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Building 7 — ‘the smoking gun’ 💯

#September11 #TheMoreYouKnow #SmokingGun #InsideJob #911Truth #WakeUpAmerica
400 truckloads per day of Trade Center material was sent to Chy-na‼️ 🗣

#NeverForget #FactsMatter #WakeUpAmerica
Over 100 first responders reported sounds of explosions and flashes of light, yet NIST never even mentioned this IMPORTANT FACT in their investigation‼️

#Biblical #TheGreatAwakening #FactsMatter #WakeUpAmerica #InPlainSight #TheMoreYouKnow #Redpill
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Sulfur residues found on World Trade Center steel...

#InsideJob #Thermite #September11 #NeverForget #FactsMatter
Iron microspheres found on dust samples — yet NIST did NO testing for explosives in dust samples‼️

#ControlledDemolition #InsideJob #Thermite #September11 #NeverForget #FactsMatter
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"Saw a pretty amazing thing tonight at the gym. This firefighter was on the stair climber in full equipment, including his mask & oxygen tank. After about a half hour, I saw him finishing & taking his gear off so I went over to tell him how much I respected what he was doing.1/
"I figured he was training for a firefighter exam, but when I commented on it, he said, "110 floors! Took me 30 minutes, 10 seconds." 110 floors...OMG. It's September 11 and he had just climbed the equivalent of 110 floors like the firefighters did in the World Trade Center.2/
"Apparently, this is a tradition that many firefighters do to honor the 343 firefighters who lost their lives in the line of duty that day. It's a helluva tribute!" #110floors #september11 #neverforget From Dan Panzik. x/
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Like I said earlier, C J Werleman is a straight liar and a silent jihadi who only narrates (ISIS) Islamic State’s extremist theology but in a subtle form.
This is the guy who has bluntly denied any rights to all American victims of 9/11 #NeverForget ...this is how low this guy can go !! #September11
CJ Werleman is a stern supporter of terrorist group #Hamas; and in the backdrop of “freedom fighters” he is willing to defend their every terrorist act against innocent Israeli civilians and innocent Palestinians.
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The attacks of September 11, 2001, highlight the general absence of attention to religious charlatanisme in international scholarship. Over the past generation, though, the global rise of public religion has challenged the political frauds.
The sharpest challenge is "radical Islam," a political theology manufactured by Western intelligence in the early 20th century that gave rise to al-Qaeda. For us to understand 9/11, we ought to devote more attention to the way in which religions are coopted by bad Western actors.
Start with this POS, @michaeldweiss. He belongs in Guantanamo Bay “detention center.” #September11 ImageImage
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New York City Fire Department, FDNY Ladder Co. 10, FDNY Engine Co. 10, FDNY Memorial Wall, FDNY 343 (near 9/11 Memorial Plaza), 11:59 PM, Manhattan, New York City, Friday, September 11, 2020.
Bagpipe music in 2nd video

This is a multiple tweet thread
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Studying QAnon drops, 100 per day #100dropsaday.

Day 12, 9/12, drops 1101-1200.

QAnon drop 1145:

"Sparrow Red" = ? Seth Rich? Image
QAnon drop 1155:
"POTUS validating drops via Twitter per plan/timing." Image
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You said you would never forget. But judging by your actions, you forgot. These men and women will recklessly abandon any version of self-preservation for the protection of their community. They are still the same men and women that stand in front of you today.
They are not perfect but I know they care. I know they’ll do anything to include giving their own lives to protect you. They will die excruciating deaths from the most torturous forms of cancer from running into chemical dust clouds of falling buildings.
They’ll run into a burning building only to have it collapse on top of their heads in an effort to save your life. They haven’t changed.... You have. They still love you and are at the other end of the phone anytime you are in need.
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So I remember seeing the second plane hit on #September11. I was in Ireland, 4 hours ahead of New York.

All I remember thinking was “ohhhhh shit, the Americans are going to lose their fucking minds over this”

Like I seriously thought whoever was responsible was gonna get nuked
It was just... a really weird feeling. Because Americans didn’t really know what terrorism was. And someone just showed the world, and especially Americans themselves, that the US wasn’t invincible.

That it was just as vulnerable as the rest of us.
And I mean... I was horrified. But I was scared for what the US would do. What it would do to itself.

Dunno what I expected but here we are, I guess.
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+JMJ+ Welcome! Tonight’s Rosary is offered for all those affected by Sept. 11th.

