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EL ÓRGANO MÁS GRANDE del cuerpo es… ¡la piel! 🖐🏼🦵🏻👩🏻

Y al estar en contacto directo con el ambiente es un sitio inmunológicamente muy activo

Así que hoy les hablaré un poco sobre sus aspectos básicos 😁

#Skin #Immunology #Derma

La función principal de la #piel es la de ser una barrera entre nuestro interior y el exterior 🛡

Cuando esta función no se lleva a cabo adecuadamente aparecen enfermedades como la #dermatitis atópica, #psoriasis, ictiosis, dermatitis por contacto, etc 😖

El funcionamiento adecuado d la piel implica una comunicación constante y d una precisión exquisita entre #células inmunes y no inmunes. Por mencionar algunas:

No inmunes: queratinocitos, fibroblastos, #adipocitos,etc

Inmunes: Células dendríticas (DCs), #macrófagos, etc

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Invasive species are a heck of problem.
They usually have few predators and displace organisms native to the area.
Scientists have found a way to fight against these horrors with….um…horror.
Read on!
Mosquito fish, as invasive species, have little to fear. Once out of their natural habitats of North America they strut around rivers and lakes with the confidence of Beaker being protected by Bunsen.
They reproduce quickly AND stuff there just doesn’t eat them. A Berner stands behind a little golden who has a super annoy
Named the mosquito fish because they nibble on mosquito larva- they were introduced in Australia (why is it ALWAYS Australia pick a different country folks) to help with mosquito population. Well that backfired and now these fish are freaking pests.
Small, adorable, annoying.
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PhD students don’t want to be postdocs. Faculties are leaving academia... Intriguing discussions are published by both Nature and Science.
Key points are:

#science #research #engineering #academia #PhD #AcademicTwitter
1. U.S.-based researchers reported challenges recruiting in all #STEM fields: “This year … we received absolutely zero response from our posting,” one wrote. “The number of applications is 10 times less than 2018-2019,” another wrote.
2. Faculty: “It took 2 months to receive a single application [for a postdoc position]. Money is just sitting there that isn’t being used … and there’s these projects that aren’t moving anywhere as a result”.
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1/n @DBTIndia our project fellows not paid for 9mo. we have sent series of uc/soe but every time due to delay, the next series of papers wanted as time has lapsed or something silly. those with big projects with crores of funding can shuffle/do tricks w their money, we can't.
2/n what can a young person do to get paid? beg, borrow or steal - that they do but what else above and beyond!!! our brains are brain dead in paperwork, juggling the never-ending maze of bureaucracy, both at our parent org & at grant awarding org.
3/n i don't know who actually is in charge. everyone wants to help but no one is in charge who can take the bull by the horn. who should we write or speak to?
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You’re watching two neurons that I saw under the microscope sensing one another + connecting.

There are 86 billion neurons in the brain - how do they know how to connect to other neurons?

A thread 👇1/n
#WomenInSTEM @ScienceAU @UTAS_ #science @elonmusk
They use these webbed hand-like structures called “growth cones” that you can see in this video. The finger like projections (called “filopodia”) actively reach out to sense the environment around it.

When we are developing in utero, you’ll find these “growth cones,” at the tip of every single growing neuron, actively searching their way between cells, trying to find the right spot to connect to. When they make their connection, they become resorbed and disappear.

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Good morning! Starting day 2 with another of my favorite #nutrition topics: the food matrix. What does that mean for #health? Food is not simply the sum of its parts. 🤓
#Nutrition2022 #NutritionLiveOnline Image
First up, one of my colleagues in nutrition and the #gut #microbiome, @HolscherLab. Let's #science!
#Nutrition2022 #NutritionLiveOnline Image
The matrix of foods affects the bioaccessibility of nutrients.
#Nutrition2022 #NutritionLiveOnline Image
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It's happening now! #GreatDebates in #Nutrition on ultra-processed foods and the Dietary Guidelines. 🤓 #Nutrition2022 #NutritionLiveOnline Image
Ultra processed foods are an emerging interest in #nutrition #science. They have been linked to numerous negative #health outcomes. Image
This #GreatDebate will attempt to tackle the role of ultra processed foods in health/disease, confounding, etc.
#Nutrition2022 #NutritionLiveOnline Image
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1/ Ok. In light of @ABCTNOW #apologygate, I’m going to try to help with #scicomm on a paper that informs my rubric of how to apologize. (#science). This paper breaks apology components into 6 bits. Two seem most effective, but overall *more is better*…
2/ First, acknowledge what you *did* wrong (i.e., take responsibility). If what you want to discuss is people’s feelings or reactions, you’re not sorry about what you did, you’re sorry about its aftermath. Literally, own up to what YOU did in concrete terms.
3/ Second, offer some potential for repair. This is not, NOT, not an invitation to mention some other good thing you did in the past that invalidates your bad behavior or sort of makes up for it. Offer a *new* thing you can do to repair the damage and rebuild trust.
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I’ve just finished up at the Society for Scholarly Publishing’s @ScholarlyPub annual meeting in #Chicago, and there’s only one thing on my mind right now: #Science is on the verge of an outright #transformation. 🧵1/12
I say this because @ResearchGate and publishers are at last working together, and because we’re working on the same mission: to make progress in #science and for #humanity. 2/12
@ResearchGate Papers have always been the medium for effectively communicating research and sparking collaboration, but what’s special about this moment is that we’re now starting to combine all of this important content with the power of the ResearchGate network. 3/12
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The human brain is the most complex work of evolution. If I get a chance I would spend all my life studying the human brain. Because, when I do some dumb shit later I realise why I did what I did and right now I am typing about it and you are probably reading

Thread 1/5
and thinking how this thought is processing in your brain and how you answer to it logically or illogically. Makes the brain the most complex art of evolution. But before studying the lobes of brain, We need to understand how neurons work starting from invertebrates.

