(1/14) If something surprised me in the latest elections, it was not how Putin forged the results, but how obediently the almighty Big Tech turned into his accomplices.
(2/14) The giants Apple @Apple and Google @Google have complied with the Kremlin's demands and removed our app from their stores. My beloved YouTube has deleted our video, and the Telegram messenger has blocked our bot.
(3/14) These programs, which Putin calls "extremist", only contained information about opposition candidates in your constituency.
(4/14) By law and common sense, each of us has the right to campaign for voting (or not voting) for any candidate.
(5/14) In our case, the very intention to organize voters in order to put competitive pressure on the ruling party was declared criminal, and Big Tech agreed with this.
(6/14) This means that it recognizes the right of an authoritarian thief to subjugate the Internet, turning it into an instrument for seizure of power.
(7/14) It's one thing when the Internet monopolists are ruled by cute freedom-loving nerds with solid life principles.
(8/14) It is completely different when the people in charge of them are both cowardly and greedy.
(9/14) One of the modern challenges is that false prophets now come to us not in sheep's clothing, but in hoodies and stretched jeans. Standing in front of the huge screens, they tell us about "making the world a better place", but on the inside they are liars and hypocrites.
(10/14) The media write that the Kremlin forced Big Tech to make concessions by showing them a list of their employees to be arrested. If so, then keeping silent about it is the worst crime. This is encouragement of a hostage-taking terrorist.
(11/14) I know that most of those who work at Google, Apple, etc. are honest and good people. I urge them not to put up with the cowardice of their bosses.
(12/14) I can't help but say that I am terribly upset and disappointed with Pavel Durov @durov from Telegram. I didn't expect to see him on the list of Putin's "blockers".
(13/14) Not too long ago, I spoke at a rally against the Kremlin's blocking of Telegram itself.
(14/14) And I would have done it again, by the way. The fact that someone betrays their principles does not mean that we should doubt ours.

• • •

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1 Apr
Всех заключенных, объявивших голодовку, положено взвешивать. Навального тоже взвесили. По документам в колонию он приехал 93 кг, сейчас 85. То есть -8 кг еще до голодовки
Сам он связывает такую потерю веса в первую очередь с тем, что ему не дают спать и будят по 8 раз за ночь. Врача к нему по-прежнему не пускают, диагноза в медицинской книжке нет, заключения врача нет. Зато предлагается лечить его никотиновой кислотой.
Вметаю врача сегодня в сопровождении видеокамер приехала убогая пропагандистка с канала RT Бутина. Кричала, что это лучшая и самая удобная тюрьма. Навальный 15 минут отчитывал ее перед строем заключенных, называя паразиткой и обслугой власти воров.
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9 Jan
1. I think that the ban of Donald Trump on Twitter is an unacceptable act of censorship (THREAD)
2. Of course, during his time in the office, Trump has been writing and saying very irresponsible things. And paid for it by not getting re-elected for a second term.
3. The election is a straightforward and competitive process. You can participate in it, you can appeal against the results, they're being monitored by millions of people. The ban on Twitter is a decision of people we don't know in accordance with a procedure we don't know.
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9 Jan
1. Я считаю, что бан президента Трампа в твиттере - это неприемлемый акт цензуры. Тред.
2. Да, Трамп, находясь на своей позиции, говорил и писал безответственные вещи. За это он расплатился тем, что его не избрали на второй срок.
3. Выборы - понятная и конкурентная процедура. Вы можете в них участвовать, вы можете обжаловать их результаты, за их ходом наблюдают миллионы людей. Бан в твиттере - решение неизвестных нам людей по неизвестной процедуре.
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13 Jun 20
Ко мне в твиттер несколько раз прислали ссылку на видео Максима Каца "Вызываю Навального на дебаты". Я его посмотрел и вот окончательный тред на эту тему.
Я с пониманием отношусь к тому, что Максим @max_katz раскручивает свой канал и ему хочется устроить дебаты со мной. Как говорится, хочешь несколько миллионов просмотров, устраивай дебаты с Навальным.
Я действительно часто участвую в дебатах. А ещё гораздо чаще меня вызывают на них. Увы, в большинстве случаев ровно с такими целями - продвижение, раскрутка, лайки, всё такие. Так работает политика, так работают медиа, так и должно быть
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6 Jan 20
Only 6 days into 2020 and I am ready to announce 'disappointment of the year' award. And it goes to the @FinancialTimes. One of the most respectable newspapers in the world published a cringingly servile interview with an international mafia boss Usmanov. Spoiler: they loved him.
@FinancialTimes I don't even know where to start. Usmanov simply repeated all the lies about the origin of his wealth, about how he is not an oligarch (what?),and how he has never privatised any state assets. In 2017 we spent a long time looking into this and debunked every single claim he makes
@FinancialTimes We provided documents from the UK official registers proving that Usmanov's money come from a huge scam that he ran using a UK company he secretly owned in the 90s. Does a British newspaper have any interest in that? No. Let's do more vodka shots instead!
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