“He who knows how to forgive prepares for himself many graces from God. As often as I look upon the cross, so often will I forgive with all my heart.” Diary 390

#CatholicTwitter #RosaryProject
Prayers offered in the opening & closing of our Live Rosary are optional, including the novena prayers. Use as many or as few as you like.
The next tweet will be something to help us prepare to pray, then I’ll post some intercessions. At the top of the hour I’ll begin posting the Rosary itself in this thread.
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How #Qasem_Soleimani helped the US fight the Taliban and Al-Qaeda after #September11:

In 1998, Taliban forces raided an Iranian consulate in Mazari Sharif, Afghanistan. The Taliban killed eleven Iranian nationals: ten diplomats and one journalist. Iran prepared for an invasion.
General Soleimani had just been appointed as the head of IRGC’s Quds Force. Faced with this new crisis, he helped defuse the tension and proposed an unconventional approach. The all-out conventional military option was off the table.
On September 9 2001, the leader of The Northern Alliance, Ahmad Shah Massoud, was assassinated. Massoud, an ally of General Soleimani (seen in the picture above), had fiercely fought the Taliban. In this video, Soleimani is seen visiting Afghanistan after Massoud’s assassination:
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Every year on 9/11 our nation pauses to remember those who lost their lives in the horrific terror attacks that took place 19 years ago today. Many of us can think back to that morning of #September11, 2001 & remember exactly where we were when the attacks occurred.
Thread: 1/10
Over the past 19 years our nation has collectively experienced and expressed a gamut of emotions including: grief, honor, fear, outrage, borderline panic, remembrance, #NeverForget and #DemandJustice.
As a citizen of the United States of America and the son of a military veteran, I honor and remember those who lost their lives due to terror 19 years ago today.
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"Among the rain⁣⁣
and lights⁣⁣
I saw the figure 5⁣⁣
in gold⁣⁣
on a red⁣⁣
to gong clangs⁣⁣
siren howls⁣⁣
and wheels rumbling⁣⁣
through the dark city"⁣⁣

— William Carlos Williams Three golden number 5's seem to expand from the center of an
Written in 1920, this poem and its imagery of a New York City fire engine rushing down the street inspired this 1928 painting by artist #CharlesDemuth, who considered it an abstract portrait of #WilliamCarlosWilliams, a close friend.
Today on the 19th anniversary of #September11, Demuth's painting and Williams' poem provide an unexpected moment of reflection and an acknowledgment of the modern members of Ladder Company 5, who were among the first responders to the tragic events of the day.⁣⁣
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“Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.” ― Thomas Paine, The American Crisis
Has this happened before...?
Dual BANNER changes by
.@realDonaldTrump &
.@GenFlynn, same day...

#NeverForget #September11

👀👀👀 digits, Q.

See something.
Say something.
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Crazy to think back 19 years. I had just graduated high school & had been working for my dad all summer. Had already planned my schooling sabbatical, so was working in the shop when my uncle called to ask if we had been watching TV at all. #September11 #Remember911
If memory serves me right, we were actually a bit irate at him because we were expecting him at the shop that morning as well & were wondering where he was at. So he explains the situation & we stand there in disbelief, first turning on @770CHQR then heading inside. #September11
We proceeded to spend the next few days glued to the TV. We flipped between CNN & BBC to keep on top of things. I don't ever remember watching TV for that long except for in the cold winter. I was just awestruck at watching what was happening. #Remember911
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9/11 CIA documents prove the broad Qatari role in support of the terrorist Al-Qaeda organization.

Several languages Subtitle.

@MASnotes @halgawi @0khalodi0 @farjad99 @Hessian_Mohd @manal3zam44

🔥 Imagine if Qatar have not facilitated Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s escape?

What would our world be like today without the painful memories of 9/11? Qatar was Al Qaeda's main partner with Iran.


Several languages subtle.

🔥 Rola Haddad, a Lebanese YouTuber, wants peace and development for Lebanon. 🌺🌺🌺

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POTUS tweet: JPMorgan Chase
And #September11 Memorial start time 9:46
(9+4+6=[19]👉9/11 was 19 years ago & we have COVID19)

Q946 AND Tweet Gematria=Never Forget,John Trump, Source Love, Remember This, Boom Boom Boom, Rothschilds

*Events btwn JPMorgan/Tesla/JohnTrump/and 9/11 Image
cont. 9/11
MAJOR PAIN aka Sgt. MAJOR Thomas PAYNE receives Medal of Honor on 9/11

#NeverForget911 #September11
Here's how it all started going into Labor Day Weekend.
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I was on the Grand Concourse in the Bronx, heading to a federal building for a Social Security hearing when I saw the smoke

The radio said it was an accident at first, reporting that maybe a small plane crashed

When the second plane struck, all doubt was removed

A group watched on a portable TV as the fires raged, and people leapt to escape the inferno, making an unthinkable choice-the only decision they had left-about how they would die

