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One hypothesis is that much of Asia/Oceania had been exposed to a previous SARS variant. This being the actual reason that rates of infection were so low, not lockdowns and masks.
Now we may be seeing turnover where Western countries have had a much more aggressive recent pandemic and have residual resistance to a more recent SARS strain, closer in lineage to Delta.
If true, we will see vicious outbreaks of the more contagious variants moving through populations naive to current variants(in Asia/Oceania now being exposed). If this pattern is true:
1) The pandemic will become endemic moving in waves between unsynchronized populations.
2) This will prove that the new mRNA vaccines cannot ever be expected to eradicate the virus unless we find non-mutating epitopes for which antibodies can be developed.
3) Broad spectrum immunity(natural) may confer much broader protection in this pattern.
The theory would be that variant evolution would partially escape not totally escape broad spectrum resistance meaning cases may be more mild as the variants emerge than with total vaccine breakthrough.
4) If this endemic wave pattern is established we would suspect that current vaccine strategies would need to be changed:
a) the current narrow spectrum vaccines will induce rapid evolution triggering a rapid never ending series of related pandemics.
b) rapid escape evolution increases the probability of worse variants and extinguishes variants that may be more mild and currently somewhat protective.
c) in normal evolution no preference is made between large and small mutations but with vaccines, the mutations that confer survival become much more important and require complete escape.
As a matter of fact, vaccines never allow the small changes that might promote co-existence with virus, because the vaccines remove these variants from the milieu.
5) It is time to consider strategy modifications:
-rapid development of antibody treatments as variants develop
-encourage evolution of co-existence with the virus
-concentrate on treating effects of the virus to mitigate damage through therapeutics
-stop protecting low risk populations to extinguish outbreaks as fast as possible.

We do not normally see these patterns in attenuated virus vaccines, because they are broad spectrum vaccines.
When we focus on vaccines that narrowly extinguish the current dominant strain, we encourage big mutations and total escape.
The narrowly focused vaccines have the effect of destroying the virus that could become safe and we are faced with new virus strains with major changes. We need to rethink this current approach, immediately.

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22 Sep
@NickHudsonCT @gummibear747 @EthicalSkeptic @justin_hart @BallouxFrancois @RWMaloneMD @RandPaul @TuckerCarlson Are we insane? In January/February of 2020 the first retrospective studies of COVID19 mortality were released.
They clearly showed low Vitamin D, obesity, age, and a few other factors strongly correlated with the majority of fatalities. At that moment simple safe and cheap recommendations should have been made.
The World’s population should have been told to take Vitamin D, and isolate and protect the vulnerable. We should have also undertaken a rapid comprehensive examination of all drugs that might easily be repurposed.
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@gummibear737 @EthicalSkeptic @MichaelPSenger @Covid19Crusher @EduEngineer @AbdenurFlavio I think, as humans we have difficulty with many issues of logic, probably primed by primitive instincts. We cannot distinguish between stories of grief and tragedy, and the actual risks.
This pandemic, the propaganda and repression of honest discussion have created a huge distortion in the dialog and perceptions. Add the authoritarian attitude of suddenly relevant officials and we have had a perfect storm. I had COVID19 and am older.
My case, clinically, was relatively mild. However, I have had a variety of lingering sequelae. Mild to severe headaches, bouts of overwhelming fatigue, loss of smell/taste and abnormal small vessel inflammation in several locations in my body.
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3 Feb
@gummibear737 @LukeMor19529310 @Covid19Crusher @MichaelPSenger

Continuing failure of the Fauci and the NIH to investigate COVID19 treatments. Evidence is clear that secondary bacterial infections, out of control inflammation and micro-coagulation are all primary concerns.
Cytokine inflammation response has many potential treatments identified from other diseases. But where is the well funded research on this. Dexamethasone, aspirin and a few other drugs used but there are many possibilities. Great news is coming in on one, Fluvoxamine.
Work at Washington University in St. Louis highlighted this early. On going RCTs continue to study it. Work in other countries is verifying effectiveness.
3/ medicine.wustl.edu/news/fluvoxami…
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2 Feb
@nay_sue1 @ScottAdamsSays I am an expert on masks and air flow, we get all exercised about masks and certain governmental mandates to wear them.
1) Like many aspects of this disease the definitive science on particle size distribution has not done,
@nay_sue1 @ScottAdamsSays 2) Duration of naked aerosolized particle viability is unknown,
3) Total lack of control on mask design makes it impossible to study what really works and what doesn’t,
4) We have no idea how much virus is required to catch the disease,
@nay_sue1 @ScottAdamsSays 5) Airflow is extraordinarily complicated and space configuration dependent,
6) Some particles would be stopped by almost any masks,
7) Some localized airflow characteristics around a person wearing a mask would tend to mitigate spread,
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2 Feb
China has been fomenting conflict in the area attempting to further consolidate influence across the sub-region on India’s Eastern flank. Their direct strategic aim is to lessen India’s influence and surround them with Chinese aligned countries.
Immediate goal is to secure access to warm water ports and natural gas resources. They may eventually try to aggravate separatist sentiments in India’s NorthEastern states and take control of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands through Myanmar as their proxy.
They have successfully backed both sides in the ongoing separatist struggles within Myanmar. Although excused to maintain current pipeline and energy operations it has been a goal to Balkanize the area, openly discussed in Chinese strategic planning documents, for decades.
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1 Feb
@gummibear737 @Covid19Crusher @LukeMor19529310 @MichaelPSenger @EduEngineer @EthicalSkeptic We have been in the grips of some sort of mass self delusion, up is called down and the minions scream, “yes!” A few deeply examined the good and the bad science, me included.
We presented statistics, graphs, logic, and the moral principles involved. An incredible furor was directed our way. We were doxxed, our social media accounts turned down or cancelled, some of us were even assigned personal trolls from big Pharma to heckle us.
This is not whining but these are simple facts. We engaged in debate and they tried to cancel us. Many noted epidemiologists blocked me instead of simply talking about math/statistics errors. We are the canaries laying dead or dying on the bottom of our cages in the coal mine.
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