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This #WorldOceansDay I'm inspired by all the dedicated people working everywhere to understand and protect the dominant geographic feature of our planet. So today I'm going to be tweeting about just a few of those people to spread the news of their good deeds
1st up @HeatherKoldewey. Heather is at @OfficialZSL & has done incredible work with @projectseahorse, @Nets2Carpet and the Chagos MPA with @Bertarelli_fdn. Any one of those would be huge, but all three is just amazing.…
Nxt @CoralReefFish Luiz Rocha, originally from Brazil, is leading a team of folks @calacademy discovering new fish diversity in the gloom beyond regular SCUBA depths, using rebreathers. Every bit as hard as space walking, maybe harder.…
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#IIMEC13 - I've spent a week in London helping out at the @Invest_in_ME conference.

This was it's 13th conference, and it's grown from a small meeting to a whole week of talks from researchers/scientists in different stages of their careers... 1/7
#IIMEC13 - There's been a lot of science. A lot of talking. There's been scientists from different #biomedical fields offering their expertise.

The dedication/determination from researchers was very clear throughout.

For some reason, #MEcfs is political minefield... 2/7
#IIMEC13 - The people who suffer from this awful disease have been left to suffer for years by unbelieving professionals, bad advice and charities who are happy not to rock the boat and challenge them.

These sectors don't deserve the publicity. The people who help DO... 3/7
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... and a public which asks their representatives to value #evidence will be the strongest driver of long-term #scienceadvice mechanisms.

Jeff Reading @SPH_Iloilo adds long-term funding to #scienceadvice mechanisms would also be an important step if we want long-term thinking
The workshop starts now ➡️ what are top 3 critical issues or structural themes in #Scienceadvice that an @INGSciAdvice presence in North America could address? #INGSA_NA18
And we're back after the interactive workshop, now discussing how to leverage the @INGSciAdvice network in #NorthAmerica context #INGSA_NA18, and what we can learn from other chapters
w/ @Kristiann_NZ @eliasmichaz @nifaruqui @IDRC_CRDI @JonesAishaD
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Our @DSP_SPE team represents the student voice in #scienceadvice at the #INGSA_NA18 workshop today among experts from around the world 🔬🔭🌐🖋📃

Our #EmergingExperts: @sung_vanessa @ShawnMcGuirk @tgruos @nehabhutani17 @arthi_ramac

#scipol @INGSciAdvice @SciChefQC @ChiefSciCan
.@SciChefQC & @ChiefSciCan note in opening keynote how important it is for the #NextGeneration to be here and well represented, and applaud our #SPEscidip event from last week - thank you for inviting us, we're v happy to be in these discussions #INGSA_NA18 #scipol #scienceadvice
& thx @PeterGluckman for your video introduction, we hope we can meet again soon! Especially with the establishment of an @INGSciAdvice chapter for #NorthAmerica

We appreciate your commitment to engaging #nextgen at the intersection of #science & #policy in #NZ & at #INGSA_NA18
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.@EPAScottPruitt just announced an all-out assault on how the #EPA can use #scientific data. This could paralyze the EPA — we need to fight back. #WhiteHouse tried to bury a chemicals report that has major implications for our #health…
Pruitt's new policy proposal restricting #science is his most destructive action yet This "restricting science" rule censors the #science that we can use, in favor to Big #Polluters limiting the data that links their industries to deadly #health impacts.
The clock is ticking, will you add your name today?

The #TrumpAdministration is actively trying to bury science that could have major effects on our #health. Fight back — sign the petition to stop Pruitt's censorship of science…
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We're in the historic Redpath museum auditorium this morning @mcgillu for another excellent talk by Jan Marco Muller @IIASAVienna which we organized w/ @McGillMSSI & TISPP! A continuation of #SPESciDip events of the last few days, #THREAD below ⬇️
#scidip #SciComm #scipol
When #science meets #politics on #GMO ➡️ when faced with the same evidence, some countries overwhelmingly agree, others overwhelmingly against #scipol #scidip
The mechanisms of #scienceadvice in the #EU is... complex
#scidip #scipol
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1. Listening to all sides of the #pipeline debate, from my perspective as an #Albertan, it seems there is a #CumulativeTale… to walk through.
2. Without #pipelines, #Canada has to use #rail to ship:…
3. Using #rail to move #oil takes space away from moving #grain to global markets, hitting farmers in #Alberta and #BC and across #Canada…
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(1) The gun control protests today were TINY. The kids are already getting bored with it. They probably celebrated 4/20 with a joint & forgot to leave the house to march.

