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"I want us to put wellbeing at the centre of everything we do in schools"
No mitigations and slack vaccination roll out, bullying CEV parents, creating fertile ground for rampant spread of Covid in children and their families does not equate to "wellbeing"
"He also called for better understanding of and support for mental health issues."
Missing school due to a horrible virus, passing it onto family members, getting #LongCovid or worse...hospitalisation, death or death of a parent does not help mental health
NAHT delegate also #Gaslighting
"Addressing the conference.., Mr Whiteman said the government's goals for helping children catch-up after the pandemic needed to be more ambitious."

Nobel ambition but we are *mid pandemic* & children suffering more Covid now than previous waves.
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CN #Gaslighting

Als ich meinen ExMann kennenlernte, glaubte ich: charmant, wortgewandt, klug, witzig, outgoing, selbstsicher

In den 2 Jahren Fernbeziehung lief alles super. Dachte ich.
Bereits hier hat er mich manipuliert, von meinen Freunden entfremdet. Von mir unbemerkt
Er fuhr nie zu mir, ich immer zu ihm. Er hatte unzählige Gründe, warum das besser ist.

Wir zogen zusammen, ich zu ihm. Hochzeit.
Er war viel unterwegs, ich betrieb "Nestbau". Jedesmal wenn er zurück kam, hab ich was nicht "richtig" gemacht, habe ihn falsch verstanden.

Dann war er beruflich nicht mehr so oft weg, es begann der täglich Kampf.
In seinen Augen machte ich nichts richtig. Alltägliche Dinge wurden zum Streitthema. Er konnte & wusste alles besser. Natürlich zuerst nur in unseren eigenen vier Wänden.

Draußen sah es anders aus.

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Notes on sexual harassment, discrimination, & soccer. A thread inspired by #NWSL, @itsmeglinehan's fierce reporting & @nwsl_players. (This thread isn't totally linear bec. my head is still SPINNING.)
Harassment loves a structure in which folks at bottom of pyramid have few resources & are easily exiled. Double where movement “up” comes w/ mystical rewards. Double again where structure is sexualized (gender segregated, ruled by men): University, Military, Church, SPORTS.
Harassment ecologies require silent complicity of majority. Disavowing what is right in front of you is a job requirement. Capacity for gaslighting is rewarded.
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Nun also ein erster Einblick in dieses psychologische "Fachbuch" aus dem Jahr 2005. Selbstredend wird dort ein sog. kognitiv-behaviorales Modell unterstellt, das mit aktuellen biomedizinischen Erkenntnissen über #MECFS unvereinbar ist.
Die mittlerweile weltweit als Kardinalsymptom von #MECFS anerkannte und auch objektivierbare #PEM ("Post-Exertional Malaise") wird in dem Werk zwar nicht beim Namen genannt, aber immerhin als ganz typisches Symptom von Betroffenen umschrieben.
Als "evidenzbasierte" Therapie des "CFS" wird "allmählicher Aktivitätsaufbau (AAA)" empfohlen - also die altbekannte #GET (graded exercise therapy).

