I keep looking at this quote by Dr. Prasad and wondering: What history books on Nazi Germany has he read? Because the ignorance there is astounding. Hitler worked to turn himself into a dictator beginning the day he assumed the office of Chancellor or Germany. 1/
Also, President Hindenberg died in August 1934, a year and a half after Hitler had become Chancellor. (He was very old and in ill health.) The quote above makes it sound as though Hindenberg hung around until 1939, which is ludicrous. 2/
Hindenburg was complicit in Hitler's becoming dictator, too. For example, besides having appointed Hitler as Chancellor after the Nazis won a plurality, he approved the Reichstag Fire Decree, which suspended various civil liberties. 3/
Soon after, Hindenburg signed the Enabling Act of 1933 which gave Hitler's regime emergency powers. Long before Hindenburg's death, Hitler was de facto dictator, with Hindenburg the only check on his power because of the President's power to fire the Chancellor. 4/
Prasad is correct that the death of President Hindenburg removed the final check on Hitler's power, but it happened very quickly, in 1934 not 1939. Five years after Hindenburg's death, Hitler was on the verge of invading Poland. 🤦🏻‍♂️ 5/
Dr. Prasad's risibly historically ignorant "analysis" is nothing less than a massive Godwin directed at public health responses. Of course, it's long been obvious that he was heading down this path, but damn if he didn't get here faster than I'd expected. 6/
Back in the early days of my blog, I had a recurring shtick that I did about putting a paper bag over my head whenever a fellow physician (or especially a fellow surgeon!) spewed pseudoscience or conspiracy theories (usually creationism). 7/
I retired the shtick something like a decade ago because it had come to feel silly. Dr. Prasad is making me think that maybe I should resurrect it just for him. 8/
I'll conclude by reminding Dr. Prasad that the misappropriation of the Holocaust for purposes such as attacking the public health response to #COVID19 is a form of Holocaust denial. 9/9 respectfulinsolence.com/2021/06/02/hol…
One last thing. The biggest danger to democracy isn't from the response to #COVID19. It's from decades-long partisan gerrymandering, the assault on voting rights, and the undermining of faith in the legitimacy of democratic elections. Prasad doesn't mention this. I wonder why.9/9
Oh, and I should have said that Hitler had been working to become the absolute ruler of Germany dating back to the early 1920s before even the Beer Hall Putsch. 10/10

• • •

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2 Oct
The only "idiot move" last night was for a comedian to pontificate so utterly confidently on science and medicine that he clearly doesn't understand.🙄
Since last night, I've been thinking. Are Daniel Whitney's "vaccine skepticism" and appeals to "natural immunity" his real views, or are they performative? After all, if your stage persona is a stereotypical redneck, your audience won't appreciate you supporting #CovidVaccine.
If your stage persona is "Larry the Cable Guy," a stereotype of the rural working man whose catchphrase is "Git 'r done!" you know your audience will expect you to spew the same sort of ignorant #COVID19 contrarianism that they believe in. Failure to do so risks alienating them.
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30 Sep
So, later this afternoon I’m going to get my 5G topped up. I’m only on one bar and fear that I’ll drop back to 4G LTE soon. (Also, spoons don’t stick to me anymore.) Can anyone tell me what to expect? Was it the same or worse than dose two?
5G reacquired.
16 hrs later, my 5G is back up to 5 bars, but that top up might have been a bit too energetic. I'm also experiencing fatigue, muscle aches, and chills. In retrospect, it was wise to schedule the booster on a day before a day when I had nothing scheduled and could stay home.
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30 Sep
As @AlanLevinovitz points out, “natural immunity” has always been an antivaccine trope with strong association with “purity.” I’ve been writing about this for years and have long liked to invoke Gen. Jack D. Ripper describing this phenomenon.
For example, nine years ago.,, respectfulinsolence.com/2012/10/02/gen…
It’s thus utterly unsurprising that antivaxxers are invoking the same “purity of essence” tropes for #COVID19. respectfulinsolence.com/2021/04/19/ant…
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11 Sep
It's so hard to believe for me that #September11 was 20 years ago. I was about 30 miles from Ground Zero, at The Cancer Institute of New Jersey (now @RutgersCancer) at the time. It was VERY real to me. 1/
We normally had our breast cancer tumor board 8-9AM Tuesday morning, and #September11 was no different. near the end of the tumor board, then-director of CINJ Dr. Bill Hait poked his head into the conference room and said that a plane had hit the #WTC. 2/
It wasn't long before all non-emergency clinical activity at the cancer center and @RWJUH was halted, and all clinical staff were instructed not to leave, as we then expected mass casualties helicoptered and brought in. 3/
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10 Sep
When it comes to children and #COVID19, certain physicians seem strangely unwilling to acknowledge negative information about the virus and positive information about the vaccine. @JHowardBrainMD wonders why at @ScienceBasedMed. (I can speculate.) sciencebasedmedicine.org/what-does-it-m…
Let me just emphasize this part of @JHowardBrainMD's observations: If you are a physician and find yourself making arguments virtually indistinguishable from antivax talking points spread by @RobertKennedyJr, you *might* want to take some time and rethink your arguments.
Also, if your arguments about vaccinating children against #COVID19 are virtually indistinguishable from those of @RobertKennedyJr and other antivax activists, you should not be too surprised when people wonder whether or not you are also antivaccine. Just sayin'.
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7 Sep
If John had been paying attention to the antivaccine movement for two decades (or even just a few years) he wouldn’t ask questions like this. He would also understand that the politicization of vaccine mandates started years before the pandemic, starting with school mandates. 1/
Basically, when antivaxxers figured out several years ago that messages of “freedom,” “parental rights,” and resistance to government mandates resonated with right wing groups, the die was cast. 2/ respectfulinsolence.com/2017/07/07/vac…
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