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1/13 My fixed-term mortgage comes up for renewal at the end of January. No doubt I’ll be royally clobbered by the eye-watering interest rate. I’ll have to tighten my belt of course, but it’s not the end of the world. One thing occurs to me, though:
2/13 If I’m fatalistic about the prospect of shelling out, it’s because day-to day politics has conditioned me to chaos. I mean, I knew cost was on the cards, so it’s not a surprise; but neither is it really an upset.
3/13 I understand that nothing works anymore - and that’s just the way it is. Does anyone else feel the same? The police are ideologically opposed to policing. The border patrol supports an open-door policy. The government is clueless. And there’s no opposition worth a damn.
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At the risk of pissing EVERYONE (and I mean EVERYONE) off
I do not think Kellie Jay Keen is a far right. I may disagree with her tactics and I may disagree with her not condemning groups but I do not think she is a far right.
GCs are working with a right bunch of folk at the
moment. Some of whom I despise.
But others are squaring the moral circle differently.
“A means to an end” etc.
I do not agree with much of it, (hard to guess for others what lines I do personally draw and why) but this is true for all of us.
We are making progress and we
must plough in forward.
We need to proceed with the most charitable interpretations of one another and meet in the flesh.
We need discussion and debate and not to imply people are bad when we don’t understand their reasoning.
I will never defend actions I don’t agree with
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10mins in to the initial debate on the Gender Recognition Reform Bill & it's already proving to be quite testy. @JoeFitzSNP is refusing to make way for others to speak.…
Going to have to.comment on Joe's pink shirt /blue and yellow tie combo. Have a thought for the viewers Joe
He's now basically said that despite women and women with a faith raising objections, he's happy that his Bill won't be an issue. Without explaining how a female Muslim will be able to ensure she is not in a space with, or receiving a service from, a male.
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Seit ich denken kann, hab ich Verhaltensweisen gelernt um keine #Männergewalt zu „provozieren“. Seit Generationen wird uns das schon als Mädchen beigebracht, weil Frauen weltweit, tagtäglich, von Männergewalt bedroht sind.
Und jetzt wollt ihr solchen Typen Tor und Tür, ohne Wenn und Aber, öffnen. Und schweigt einfach zu all der Misogynie die diesbezüglich, und auch sonst, über Frauen hinwegrollt.
Da gibt’s keine Statements, wenn Frauen öffentlich an den Pranger gestellt werden, weil sie sich weigern in das Mantra „TF sind Frauen“ einzustimmen und deshalb Schuld an Männergewalt sind.
Ja, genau! 🤦🏻‍♀️
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The inimitable and inspiring @LizCrowe2 closes #DFTB22 with what matters in the end.
Making meaning

Liz suggests we need to be more political to make meaning of our knowledge
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Jason Acworth @acworthj presenting on rapid response systems. #DFTB22
Reminds us of the 80s when the hair was worn high and so were the pants!
As an intern, emergency response called only when a patient had stopped breathing or lost cardiac output.

1990s the MET call invented in Sydney. Hospital-wide patient-centred system. #DFTB22
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Franz Babl opens Day 3 #DFTB22 with research roadmaps.

Involving Poobahs / local opinion leaders is important at all stages of research and effecting change.
IV vs NG rehydration

As effective as each other

2ndry outcome key:
Much easier/less attempts to place an NGT
The Hype cycle
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You don't address historical exclusion and marginalisation by treating female life stories as a resource to be repurposed for anyone but female people themselves. In doing that, you reinforce an age-old pattern of exploitation and erasure
When you position a female figure as non-binary, you position them as someone who belongs to a category that is not specific to female people. You take something away from female history and a female legacy. It's the opposite of addressing marginalisation.
And if you think "women have a history! They have history to spare!" here's How To Be A Woman, published 2011, claiming we've done nothing
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I’m more cautious than @Bob_Wachter when it comes to #WearAMask indoors (basically always w/ ppl from outside my 🏡 except briefly when I have to eat). I share his🧵 because this approach is sound: choose deliberately knowing current trends & weighing risk vs benefits. I differ…
On one point: I don’t agree that “the tools now exist” means everyone has the tools. We know that #COVID19 treatments are being underutilized in low-income & minoritized groups. We know that the high-quality N95 😷 that Dr. Wachter concedes are tough to wear all day every day…
Are what is needed to optimally protect workers in high-risk settings (think public mass transit workers, etc). Each time any one of us chooses not to #WearAMask & risks getting infected, we make it more necessary for others to wear N95 level masks to stay safe from us.
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We have listed some seemingly small kind gestures that you can practice today & every day.

