll be more focus on the constitutional amendment (the one they’re gonna spend $250k on).

Watch here:…
Sounds like they’ve got some new fiscal model to debut today.

So far, Mahoney is talking about consistency in the size of the dividend… something that the PFD has never had (and also opposed by some far-right folks who few like it’d turn the PFD into an entitlement)
Sen. Hughes says maybe actually the PFD has been historically steady if you apply inflation.
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3 Aug
The #akleg join fiscal plan working group is underway. On today's agenda: ISER Director Ralph Townsend with a presentation about the economic impacts of taxes and PFD cuts.

Docs:… Image
Townsend says people get fixated on the number whenever an economist is before them. He says the focus should be on managing Alaska's resources:
-Human capital
-Private capital
-Public infrastructure
-Public financial assets (the Perm. Fund)
-Natural resources

He says government is in large part balancing the good things (roads, infrastructure, services, education, etc) against the negative effects (like taxes).

"Good policy does make a difference in the long run. ... But anytime we make a change, it has short-run costs."
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5 Mar
In the House and Health and Social Services Committee, Phil Hofstetter of Petersburg Medical Center says they had more covid-19 cases following the expiration of the disaster declaration than they DURING THE REST OF THE PANDEMIC.

He says that travelers started to ignore travel requirements and individuals started to ignore masking mandates, etc. Behavior was changing, he said, because there was no more public health emergency.

He says the hospital is at capacity for covid-19 treatment. #akleg
They've had to close schools after getting through the pandemic without having any significant closures.
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