I don’t know who needs to hear this but I do not have to validate your existence or accept your lifestyle.

The only thing I owe you as a human being is the respect I would give any other human being.

But validating you? Accepting you? No.
“You have to use my pronouns.”

No, I don’t. You don’t have a right to not be offended.
“You can’t judge my sexual orientation!”

You’re a trans drag queen who is sexualizing kids. You’re a pedophile.

Yes, I’ll judge you.
“You have to accept me!”

Nope. I don’t have to accept you. Acceptance means agreement. And there are quite a few lifestyles I do mot agree with that have nothing to do with your mental illness.
I don’t accept blatant liars.
I don’t accept relationship cheaters.
I don’t accept violent or angry people.

You being whatever you are has nothing to do with me so yes, I am free to not accept you.
People that force people to accept them are very much tiny authoritarians waiting their chance to rule over their fellow humans.

So no, I don’t accept you.
“But suicide rates of (insert group) are skyrocketing.”

I guess making the young people caught in your trap think that everyone must love them for themselves was a bad idea, since now they see you’re a liar.

Maybe you lying to them was what killed them.
Whether you’re a young gay man or a straight woman, it is no one’s job to validate your existence.

We all seek it. We all want it. But it is not our right to have that validation. And demanding people give it to you harms them and you.
And stop with this “you’re literally trying to kill us!”

Not letting a bio male who still has a penis use the restroom with an 11 yr old girl isn’t “trying to kill” him.

When you have to resort to hyperbole to win your argument, you have no argument.
Now, I will be kind. I will be respectful. I will not purposefully offend you.

I’m very much “live and let live”.

But if you demand my validation or acceptance, we’re gonna have a problem.

Be cool. I’ll be cool. And we can all live in peace.

• • •

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8 Oct
"Saying 'F Joe Biden' is bad!"

Well, as soon as he stops F-ing us, we'll stop F-ing him.
How can you not take almost every policy this admin has as a big "F you"?
"You have to be vaccinated. F YOU"

What about the illegal immigrants?

"They don't have to be vaccinated. F YOU"

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7 Oct
Apparently, Joe Biden's plan for controlling COVID was mumbling incoherently in front of tv cameras and going full fascist in policies.

How could anyone have seen this coming...
I mean, on the campaign trail, he was so demure and coherent and put together.

Who among you hasn't challenged someone to step outside??

Let he who hasn't called someone "Fat", cast the first stone!!
I'm just kidding.

At this point, if you still think you voted for a cognizant decent human being who believes in moderate governance and has actual ideas, you're a lying dog-faced pony soldier.
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7 Oct
Healthcare requires someone else's labor. Demanding it be a human right is slavery.
You have the right to SEEK healthcare. You have the right to shop around to find someone that will provide healthcare at an agreed upon price.

But healthcare is a service, not a commodity.
A doctor owes no one his time or service, excepting that they pay him.

A nurse owes no one his time or service. unless they agree to it.
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6 Oct
Democrats mad at Bezos for getting rich off a service people use willingly but not going after Pfizer getting rich off mandates.

See the difference?
One promotes free market solutions.

The other pushes government control.
“Jeff Bezos is worth $205 billion! That’s unfair!”

*pushes vaccines that make other people billionaires.
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6 Oct
If you're happy or sad the school shooter turned out to be black and not white,

log the fuck off Twitter.
Your humanity is in danger of disappearing.
The fact that a young man felt he had no option but to grab a gun and settle the score should evoke some kind of emotion out of you.

But his skin color? That's what you're focused on?

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6 Oct
Look, I love teachers.

My mom was a teacher. I have friends that are teachers. Hell, I went to college to be a teacher.

But teaching as a specialized profession?

LOL no. Just no.
Unless it is in a specialized position, like special ed or music teacher, it's not a position that requires much more than a lot of patience, understanding of the material, and decent planning skills.

Basically, being a parent.
"You don't know what you're talking about!"

Except for going to college to be a teacher, yes.

I'll never forget being at the blackboard and hearing a kid throw up behind me.

That was an interesting experience.
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