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20 yrs ago today a Sikh father #BalbirSodhi was the 1st person killed in hate violence after 9/11. He was targeted for his turban—his commitment to love all humanity. What if we made the vision that he died for our North Star? #20YearsSince #September11
The gas station where #BalbirSodhi was killed in a hate crime is the 2nd Ground Zero - for all who have been killed & harmed by our nation's response to 9/11. Join me + the family tonight for a 20 yr vigil hosted by @sikh_coalition. Streaming at 7PM PT:
Original artwork by Sunroop Kaur
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USCP: “This morning the United States Capitol Police arrested a California man who had multiple knives in his truck near the Democratic National Committee headquarters.”
USCP: "The driver, 44-year-old Donald Craighead of Oceanside, California was arrested for Possession of Prohibited Weapons. Craighead said he was 'on patrol' and began talking about white supremacist ideology and other rhetoric pertaining to white supremacy."
Pelosi, Schumer, McConnell and McCarthy are now meeting on Capitol Hill with new USCP Chief Tom Manger for a pre-scheduled meeting on security arrangements for the Capitol Hill "Justice for J6” rally scheduled for Saturday.
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As a gay man, the parallels between the early years of the AIDS epidemic and our current #COVID pandemic r many. Then, as now, there are hostile govs making the situation worse. Reagan never uttered the word AIDS until pressured by the death of his friend, Rock Hudson.
His administration was populated w/homophobes who were indifferent to gay men dying from a disease transmitted primarily thru sex. There was widespread public fear/hostility, too. Many hospitals isolated AIDS patients, even demeaning them as they died.
Most of all, there was so much public stigma directed at people w/HIV-AIDS. So much fear. So much ignorance. Gay men, the primary early victims, were left to suffer alone. Even now, those at risk from #COVID r mocked.…
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#WATCH: Arab News' Editor-in-Chief @FaisalJAbbas recounts vivid memories of the day when the #September11 attacks took place
#WATCH: Airport security, state surveillance, wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, #September11 changed the world in so many ways, says Arab News Editor-in-Chief @FaisalJAbbas
#WATCH: The US wars in #Iraq and #Afghanistan following #September11 were militarily successful but an utter failure in nation building, according to Arab News Editor-in-Chief @FaisalJAbbas
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#September11 Spotlight: Ethnic & sectarian divisions in #Afghanistan & #Iraq were never something Americans or other Western powers could simply “fix,” writes David Romano |
#September11 Spotlight: After failures in #Afghanistan & #Iraq, banishing such grandiose policy goals as “nation-building” from #US imagination might prove wise, writes David Romano |
#WATCH: After #September11, America launched a campaign of “nation-building” in #Afghanistan & #Iraq. Read more here:
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#Spotlight: Airline security measures changed the way people fly after #September11, but for #Arabs and #Muslims, racial & religious profiling became the norm |
#September11 Spotlight: Fear of #terrorism after 9/11 has led to the widespread acceptance of extensive & often intrusive security measures at airports |
#WATCH: Since #AlQaeda attacked the US with hijacked planes on #September11, air travel has changed irreversibly. Read more here:
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The Twin Towers Attacks

A Numerology based theory to show that no planes crashed in to either World Trade Center 1 or 2 that fateful day.

Thread ⬇️
9/11/2021 is the 20th anniversary of the #September11 attacks

As per usual we see this coming through the Media in the form of predictive programming.

For example the TV drama series '9-1-1' season 5 begins 20th September 2021

9 days from 9/11 hmm...…
Firstly, more proof that 20 is the hidden 11
Emphasis on the 20th anniversary = 11
Season begins 20th September = 11
9/11/2021 & 9/20/2021 share same Numerology
9 days apart, adding 9 reduces to same number
Both reduce to 7 days
Same vibrational cycle because of the 9
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Trying to articulate my commemoration for #September11 but at loss of words after 20 years of what followed 9/11 & especially all what happened in last 1 month.

But here are a few thoughts from a Pakistani that takes D.C. as a 2nd home & can empathise with Americans [Thread]
1. 9/11 was a great tragedy to hit the US. But what followed was an even greater tragedy that the US inflicted upon itself along with the rest of the world - the price so many had to pay without even knowing why.

The US had the options, it chose the most catastrophic one.
2. The US had all the right intentions & reasons to wage war but the way it pursued the war which along the way got hijacked by competing interests & lobbies was a turning point for the US fate in #Afghanistan.