1. Opening a door for someone or giving up your seat on the subway for an elderly, sick, or pregnant woman.

#Afrikindness #tuesdaymotivations #tuesdaythoughts
2. Smiling and making eye contact with the salesperson helping you
3. Giving a genuine compliment
4. Helping a friend understand a difficult assignment or task

#Afrikindness #tuesdaymotivations #bekind #beaninspiration
5. Welcoming a new person into an environment
6. Shoveling snow or mowing the lawn for a sick or elderly neighbor

#Afrikindness #tuesdaymotivations #bekind #beaninspiration
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🧵The sheer arrogance & entitlemnent attitude of people NOT masking in indoor public events telling us to "stay home" & mask if we want but then walking into schools, work places or health care settings on Monday morning unmasked again where we can't avoid is mind blowingly crass
These same places where you have to fight to get the window to be opened, who often have never heard of or care for what a HEPA filter is or does & where they don't mask but teach your child, treat your mum, work alongside you. It's gross. How is this personal responsibility?
You want to Talk about mental health and inclusivity you're the type that always writes #BeKind? So why does NOT wearing a mask in that crowded indoor space take precedent over the children you teach Monday? The kids or grandma you'll treat at hospital Tuesday? Or your work mate
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Rightgeously angry 🧵When one of our sisters receives death threats, we are told, don't worry #BeKind
When a sister is forced out of her job, we are urged #BeKind…
When our daughters, fearful of their changing bodies, are told they can change their sex, we are told: don't object, #BeKind
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#Sexismus #gender
Dieser Account steht auf der Seite der Frauen. Und zwar bedingunglos im Sinne des Wortes.
Hier gibt es kein Tone-Policing, keine Kontaktschuld oder Sippenhaft, keine Spaltung, keine Reinheitsspiralen.
Ich muss nicht alle Frauen persönlich mögen, um auf ihrer Seite zu stehen. Sie können mir sogar unsympathisch und komplett fernab von meiner Lebensrealität sein und trotzdem stehe ich auf der Seite von allen Frauen.
Dennoch komme auch ich nicht umhin festzustellen, dass Frauen sich untereinander anfeinden, lästern oder sogar soweit gehen, dass sie andere Frauen canceln oder silencen wollen, weil sie ihnen nicht in ihr Schema passen.
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November 28 2020 on Facebook I wrote from NYC

So I’m walking Maxine with a friend who also has a Cavalier and there’s a man outside a vet’s office we are passing; one I know well...I brought Morgan there more times than I care to remember.
I remember every word of what happened next as if I was playing back a tape.

He’s kneeling with his body slumped over against the wall howling with wrecked sobs. People are standing around, several holding their pets close to their chest. No one is moving toward him.
I ask my friend to hold Maxine’s leash and walked over to kneel with the man saying “I know you’re not okay, but is there anything I can do?” He said. “Could you please just touch me?” I said “of course” and placed my hand on and stroked his back.
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When you meet a new person, the first thing you should ask is their preferred pronouns, followed by their vaccination status and whether they consent to physical and/or eye contact.

Be sure to avoid harmful microaggressions too.

It's the least you can do. #BeKind 😊
Sometimes, men shake my hand without my explicit consent or even 'bro hug' me, which is both traumatic and patriarchal.

Many even assume my pronouns, just because I have a magnificent beard, deep voice, and strong musculature...

Remember, cis privilege is a form of violence.
Also, remember that consent can be withdrawn at any time.

Just because someone is OK with a handshake, hug, or kiss one day, doesn't mean they are OK with it tomorrow... Or even later in the day.

This applies to spouses too. I recommend using an app, or consent form.
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It’s never been about the money to me, ever ..

The money I have coming to me, I will take A vacation for A little bit & then drive around the Country changing peoples lives that I see asking for change on corners ..

Or changing someones life who is playing an
Instrument on the corner/outside of festivals ..

