(1/15) Today is #DayOfTheGirl and I'm 17, so it'll be my last one, I'd like to do a thread of who I am. Also, since I've been getting a lot of followers recently. This thread will be about some of my life from little 10-year-old me taking a Harvard class to earlier this year.
(2/15) At 10 years old, I took a @Harvard class on @edXOnline. It was called Super Earths and Life and it was the 1st version that had a few issues. I actually had to correct the TA in the class multiple times lol.

I got a 96%. I was very proud of myself.
(3/15) The next big thing I did in #STEM was starting my @YouTube channel with Supernova Style Science News when I was 12. Since then, the channel changed to @7SageLabs and I added more shows: The STEAM Shop, 7 Sage Lab Notes, and SciFacts.

(4/15) At 13, I started sending experiments into space through the @CubesInSpace program. I also ran a group to help other kids get their experiments to space. So far, I've sent 6 experiments of my own into space with 2 more approved and 2 others planned.
(5/15) Also at 13, I co-founded @TheSTEAM_Squad with my friend @RobotMakerGirl. It's a group filled with some of the top young female scientists in the world. It's co-ran with @astrostarbright and @_jordan_reeves. Go check out the website thesteamsquad.org for #DayOfTheGirl
(6/15) When I was 15, I won a number of awards. The first one was the 24 Under 24 Award from @TheMarsGen.

(7/15) The next one I won was 2nd place in @NSF Generation Nano: #Superheroes Inspired by #Science.

(11/15) Last year, I entered into a @xprize for making a better face mask. I got into the Top 10 out of nearly 1K entries worldwide, where I was against high level groups like one that had over 20 students from @JohnsHopkins medical engineering dept.

(12/15) I also have talked at a lot of conferences and events, have done a load of #science outreach in a multitude of ways, been featured in articles, books, and TV news for my science work, and more.

I pretty much live and breathe science. 😂
(13/15) So why have I done all this in the last 7 years? Because I want to show girls, especially on #DayOfTheGirl, that there is no limit. You can dream big and do big things, but it's going to take a lot of work, a lot of time, and a lot of heartache. ...
(14/15) ... But you can truly be part of making the world better. And for me, that's all that matters.
(13/15) If you would like to know more about me, here's a link to my bio on @TheSTEAM_Squad: thesteamsquad.org/JulieSage.html.

It's quite a bit out of date but we're working on updating it hopefully here soon.

And if you'd like to know more stuff going on in my life, follow @7SageLabs

• • •

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19 Jun
OMG she is going for the hard ones. I LOVE IT. For the fire question, fire is plasma, one of the states of matter, which is very hot and magnetic gas. All stars are made of plasma. When you get enough gas together, the pressure of it causes a lot of heat, and it becomes plasma.
Otherwise than that, fire doesn't really form in space. On a space station however, you can make a fire in normal ways, but the fire looks like a bubble. Since there isn't gravity acting upon it like we have on the Earth surface, the fire is attracted to itself and forms a sphere
This goes into the second question of how planets are formed. When you have a bunch of material like rocks and dust near each other, each of their gravities affect the things around it. A planet usually starts with a larger rocky object surrounded by smaller rocky objects and...
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17 Jun
So dad just got told to wait 1 mo. to talk to his spine doc in person, to see if they can do an MRI that will take another month to schedule, and another month after to review. He also got told for a spine MRI to ask neurology about it. Lawsuits might be coming @MGHMedicine
For 4 months everyday he has had twitches, 1st Primary told him to calm down and it was in his head. Urgent Care said "What are you doing here?" 14 day twitching in same spot no big deal. Primary finally gets worried at 2 mo. Spine doc only checks neck, says talk to neurology.
that my dad's primary set up, only after 3 mo of twitching. He has been demeaned this whole time. They want you to go over everything from the start of the problems and all info and cover it in 15 min? How? When we tried to call help services they told us the main can't help.
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2 Apr 20
Wasn't for sure if I should say something but have to.

Lives might depend on it.

I saw tons of people going after @elonmusk for the ventilators that Tesla bought. They said he got CPAP's and they wouldn't help. Many problems with this, & those tweets might kill someone.

First is terminology, CPAPs are a type of ventilator. Any machine that aides in breathing is a ventilator.

The ResMed devices Elon bought were not CPAP but what are called BiPAP. These are better than a normal CPAP, they have an exhaust pressure to them like the higher...
...end ventilators. The big difference is the high end ventilators are used for intubation, the BiPAP like a CPAP uses a face mask. These have been approved for use in COVID-19 from the FDA, and CDC.

Now they do have an issue because of those masks.

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