Die Autoren sehen dabei #PEM lediglich als Konsequenz "persistierender maladaptiver Bewältigungsmuster" der Betroffenen an.
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#ChronicPain is the most prevalent health issue for Americans, yet, there is a lack of acknowledgment of the impact of pain on individuals QoL as well as access to quality options available. The last several years we have seen a proliferation of 1/
psychological strategies be touted as solutions for both #chronicpain & #acutepain. This has been fostered by the #CDC guidelines as well as various independent groups. As an individual who works in the area of mental health I am alarmed at the amount of #gaslighting that 2/
to those with #chronicpain & the belief by many physicians & professionals that psychological strategies will alleviate #chronicpain as a stand-alone strategy. I DO believe that psychological strategies CAN be of benefit addressing pain, but, how #pain is being #pathologized 3/
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#Gaslighting is built into every hierarchy of power, resources and violence culture. Because bullying is not normative healthy human behaviour. Gaslighting serves to deflect attention away from the bully. Gaslighting serves to unsettle and destabilise the bullied.
#Gaslighting is essential to the bully cult because the bullies have to convince the e majority of the bullied that they are not being bullied. That is because the bullies are usually a minority who would be unable to face down the majority if the majority united in resistance
#GaslightingGrooming operates by studying the person's vulnerabilities, targeting those with emotive concern in order to exacerbate them, triggering emotive amygdala reaction, associating targets concerns with the concerns of the groomer
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1/13 I’m peering thru the Venetian blind again. A meditative focus on the world below. I’ve always been an observer of the ways & means by which media sources can create and direct public opinion. ATM both the #mask Vs #nomask & #vax Vs #novax camps are being played #Gaslighting
2/13 Both the #mask Vs #nomask & #vax Vs #novax camps are too polarized along political & social lines to recognize the #gaslighting being carried out across the political-economic-social spectrum.
3/13 In all the years I’ve been peering thru the Venetian blind I can't recall a single moment in history where public attention has been targeted at a single issue for such an extended period of time #Covid #mask Vs #nomask & #vax Vs #novax #Gaslighting
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De #coronazwendel heeft ook een datum ⬇️

Op 20-2-2020 werd het #SarsCov2 virus dat #covid19 veroorzaakt formeel vastgesteld in NL
⬇️ Image
De #coronazwendel heeft ook een datum ⬇️

Op 20-2-2020 werd het #SarsCov2 virus dat #covid19 veroorzaakt formeel vastgesteld in NL
voorbereiding #spoedwet ? ⬇️
De #coronazwendel heeft ook een datum ⬇️

Op 20-2-2020 werd het #SarsCov2 virus dat #covid19 veroorzaakt formeel vastgesteld in NL
voorbereiding #vaccinatiepaspoort? ⬇️ Image
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Indue Ltd staff gaslighting MI forced cardholder mum stuck in Brisbane due to lock downs. Another conveniently "lost" exit application after six times loading. Another mum who can't pay her rent or buy nappies. 1/
Indue and Dept staff using her inability to USE her income - the card wont work - as 'evidence of her being "unable to manage her own money" - she is rightly upset and crying and they are using that against her now as well.
Live:… 2/2 #auspol
The dept and @Anne_Ruston need to realise we are first port of call when YOU stuff up and every consenting report given us will end up here in public and on our pages until people DO get it...that this card is HARMING PEOPLE. LNP's conscious cruelty in action has to STOP.
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Sally Jenkins @washingtonpost: July 27th, the same date #Simone got the twistes, 6 years ago @USAGym, Steve Penny and Scott Blackmun started actively #Gaslighting her.

#WomenInSport #MentalHealth #SexismInSport #BecauseGirls… @hrw
— “If you think conduct like this is past tense for these organizations, think again. Throughout 2020 and 2021, the USOPC and USAG have perpetuated their coverup with civil court motions. They have hidden from accountability with bankruptcy proceedings.
…”They have demanded that in exchange for any civil settlement, Biles and others who suffered Nassar’s assaults issue blanket liability releases that would protect a rogue’s gallery of well-known abusers, as well as Penny.” 😱
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Neuzugang in meinem "Nicht dass die Politik dann am 4. Oktober überrascht tut"-Thread. 1 Tag nachdem BAG-Direktorin Anne Lévy zum ersten mal überrascht tat.
Wann? Wann endlich hören Politik und Behörden? Wann, wann, wann.... Ich bin froh, das zb @quervain_de sich so engagiert. Seine Statements gehören in meinen 4. Juli-🧵, falls irgendjemand mal noch die Frechheit haben sollte und behaupten, „die Wissenschaft“ habe nicht gewarnt.
Kommentar von @NeuhausC in der @NZZ passt prima zu meinem „nicht dass die Politik dann wieder überrascht tut-Thread, den ich am 4. Juli gestartet habe. Spolier: Es dauerte genau zwei Wochen bis zum ersten „wir sind überrascht“