The first tower collapsed as we sat in horror

All those human beings, perished in an instant

But that didn’t stop firefighters and law enforcement from doing their jobs

They rushed in to help, knowing the danger
They always did

More than 400 gave their lives that day

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"Some things are bigger and more important than yourself," says @JoeBiden at #Shanksville on #September11. Image
"Trump 2020!" shouts a visitor at @Flight93NPS after @JoeBiden concludes brief remarks there to reporters.
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@americandream09 @MBNRox @DMcduffin @Cali_Cris1 @Carmeli33392291 @RedArmyQ17Trump @vidal_holmes @DamCL3 @heather_giron @Christi60229905 @GiaSails @Holly_WV @HollyWouldism @lewlester @webbdv @jt_light @arrow_mystic @LakeLady_MI @LorettaPatriot @rebekah930 @VeritasVirtusX 1)

#September11th was an inside job with the help of 320 million people supporting the usurpation so-called government(DE FACTO)we have in place since 1868. Thousands of lives lost from 9/11 to the so-called war on terror. Our servicemen & women were misled by the...
@americandream09 @MBNRox @DMcduffin @Cali_Cris1 @Carmeli33392291 @RedArmyQ17Trump @vidal_holmes @DamCL3 @heather_giron @Christi60229905 @GiaSails @Holly_WV @HollyWouldism @lewlester @webbdv @jt_light @arrow_mystic @LakeLady_MI @LorettaPatriot @rebekah930 @VeritasVirtusX 2)
...usurpers to violate our laws and the law of nations to invade & bomb nations overseas.  You focus on one dictator Bush Jr, but he's just one of the many puppets we have from 1868 to this day.

It is impossible for the usurpers to stay in power if the public is well...
@americandream09 @MBNRox @DMcduffin @Cali_Cris1 @Carmeli33392291 @RedArmyQ17Trump @vidal_holmes @DamCL3 @heather_giron @Christi60229905 @GiaSails @Holly_WV @HollyWouldism @lewlester @webbdv @jt_light @arrow_mystic @LakeLady_MI @LorettaPatriot @rebekah930 @VeritasVirtusX 3)
...informed of the current system, well educated in constitutional laws & capable of critical thinking.  The puppets you vote into office want obedient slaves, people who are just smart enough to run to the polls and...
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¡Cómo olvidar esa mañana del MARTES 11 DE SEPTIEMBRE DE 2001, cuando estaba yo en la cocina preparando un café para desayunar, mientras platicaba yo con Nicho, una de las empleadas domésticas, mientras veíamos las noticias con @AnitaLomeli y con RAMÓN FREGOSO, cuando de...
...repente comenzaron a narrar lo que todos pensamos había sido un accidente aéreo, yo me estremecí al ver las imágenes, pero nunca, jamás me hubiera imaginado lo que sucedería después y mucho menos como iba a terminar ese negro episodio de la historia moderna. Sin duda...
..a lo largo de mi vida, que ya es bastante larguita, he sido testigo de grandes tragedias y acontecimientos, he sobrevivido a tres terremotos muy fuertes, él más intenso fue el sucedido en Orizaba en 1973, el del 85 y luego el de 2017, pero sin duda lo del #September11 me marcó. Image
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Mi “yo estaba el 11 de septiembre de 2001” es: despierta escribiendo un ensayo para la universidad, con la compu en @Reforma (sin muro de pago, qué tiempos aquellos). Escribía y revisaba noticias. Vi el titular: “Avioneta se estrella contra Torres Gemelas”. #September11
Pensé: “Seguro que los exagerados de CNN ya tienen un en vivo”. Al día de hoy me acuerdo que eso pensé y digo, vaya olfato el mío.

Encendí la tele. CNN. Segundo avión. Y como todos, por unos segundos, no entendí lo que acababa de pasar.
Una de mis primas más queridas (le digo que es mi “Bilbo Baggins”) vive en NYC desde 1999, si la memoria no me falla.

Nadie podía hablar con ella porque líneas caídas. Recuerdo que pudimos finalmente ver que estaba bien por Microsoft Messenger.
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1/3 Today, we gather here to honor the fallen of 9/11, to remember and reflect, and to reaffirm our resolve to support and defend the Constitution, the idea and reality that is America for which those brave souls gave their last full measure of devotion. ImageImage
2/3 So let us resolve, let us resolve here yet again today to never forget those who were murdered by terrorists. Never forget those who rushed to save lives and gave theirs. ImageImage
3/3 Never forget the sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, who gave their tomorrows for our todays. Honor them. Honor them today and forever and honor the cause they served.
#September11 #NeverForget #PatriotDay ImageImage
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