Pakistan saw it, warned about it & was instead shunned for it.
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This is beyond eerie, and I’ve never heard this story until today, the 20-year anniversary of #September11

The disturbing image below is NOT from after the tragedy. It *predated* the horrors of that day by decades.

This rendering was published on May 2, 1968 in @nytimes.

Lawrence Wien, real-estate developer & part owner of @EmpireStateBldg—then the tallest bldg in the world—had a vested interest in his building maintaining that title. He wasn’t happy when he learned a new project in Lower Manhattan (World Trade Center) would steal his thunder.
He took out a full-page ad in the Times, warning of the risks such a tall building would pose to aviation.

In a stunning coincidence, the 1968 ad in @nytimes could have been a photograph of the 1st plane hitting the north tower decades later on the day we know as #September11
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20 years ago, #POTUS was the leader of the free world.

Today, @POTUS is leading the nationalization of a free country.

A history🧵on how we got here..
It didn't start with #September11. Federal interventionism and expansionism began much earlier.

We dove into global conflicts in 1898, when we took Cuba, PR, Guam, and Philippines from the Spanish in a short war that began suspiciously.
Two hawkish POTUS later, #WoodrowWilson (a passive academic) established the #FederalReserve and income tax in 1913 (FTC in 1914), entered WWI and created a propaganda office in 1917, raised taxes in 1918, and formed what became the @UN in 1920.

Federal powers greatly expanded.
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A 🧵:

For any of you that haven't read the full transcript of Todd Beamer's call from United flight 93 ✈️ on #September11.

Didn't take being a 👮‍♂️ or 👨‍🚒 to be a hero that day. Nope. Sure didn't. There were many heroes.
Todd: Hello… Operator…listen to me…I can’t speak very loud. – This is an emergency. I’m a passenger on a United flight to San Francisco.. We have a situation here….Our plane has been hijacked…..can you understand me?

Lisa: (exhaling a deep breath to herself) I understand…
Can the hijackers see you talking on the phone?

Todd: No

Lisa: Can you tell me how many hijackers are on the plane?

Todd: There are three that we know of.

Lisa: Can you see any weapons? What kind of weapons do they have?

Todd: Yes…. they don’t have guns….they have knives
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President Trump visiting the NYPD and FDNY on the 20th Anniversary of #September11 #NeverForget
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Siete claves ‘conspiranoicas’ del 11-S, desmontadas.…

#11S #September11
J.J. Benítez, el 11-S y los pseudoescépticos argentinos

Foto de Jordi Alemany…

#11S #September11
Hoy, 11 de septiembre, conviene recordar que en España la versión conspiranoica -exculpatoria del terrorismo islámico- de los atentados del 11-S y 11-M tuvo entre sus principales promotores al ufólogo y periodista del misterio Bruno Cardeñosa.

#11S #September11
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How 9/11 changed the world, from American civil liberties to the Middle East

The al-Qaeda attacks, like a dropped crystal wine glass shattering into a thousand splinters, reverberated globally #September11

Thread below⬇️…
‘When second plane struck we knew we were a nation at war’: How 9/11 changed America forever

‘There are no liberals in the Republican Party’, professor @julianzelizer says of the GOP’s shift since the 2001 attacks

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Reflection from @ShahrarAli twenty years on from #September11 - from Coalition of Willing & Guantanamo to Shoot to Kill & domestic extremism, politicians have failed us internationally & nationally. Watch full statement here
September 11th – twenty years to the day. 2,977 people killed in a grotesque, unconscionable act of mass terroristic murder. Pure evil.
“Where were you when it happened?” Alas, many did not have the luxury of even knowing that it had happened but were soon to face the consequences of years, if not decades of failed foreign policy, or worse.
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I’ve had this coffee cup for 20 years and every day I drink my coffee from it.

NO ONE ELSE is allowed to drink from it.

I remember what happened on September 11th everyday and will #NeverForget

On September 11 they started asking for help with the recovery efforts for the missing. What they didn’t specify is that they needed iron and metal workers etc not random people like me to help. BUT I went down anyway with my 2 best friends.

Was around 8pm as we walked downtown.

Passing by South Street Seaport it looked like it was snowing from all the ash & debris from the towers. Ash was at least 2 inches thick on the ground 4 blocks.

We made our way past the Wall Street Bull which was also covered in Ash.