I would always see leaving Summerfest/other festivals/events talented groups of individuals playing all kinds of different instruments & would say to the people I would be with—Imagine being one of these People out here playing
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Happy Birthday Owen Hart!
I Love/HONOR Every single Hart, I keep all of you very close to my HeART, we’re coming in for our Final Approach—The Landing …
I didn’t forget his Birthday, promise—Timing is everything …
This in no way shape or form is A Pun
Or me trying to be humorous.
What happened to Owen was tragic.✍️
Many who achieved Max Altitude of 40,000 Feet, they’re starting to see everything as it all was meant to be seen—Now they have no clue how they’re getting down.
Some are panicking because of how they were
Seen treating/judging their fellow man. .
They FEAR being Judged the very same way they chose to judge others.
Some are free falling because of how many chose to follow ones misleading them or because they’re just now finding out for themselves some of the lives they
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“I think about Carrie always. There isn’t any time I don’t think of her. I want to do away with the negative because that wasn’t her. The things written about her just weren’t her. She wasn’t an abuser”…
Caroline Flack was 40 years old when she died, one of the UK’s most recognisable TV presenters — the face of Love Island and The X Factor, and a winner of Strictly Come Dancing
She always looked as though she was having great fun, with fabulous outfits, hot boyfriends and wild mates, brilliant at being so very alive.

But there were also darker moments that, until the end, were kept private
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Remember when .@50cent gave his endorsement to DJT? ..

Everyone has been trying for A very long time to show the world, WHY have they been showing?

So the world knew who was waking them up & so the world would not fall for all the traps …
Instead of the smallest of details
Mattering (UNLESS SOMEONE WAS ONE OF THE CHOSEN BY THE PEOPLE, RICH, FAMOUS that’s the only time anything matters)
MOST chose to feed into Computer Graphic imaging thinking what they’re seeing is real or ones who are wearing masks pretending to be someone they’re not
Just to keep everyone distracted …

Best analogy I can come up with, What most are doing is watching Saturday Night Live & reacting to it as if it’s real life—going out into the world rioting/protesting for something that isn’t real.

All of it is predetermined outcomes.
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.#BeKind is drenched in the blood of all the women who weren't. It is as much of a threat as punching the wall beside someone's head, an indicator of what might happen. It never just means, "be kind". It means do as I say, don't make me angry, it's your fault you make me do this.
The usually unsaid, but sometimes vocalised, "or else" - be if from your mum telling you, "just you wait until your father comes home", or from the doctor telling you that if you can't relax then OF COURSE it will hurt more, you silly girl - is always, always there.
It is always there, and it is always a demand for compliance, capitulation and subservience. And every woman knows it. Those in a position of privilege, who can pretend that #VAWG isn't real, that it doesn't affect them, that #BeKind is simply a t-shirt slogan -
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31 Juli 2021 adalah salah satu hari terburuk buat aku. Company tempat aku kerja memutuskan untuk memberhentikan aku.
Sedih banget, marah, gak terima.

Tapi aku bangkit, #belajarlagi dan akhirnya keterima kerja di brand ungu.

Awalnya, aku gak terima. Marah dan kecewa banget sama keputusan atasan. Aku udah merasa kasih 100% lho di kerjaan, aku pun kasih banyak ide.

Tapi memang aku akuin kalau ada beberapa kesalahan yang aku buat, dan aku mau share supaya gak kejadian lagi ke temen-temen yang lain:
1. Gak punya dana darurat.

Kontrak 3 tahun, buat aku merasa aman secara duit. Aku cukup rajin checkout dan gak tracking pengeluaran yang membuat aku gak bisa nabung.

Pdhl sudah banyak akun di luar sana yang aktif ngajarin, harus punya dana darurat untuk 1 tahun. Me? 1 bulan
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Met a person on the train last night & I can’t stop thinking about them

They were clearly a very kind, sociable person

They noticed my NHS rainbow badge & asked compassionate questions so I warmed to them immediately

I asked questions in return & the conversations started 1/7
They were travelling to visit their grandchildren who they clearly adored

They talked about them fondly, showed me pictures and explained loving about autism and in their experience both the additional challenges, love & opportunity it can bring children 2/7
They then told me one of the saddest sequence of events I’ve ever heard

Their sister & her child were brutally murdered in their own home which attracted a lot of media attention

Their daughter then died in a tragic accident

Then their wife died of cancer

They are 53
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Bully seems surprised that there are consequences to threatening people… 🤔 Image
Comparing a woman (who has said/done nothing wrong) with a pedophile. Vile. Image
Numbers 1 & 3 are certainly untrue… Image
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