I want to unpack one of these signs, where they try to use a lame argument for abortion on demand.
(2) "Republican law makers, stop protecting fertilized eggs and start protecting living children."

Take it from me, someone who used to make better arguments for abortion, that assertion is gonna fail at the first hurdle. First mistake: Life doesn't begin at birth. #Science
(3) It's easier for an abortion supporter to see a fetus as just a "fertilized egg." IMO the only stage of pregnancy where this even has the potential 2 be scientifically plausible is the first few days. The age at which they feel pain keeps being lowered by scientific discovery.
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And LAST but not LEAST of the #EliteTrait, we have #1 seeded Doedicurus clavicaudatus vs. #2 Amebelodon fricki!!! #2018MMM
Tonight's battle is a 3-way collaboration by me, @PKurnath & @tinkeringprim8, so hold on to your tush! #TeamAwesome #TeamDiscoveryChannel #2018MMM
Doedicurus a.k.a. #TankMammal has taken out the Jugulator, Thalassocnus catans, and Andrewsarchus mongoliensis, while Amebelodon a.k.a. "shovel-tusker" has defeated Deinogalerix koenigswald, Homo floresensis, and Dimetrodon limbatus #winning #taxonomicmouthful #2018MMM
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So tomorrow marks the one-year anniversary that @SciMarchSeattle organizer @SciSwany physically assaulted me as she prevented me from leaving my own house.
Back on January 5th, at the peak of harassment from @SciSwany and her friends, I contacted @SciMarchSeattle to let them know about what one of their co-founders was doing.
I had told one of the other @SciMarchSeattle cofounders about @SciSwany chasing me out of and around the house on multiple occasions. August 2016. October 2016. January 2017. February 2017. One of the most notable assaults came on March 30th, 2017.
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This is the problem with contemporary "feminists." It amounts to buyer's remorse. Young women CHOOSE to engage in behavior that ranges from personal conversations to sex. TBC: 1/?
The young woman gets her feelings hurt and, with the guidance of older, more prominent women, they organize a social media campaign against the male "perp" (often adding texture to the story by turning him into a "perv").
The women, now organized and believing that they are doing some serious good for all women, make something like a phone tree, and shamelessly RECRUIT other women to "come out" with more stories about the unacceptable behavior. Some women want "in."
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"Les oiseaux disparaissent des campagnes françaises à une vitesse vertigineuse. Ce déclin catastrophique est largement dû aux pratiques de l'#Agriculture et à ses #Pesticides "
Décryptage d'une info qui fait le tour des rédactions
Jeudi 20 mars (en pleine semaine contre les #pesticides organisée par :… ) un communiqué de presse va créer un buzz médiatique ...
Deux institutions scientifiques respectables (@CNRS et @Le_Museum) tirent le signal d'alarme : Les oiseaux disparaissent !
Heureusement, le coupable est rapidement identifié ! Et comme son casier judiciaire est déjà bien chargé...
Ce coupable idéal c'est #Agriculture ! En effet, un groupe d'oiseaux semble particulièrement concerné : les oiseaux des campagnes…
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As part of the #BlackpoolPIER #space #science in schools project, @rwwalsh and I have been asking Y6 children what sort of people scientists are. Was surprised at how many children said #scientists were 'good', 'kind' and 'helpful'. Going to post a few examples below (thread)
2/ Scientists are "really kind". #BlackpoolPIER
3/ And polite. #BlackpoolPIER
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The current dialogue about #DACA affects everyone in the US. How?

#Racism & #scapegoating & affect all minorities.

Deporting #DREAMers & undocumented #immigrants will have very negative impacts to the #economy. That affects everyone else. THREAD 1 #DreamActNow #immigration
The sociological concept of the “other” is important to this discussion. If you haven’t heard of it before, here is a brief overview from…. 2 #identity #race #sociology #Science
People in power define social identities as they have the means to control the narrative – news coverage, platforms to broadcast their platforms, & the power to influence law enforcement and legislation. Social identity affects how people perceive themselves and others. 3
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Aujourd’hui, nous allons parler de la formation des empreintes digitales ! Comment se développent-elles & sont-elles identiques à droite et à gauche? Deux jumeaux ont-ils les mêmes empreintes? Peut-on duper les ordinateurs? Un thread #embryologie #anatomie #science :)
Certains utilisateurs de ces smartphones qu’il faut déverrouiller par reconnaissance tactile (ex : le TouchID d’Apple) ont parfois rapporté que leur portable avait été déverrouillé avec un autre doigt, voire par une autre personne ! Comment est-ce possible ?
Vous le savez, la surface de la peau de nos doigts, orteils, paume de la main & plante du pied n’est pas lisse. Elle présente des crêtes, des sillons, un véritable « pattern » caractéristique de chaque structure et à très haut degré d’asymétrie (Buchwald & Grubskab 2012).
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#Science vs #BJP