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Teaching students about the attacks of #September11 has always been difficult. But with the 20th anniversary this weekend, time has brought a new challenge: Students today have no memories of that day. So NPR checked in with educators and experts for advice. (👇Thread 👇)
First and foremost, keep it age-appropriate: @MorningsideCtr offers several lesson plans on its website but says that "children ages 4 to 7 are too young for a lesson on [9/11]. They lack the knowledge to make sense of the attacks and their aftermath in any meaningful way." (2/8)
Make room for discomfort: Teacher Brandon Graves in Louisville, Ky says the scale of pain and loss can understandably unsettle some young students. "They're not used to that," he says. "They're used to stories geared toward kids, and so there's a happy ending." (3/8)
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It's so hard to believe for me that #September11 was 20 years ago. I was about 30 miles from Ground Zero, at The Cancer Institute of New Jersey (now @RutgersCancer) at the time. It was VERY real to me. 1/
We normally had our breast cancer tumor board 8-9AM Tuesday morning, and #September11 was no different. near the end of the tumor board, then-director of CINJ Dr. Bill Hait poked his head into the conference room and said that a plane had hit the #WTC. 2/
It wasn't long before all non-emergency clinical activity at the cancer center and @RWJUH was halted, and all clinical staff were instructed not to leave, as we then expected mass casualties helicoptered and brought in. 3/
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For all of September, The Dissenter will mark 20th anniversary of #September11 with retrospective series on rise of security state that puts whistleblowers front and center. Because these individuals listened to their conscience & implored us to turn away from the dark side.
FBI whistleblower Coleen Rowley accused FBI Headquarters of failing to urgently respond to intelligence ahead of #September11.

Embarrassed, the FBI became a "preventative crime" agency, concocting terrorism plots they could take credit for thwarting.…
One of most important and best documentaries produced to coincide with the 20th anniversary of #September11.

It reflects how FBI was given immense power and abused it, often by preying on young black and brown men with financial troubles.
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As I stand on this hallowed ground, I think about the lives of those who we lost, what their stories could have been, about the heroism of first-responders, and the remarkable demonstrations of unity that swept our nation.

#September11 #NeverForget thread
I then think about the #PatriotAct, the lies that brought us to an un-winnable war, the way Fox News used the fear brought on by #September11 to stoke division through fear, weaponize the notion of “liberty” & radicalize the GOP electorate.
I ask myself how would the victims and heroes of 9/11 feel about what happened at the United States Capitol on #January6th, not at the hands of Al-Qaeda or The Taliban, but by domestic terrorists incited by the Republican Party.
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THREAD: What took me 20 years to find was revealed in one simple TikTok. Now I can completely tell his story.

This is Rick Rescorla. He’s credited with saving more than 2,700 people on #September11

But 3 months before that, he found me crying in my Boy Scout uniform.
Back in June 2001, just months before #September11 , I was a 13-year-old Boy Scout on the 2001 National Boy Scout Jamboree.

It took me to stops at the Pentagon and the World Trade Center.

And this Texas teen was awed by New York City and the view from the tower.
When you’re staring in awe, you tend to slow down.

And fall behind.

I lost my troop. I knew I was lost at the top of the tallest building in the world.

So I lost my cool, sat down and cried.

That’s where Rick found me.
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20 years since #September11. There is a lot said and written. Here is 1 small contribution. I was in Kabul, Afghanistan on 9/11. This is how I look back in that day and what followed.
It was one of those perfect, high sky Kabul early Autumn days. Still warm. Sticky apricot sunset on its way. I was there, as South Asia Correspondent for @abcnews, covering the “trial” of western aid workers, among them Australians, accused of “proselytising”. #September11
For months, the more hardline faction of Taliban leadership had been gaining the upper hand. The Bamiyan Buddha’s had been blasted to oblivion only months earlier. The “moderates” had lost in their efforts to present a conciliatory face of the Taliban to the world. #September11
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You’re going to be inundated with bothsidesy performative patriotism, revisionist takes on how we got into two decades of gratuitous war, and nostalgia for George W. Bush today, the 20th anniversary of 9/11.

Want something different? You might like my retrospective analysis
In this, my first piece for @openDemocracy @5050oD, I discuss what experiencing the September 11 terrorist attacks did, and didn’t, change about American society and politics from an exvangelical perspective:…

#September11 #NeverForget
“Those of us who were raised as right-wing Christians in the decades just prior to 9/11 were already used to fighting culture wars.”

Ramping up our xenophobia wasn’t hard for the Bush admin and the far too many journalists and pundits who went along uncritically.

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1. Let's remember 911.

#remember911 #september11 #wtc
2. Let's look at the facts.

#remember911 #september11 #wtc
3. Let's look at the attack on the Pentagon.

#remember911 #september11 #wtc
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