Thread 2/5
. We know unipolar, bipolar, multipolar, pseudounipolar, etc types of neurons. Suddenly my brain is thinking about how life evolved we probably will never know since it's been 4 billion years approximately since first life evolved from the abiogenesis process.

Thread 3/5
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1) How I cured my #LongCovid in 3mos after suffering for almost a year. This was my last hope. I researched what #Covid does to the body, came up with a list of "clinically studied" supplements and...
2) took them all. Firstly, I am not a MD. In March 2021 I caught Covid while working as a #frontline #healthcare worker. My symptoms of #brainfog, #fatigue, #jointpain, #muscleweakness, morning #stiffness happened after my recovery. At the time, this #postcovid #syndrome was...
3) was just starting to be discussed online. The the term #Longhauler was coined. Those in the #ME, #CFS, #Lyme #MCAS #community starting speaking out about the similarity of #symptoms with #LC. #Covidclinics started to sprout up, include one at the....
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اگر معبود کی ہمیشگی کا تصور مبہم ہے تو مادے کی ہمیشگی کا تصور مبہم تر ہے
مادے کی ابتدا کہاں سے ہوئی؟
اگر ابتداء ہے تو انتہا بھی ہوگی مگر سائنس کہتی ہے مادہ ہمیشہ سے تھا اور ہمیشہ رہے گا یا بگ بینگ کی شکل میں اور اس کے بعد یا بگ کرنچ سے پہلے اور بگ کرنچ تک
#DeepLearning Image
اب یہاں اک اور سوال پیدا ہوتا ہے کہ بگ کرنچ سے پہلے بھی بگ بینگ ہوا ہوگا
اس سے پہلے بگ کرنچ اور پھر یہی کرنچ اور بینگ
تو خلا کیا ہے جس میں پوری کائنات یا کائنات در کائنات پھیلی ہوئی، پھیلتی ہوئی یا پھیل رہیں پھیلتی ہوئیں سکڑ رہیں یا سکڑتی ہوئی ہیں
اس خلا کا کوئی انت ہے؟
چلو غبارے، گیند یا انڈے کی طرح بے کنار سہی مگر اس غبارہ، گیند یا انڈہ نما خلاء کے باہر کیا ہے، اک اور خلا؟
ہم محض معبود کی ہمیشگی پر ہی متردد رہتے ہیں کہ لا ثبوت ہے
مگر کائنات اور زمان کے ثبوت بھی تو تا حال متنازع ہیں اور متنازع تر ہوتے چلے جاتے ہیں

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Frisch im Ärzteblatt:

"COVID-19: Infektionen hinterlassen bei Kindern keinen Antikörperschutz vor Omikron"

Starke Schlagzeile! Aber was steckt dahinter?

Warum dies eine irreführende Information ist...

ein 🧵
2- Die Studie
1) Untersuchung an 177 Kindern die zwischen 2020 und März-2021 Covid hatten

2) Zum Vergleich: Untersuchung an 9 mit mRNA Impstoffen geimpften Kindern und Jugendlichen (2021) ohne Vorinfektion…

eine Zusammenfassung und Bewertung
3- Methodik
Für die meisten Varianten seit Ausbruch wurden Antikörper Neutralisationstests auf Basis
von Pseudovirionen (PsVN) gemacht.
Dies sind künstliche Viren, die das jeweilige Spike-Protein präsentieren.
Gemessen wird wie gut die AK der Probanden diese PsVN neutralisieren.
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Das Charité-Paradox

Wer #Science erst seit Corona auf dem Schirm hat, könnte beim TV-Gucken zum Glauben kommen, die Charité sei Nabel der Welt der medizinischen Forschung, führend in Deutschland.

Falsch. Forschungs-Exzellenz findet sich traditionell im Südwesten der Republik 🧵
Die klangvollen, traditionsreichen Standorte der deutschen Forschung sind eher Heidelberg, München, Erlangen, Freiburg, Tübingen.

