@JolyonMaugham @mrjamesob Goldsmith is gaslighting, a bully tactic
1. Lockdowns only happen when spread of virus is so out of control that health services might collapse - in other words a lockdown is a failure to stop the spread.
2. The reason this is a problem for the government is because it threatens
@JolyonMaugham @mrjamesob their position, their status, their power. The reaction of the population IF the NHS collapsed under the strain is the problem they fear, not the actual harms caused to people.
3. Govt. allowing uncontrolled spread as we tweet, on the basis that Vaccines protect their position
@JolyonMaugham @mrjamesob The reality is they do not care one whit for our health or well being unless and only when it threatens their power.
4. c.150,000 deaths, 1 million long covid, more cases every day, 3 million business people excluded from economic support, poverty increased - they don't care
@JolyonMaugham @mrjamesob 5. They have an 80 seat majority and are exploiting it to the hilt.
6. Starmer is worse than useless, he urged children back into school, no ifs, no buts, and ejected the strongest opposition MPs from the front bench, removed the Whip.
@JolyonMaugham @mrjamesob 7. Without you, Byline Times, Double Down News, Open Democracy, Independent SAGE etc and thousands of ordinary folk writing, tweeting we'd be utterly lost.
Superb blog on bullying in politics. Worthy reference piece.

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12 Oct
2005, Blairs Government introduced Work Capability Assessment.
Have you ANY idea just how much harm that caused to real people, which was predicted at the time?
Has anyone been made to account for Austerity, which caused 150,00 excess deaths?
The English System is built to insulate the officers of State from accountability for crimes they commit on 'Her Majesty's Service' which is the Crown as State, not the Queen as the person.
It is a Ruling class pretending at Democratic Accountability.

This books lists all kinds of utterly degraded decision making, causing untold harm, and no one ever is held accountable..

The English Ruling Class feel entitled to Rule, and that includes immunity from accountability.
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10 Oct
Kindness is ancient. Kindness makes us humane. Kindness is big. Being humane is a thing. Being humane is the biggest thing. We cannot be fully human if we are not also humane.
When we study the evolution of the human neuro-endocrine system and how it functions we discover something. It is optimised for a peaceful life, with occasional moments of stress. It is not optimised for constant, chronic stress.
Egalitarian life is generally peaceful, healthy, grounded in solid emotional attachment, mature affective state self regulation which reduces incidence of lost tempers thus prevented general violence - peaceful people tend not to have short fuses. Peaceful people are patient.
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9 Oct


That is layers of theft and cruelty.

1. Low income people are made to feel bad about being worth only a below living wage

2. Then we are made to feel bad about accepting state support
3. Then we are made to feel bad that we don’t own homes, and must rent.

4. Then our rent pays others mortgages plus their profit whilst they take the increase in property values. This extracts wealth from us to the lenders whose shareholders off shore that wealth.
5. They then use that wealth to fund think tanks, lobbyists and political donation to persuade politicians to maintain all of 1-4, to continue extracting wealth.

6. Middle class mortgage debt is designed to make that fear socialism and hate the poor for triggering guilt
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13 Sep
#Gaslighting is built into every hierarchy of power, resources and violence culture. Because bullying is not normative healthy human behaviour. Gaslighting serves to deflect attention away from the bully. Gaslighting serves to unsettle and destabilise the bullied.
#Gaslighting is essential to the bully cult because the bullies have to convince the e majority of the bullied that they are not being bullied. That is because the bullies are usually a minority who would be unable to face down the majority if the majority united in resistance
#GaslightingGrooming operates by studying the person's vulnerabilities, targeting those with emotive concern in order to exacerbate them, triggering emotive amygdala reaction, associating targets concerns with the concerns of the groomer
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17 Jul 20
@mrjamesob Grooming.

Triggering arguments from a distance, watching the chaos then exploiting it..

 I found was sort of chucking these rocks over the garden wall and I listened to this amazing crash from the greenhouse next door over in England as everything I wrote from Brussels
@mrjamesob was having this amazing, explosive effect on the Tory party, and it really gave me this I suppose rather weird sense of power.
@mrjamesob Grooming only works when the groomer exploits or leverages a material or artificial power disparity.... Over targets who have less power in the situation.
He Is a political grooming gangster

Time you woke up, time we all woke up to this and confronted it...
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