It's 5pm.
I'm done.
All I can manage to do is order Uber Eats & pass out on the lounge watching Netflix by 8pm.

👆 This was me most days until I found a way to harness momentum energy

Now I build energy throughout the day rather than deplete it. Here's how 👇🧵
You can either live your days dragging through the wind or you can use the wind to your advantage and let it lift and push you along.

It's all comes down to intentional design 👇
Fuel Your Body
First of all if you are not looking after the basics, none of the following tools will work to increase energy.

Drink water, eat good food, take breaks, hug your doggos.
Be Realistic About Your Capacity
I'm just going to put this out there. You are probably scheduling too much for yourself and you're going to have to let that go.

I use 30 minute work cycles to measure how much I can do and how much I schedule for myself.
Be Mindful Of Your Energy Patterns
Everyone is different, so start off with noticing what activates & drains your energy

Keep an energy journal. Or record beside each of your tasks whether it activated or drained you. Then look for the patterns.
Use Activation Energy To Get Started
Starting is often the hardest part that takes the most energy. So make starting easy.

Leave yourself clues, starters, templates, the link to that doc or email. Help your future self out.
Use Biological Triggers To Change Your State
Your body is a powerful tool to take control of your mind.

It can take our brain some time to switch between task and states throughout the day, but our body can give it some instant cues 👇
Cue 1: Drink a Glass Of Water Between Tasks
Because your body needs water to survive, drinking a glass of water instantly relaxes your brain & stops it from wondering where the next hit of water is coming from.

It'll break the current thinking pattern you are in
Cue 2: 1 Minute Meditation To Break Up Types Of Tasks
Meditation is a great break for your brain and a trigger to let it know you are starting something new.
Cue 3: Take 5 Deep Breaths Before Starting A New Task
Breathe is an instant switch for your brain from fight or flight into rest & digest. Stopping to breathe will instantly switch your mind into a different state, ready to go again.
Balance Your Focus
Learn to identify what kind of focus is needed for the task your working on. Not everything needs to be deep work.

Schedule a variety of deep and shallow work tasks throughout the day.
Reduce Your Options
Call it decision fatigue or whatever you like. The more decision you have to make in a day the more your brain is working overtime.

Limit decisions by theming your daily tasks.
Monday for marketing, Tuesday for sales, Wednesday for meetings...
Take A Nap
Just ask my friends in the nap club about this one @samanthademers @MattHogan123 @Esthernagle

Unless you have a kick ass assistant no one is going to be ruthless with your time & energy except for you.

Fight Back The World For It
Intentionally Design Your Days To Get It Back
Discover Your Momentum Energy Triggers ⚡️
If you enjoyed this thread retweet the 1st tweet above & follow me
@evielync where I write threads about the practices & workflows for creating daily in public.
You don't have to finish the day exhausted.
Build Momentum Energy ⚡️ Instead:

Fuel Yourself
Understand Your Capacity
Look At Your Energy Patterns
Harness Activation Energy
Use Biological Triggers To Change States
Reduce Your Options
Take A Nap

• • •

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Here are 10 frameworks I use to write a full week of tweets in less than one hour👇
Always be collecting ideas 🧠

👉 Start a list in your favourite note tool called Tweet Ideas
👉 Throw random ideas in throughout the week
👉 Batch write your content once a week from that list.

Now, onto the frameworks 👇
Mine Your Previous Content 💎
For each essay I write I go back and extract content to use for tweets:
👉 Quotable Thoughts
👉 Listicles
👉 Questions

This tweet came directly from an essay I wrote
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