Insgesamt ist der Blick auf die Bedeutung der deutschen Forschung Im CWTS Leiden Ranking 2021 nach "Scientific impact" ernüchternd:
Irgendwo auf Platz 62 hält sich Heidelberg tapfer, dann folgt die LMU München (Großhadern) auf respektablem Platz 82....
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Although conspiracy thinking is of all times, we now face a different kind of #conspiracy theories: conspiracy without theory. 1/
The increased visibility of conspiracy thinking at the time of the COVID-19 pandemic seems to be partly explained by the need for certainty in uncertain times. But there is more going. 2/
There is a distinction between classical conspiracy thinking and the new conspiracy thinking. Classical conspiracy thinking aims to offer an alternative explanation for a major event, sometimes by following journalistic or even scientific standards. 3/
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“Data don’t lie”. But it typically requires a process of defining #research questions, hypotheses, methodology, interpreting and #dataviz that can introduce subjectivity and #bias. Scientific rigor and objectivity are key in #DataScience. Some #Tips for #DataScientists 🧵
Don’t dive straight into a dataset, domain knowledge is critical. Good #Science requires a theoretical understanding of a topic while #ignorance introduces bias. Sound domain knowledge enables you to ask the right questions and give relevant answers with #DataScience
Investigate the alternate hypothesis. Business questions asked to #DataScientists are often directive, as there already is a hypothesis. Don’t confirm this hypothesis without properly investigating the alternate option.
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The man who found Mercury sulphide and invented Soap!

Chakrapāni Dutta
Chakrapāni Dutta was a Ayurveda physician and sanskrit scholar,
He was born in the village of Mayureshwar of Bangal in the Brahmin family.
Chakrapāni discovered mercury sulphide. The credit for inventing soap also goes to him, he used mustard oil and some alkalies as ingredients for making soap.
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𝐑𝐞𝐭𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐞𝐝 #vitaminD paper.
"The originally-published data are inaccurate and a complete set of corrected data is not available."

Here's a thread to outline the worrying data irregularities that led to this retraction.
#exercise #science #nutrition #research 🧵1/13
First and foremost, you can read here the full EIC retraction notice: ♾…

♾And my "Letter to The Editor" in which I describe in more detail the most serious/perplexing issues:
I learned about this study after Dr. Rhonda Patrick (Ph.D. in biomedical science) shared it among her nearly 400,000 Twitter followers who, in turn, retweeted it more than 500 times. 🧵3/13
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These people are going to censor all speech? Will these people determine who the domestic terrorists' are? Image
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Solved - Gulf War syndrome mystery: U.S. Gov-funded scientists blame SARIN released into air — #veterans #military #GulfWar #healthcare #science #ToxicExposures…
Researchers believe #troops’ exposure to sarin gas is to blame for the mysterious unexplained collection of illnesses known as Gulf War syndrome. About 250,000 #veterans have complained of chronic symptoms like fever, fatigue, #memory problems, body pain, etc… #GulfWar #research
According to the #CDC, sarin gas is one of the most deadly chemical agents. — #veterans #military #GulfWar #ToxicExposures
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From me @townhallcom ✍️

Mainstream Media Blames Violent Video Games for the Buffalo Shooting, Science Says Otherwise🕹️🥼… #videogames #gaming #gamers #buffalosupermarket @TheQuartering @GenePark @YellowFlashGuy @loftipixels @Grummz @xpatriciah @stillgray
I report on the how MS media on both sides of the political spectrum blamed games for the Buffalo Mass Shooting,

I talked w/ @CJFerguson1111 a psychologist & expert researcher on the topic of games & psychology to get to the truth of the matter
Hint: Its absolutely 100% baloney🥪
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The Science of Scientific Writing!

I don't have to stress about how much a PhD student has to write. Yet, sometimes we find ourselves in such an apprehensive situation that it becomes difficult to write.

A 🧵

@PhDVoice @OpenAcademics @AcademicChatter @ThePhDPlace @PhD_Genie
These points are helping me in a way to become a better scientific writer day by day. I hope it will help you too.

My major inspiration to write these points is from this article:… which my supervisor suggested.
And I wish, I should have read this many years back. Anyways, you're never too late to learn anything.

Note: If you know these points already, I hope it turns out to be a reminder for you. Happy reading!
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🎉Le week-end prochain, c'est @PlayAzur à Nice pour rencontrer vos vulgarisateurs préférés.
Le @cafe_sciences et l'@Asso_Conscience y seront en S1 et S2
Le #CollectifConscience y fera même PLEIN de 🔴#live

#PAF2022 #twitch #vulgarisation #science #IRL ImageImage
@PlayAzur @cafe_sciences @Asso_Conscience Staring, from Z -> A (et pkoi pas) : @VChabrette, @TheoRooot, @spasdelou, @Space_Thomalice, @robin_isnard, @EleoBellot, @aetiom, et sans doute plein d'autre, avec le programme en cours de finalisation.

#PAF2022 @PlayAzur #twitch #vulgarisation Image
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I need anyone who believes in vaccine injury to share this in mass until we get least a million views on this video.This is long. I'm sorry. But very important.
🧵I'm a former RN and after watching this podcast I will never trust modern medicine again.
He explains how the rats bred in a perfect environment and used in medical studies are genetically mutated. They are 100% unreliable. He explains how this DNA mutation resulted in them developing extremely long telomeres. Due to these telomeres the rats are able to survive
large amounts of toxic substances without it hurting them on a cellular level. Meaning they can ward off death, injury and resist cancer for a lot longer then regularly bred animals and even humans. He goes on to explain how pharma companies use this information from these animal
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