Bjp is party very educated party consisting of scientists , researchers,doctors , IITians , Oxford topper economist.
Here we have some of important theories nd reserch done by important organisation.
One of our very intelligent after a years of hard work in his lab with his Braille book found out dat natural calamities can b prevented by reading hanuman chalisa.

Another important member of our research team.after working yr on theory of evolution,he concluded dat theory is false. few of illiterate were unhappy about his remark.

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La vérité sur les #OGM

Suite au visionnage du film Food Evolution (cf. )
@micha3lamal a rédigé un thread intéressant () dont je propose ici une traduction

(Mes commentaires personnels seront indiqués par la mention NT)
La vérité sur les OGM : un thread
J'ai longtemps été désireuse de faire un thread sur les #OGM et j'ai été inspirée par un documentaire que j'ai regardé la nuit dernière appelé Food Evolution.
(NT : ce documentaire est accessible à cette adresse )
L'idée principale de ce documentaire est que la peur autour des OGM est largement basée sur la pseudoscience, et de vieux mythes bien ancrés/désastreux.
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I got Beakman's World in my mind too. Badda-bing, Badda-bang, Badda-boom. #Science yo! @netflix ya know what I want. hehehe.
Thanks Mr. Paul Zaloom @paulzaloom
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Today's thread

Measurement of time.
How current calendars can't match ancient Hindu timekeeping.

Why a day isn't always 24 hours long

Why a year doesn't have 365.25 days

#science #astronomy #Time
How long does a day last everyday? 24 hours? Wrong.

We define day as the time taken by Earth to complete one rotation around its axis.
But with respect to what is the measurement made? 2/n
Since Earth is also revolving around Sun while it is rotating, it needs to rotate a little extra when rotation is measured w.r.t. sun (solar day) than a distant star (sidereal day)
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The Trump admin has crossed a huge line. They are forbidding the @CDCgov from using the words "science-based" & "evidence-based."

Guess what? Science IS evidence-based, and the CDC shouldn't be making recommendations based on "wishes." #outrage #science…
Also ridiculous: banning "transgender," "fetus," "diversity," etc. Anyone will tell you that banning something doesn't negate its existence.

In fact, I am now committed to using all of these words more.
Here we go: Vulnerable populations with high degrees of diversity such as transgender persons will suffer due to the Trump administration's retrograde views on diversity, entitlement, & science-based, evidence-based policies in favor of fetus rights.
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#HotTip High level interpersonal + problem solving skills are what will make you employable in a digital world.

#Thread #education…
In 1986, the largest group of workers was in occupations classified as skill lvl 4 (roughly equivalent to a certificate II or III). Nowadays, the largest group of workers is in the highest (skill level 1) category - occupations requiring a bachelor degree/higher qualification.
Despite all the hype about #STEM skills, occupations requiring communication skills are actually growing fastest.
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Short thread on importance of even the smallest elections:
1) My small coastal town has 3 seats up for city council next month. #vote
2) Of those running for city council, 5 believe in climate change, 4 don't. All but 2 candidates GOP. 3/5 climate believers here GOP. #vote
3) Last city council election, only 20% registered Dems voted, because they saw majority of candidates were GOP and they dismissed them.
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Avez-vous remarqué que le coude et le genou humain se plient, mais pas dans le même sens ? Comment ? Un petit thread #anatomie #embryologie
Drôle de particularité, qui fait que vous pouvez fléchir la jambe sur la cuisse vers l’arrière, mais l’avant-bras sur le bras vers l’avant.
Et comment se fait-il que la rotule soit l’os situé en avant de l’articulation du genou,tandis que l’olécrâne(la tubérosité osseuse du coude
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And now I present: a thread based on my love of #science, #scicomm, and #animals, and the fact that I'm a huge #nerd:
The other day at the library, I got this book by Ann Tompert for my 2yo (2/?):…
The premise: an elephant and a mouse want to ride a see-saw. #Physics has other ideas, so some other animals come to help. (3/?)
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