A day in the mind of an Indian-liberal - a 2 part thread story.

LeLi wakes up at 10:00AM

He stretches with a loud yawn.
“What crazy dreams I see these days. This aayega to Modi shit is supremely annoying”, the LeLi wonders. He looks around himself.
Heaps of clothes scattered all over the floor, half eaten Maggi on the side table, flies buzzing all over it. Che Guevara passes seductive glances from the wall.
He picks his Chinese cell phone. 9% screams the battery. He frantically checks Twitter. A wide smile adorns his face.
“Yes”, he screams. “I knew Modi will fall”. His echo chamber on Twitter is overflowing with anti-Modi posts. He promptly retweets retired economists predicting an economic armageddon for India. Flies buzz around him frantically.
He jumps out of his bed and stands in front of the mirror that clearly needs cleaning.

He sees his lanky frame. He takes off his shirt, and gives his body a good relaxing scratch. Tufts of body hair fight bravely to cover his visible ribs. He flexes his non-existent biceps.
He quickly finishes his morning business. He avoids shower again. Showering is a such a waste of water. He steps out of his room and steps into a spotless clean home. His mother is praying to Hanuman ji to bring his son back to the path of righteousness.
“Mom you are such a right wing Hindu bigot, there is no such thing as god”, he says angrily.

“Yes but there is a devil for sure, I birthed him”, his mother snaps back angrily and goes back to her Pooja again.
He sees his dad coming from his room, he goes back to his room again.

“Closing the door won’t save you, if you don’t get a job in the next 2 months, I’ll throw you out of my house”, his father shouts from outside.
“Why was born in a family like this?”, wish I was born in a family of intellectuals where we could discuss Marx and Periyar over a 1:00PM breakfast, he wondered.
He quietly changes to a dirty grey Khadi kurta and pajama and generously sprays deodorant to mask the stench coming from his body. He wears his horn-rimmed specs and sets out to meet the gang. Soon he is on a Delhi Metro train.
“Why are you not wearing a mask?”, asks a middle aged man?

“Are you a cop?’’, retorts the LeLi.

“No I am just a citizen”, says the man.
“Masks are a symbol of oppression, the Modi government wants absolute obedience from his citizens”, LeLi responds loudly.

“Are you an idiot? Wear your mask or we will throw you out of the train”, says the uncle, his forehead wrinkled with anger.
“Bhakts everywhere”, he mutters to himself as he takes out a crumpled mask from his sling bag and wears it.
He is soon at his gang’s place to devise plans to topple the Modi government. 3 lady friends, 2 lady like friends and 2 men like him are waiting for him. There is an overhang of marijuana in the air.
He gets treated with a packet of Parle-G and a cup of tea. This will be his lunch for the day.

Rest of the story later.

• • •

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Third phase of the campaign was about the efficiency of the government itself.

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