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Wir sollten uns den 4. Juli merken, als auf vielen Kanälen vor #Delta im Herbst, vor der ungeschützten Öffnung der Schulen und den Folgen von Fussball-EM und Sommerferien-Reiseverkehr gewarnt wurde. Nicht dass die Politik am 4. Oktober wieder überrascht tut. #SwissCovidFail
Eben nicht „von fast allen“. #SwissCovidFail #SwissMediaFail ImageImage
Und auch „die Wirtschaft“ müsste am Impf-Fortschritt interessiert sein
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Gaslighting is far more subtle that “You are mentally ill, you need to be locked up in an asylum.” although abusers will use that too.


Gaslighting is:

No , I didn’t say that, you must be mistaken. I would NEVER say that. Tell me when I have EVER said that.
Gaslighting is:

Yes you said that, I heard the words come out of your mouth. I can’t believe you can’t remember that you said that.
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Thread με αφορμή την #Πατεντα_Τσιπρα και το πως διαχειρίζεται η ομάδα της ΝΔ τα πράγματα σχετικά με το θεμα.
Πιστεύω είναι μια καλή ευκαιρία να μιλήσουμε για το #gaslighting που μπορεί να επηρεάζει ακόμα και τις προσωπικές σας σχέσεις.
Το Gaslighting είναι μια μέθοδος ψυχολογικής χειραγώγησης της οποίας στόχος είναι η σπορά αμφιβολιών εντός ατόμων ή ομάδων ατόμων, έτσι ώστε να μην είναι βέβαια για την ίδια τους την μνήμη, αντίληψη, και λογική.
Χρησιμοποιώντας συνεχή άρνηση, παραπλάνηση, αντιφάσεις, και ψεύδη, προσπαθεί να αποσταθεροποιήσει το θύμα και να απαξιώσει τις πεποιθήσεις του.
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"You know who's not canceled? The endless parade of conservative pundits and politicians complaining about 'cancel culture.' You know who is canceled? George Floyd is canceled." Turn off the gaslight. #ConservativeCancelCulture is real. 1/12…
"Cancel culture" is a meaningless term, @mmfa editor @ParkerMolloy writes. But "For conservatives, that meaninglessness is a feature, not a bug," I note. "Those words mean whatever a right-wing accuser needs them to mean in the moment": 2/12…
But there are two constraints on what "cancel culture" means: that it's new & comes only from the left. The truth is exactly the opposite: #ConservativeCancelCulture #gaslighting 3/12
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A-Z of autism from a personal autistic perspective

‘G’s (from gatekeeping to gratitude).


I completed a research questionnaire the other day about my experience of autism assessment and post diagnostic support.

Two years on, it was interesting to look back on what got me through the process.

I was supposed to seek referral via my GP, but I hadn’t the energy.

For those of us who weren’t recognised as being autistic when we were younger, it’s often some kind of life crisis that generates the impetus to seek autism assessment.

But ironically, just when we need to be able to articulate our difficulties, we may struggle to do so.

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🚨"We’ve created a persuasion machine that allows conservatives to reach, engage and move people to action like never before. Now is the time to expand and capitalize on this machine, setting the political playing field in advance of the 2022 election.”…
Titled “Reclaiming the Public Narrative,” the solicitation argues that the left, because of its clout within cultural institutions, has more access to centrist voters while the right is stuck “within its own echo chamber.”

It says the group will collect personal data gathered from petitions and other online tools to target voters using “language consumed by those in the persuadable middle.”

@DNC no time to let our guard down folks
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On my way home from work tonight I listened to the latest #PressBriefing for the White House Press corps from the amazing, patient and brilliant @PressSec Jen Psaki.

Need I remind any one of them what they (and the American people) suffered under the 💩🤡s various 'Press Secs.'?
Here we have another instance of 2 Presidential administrations that are litrally... NIGHT🕳️and DAY🌞!
From the absurd (and initially comical) lies of Spicy Sean Spicer who's attempts at #Gaslighting were the first and most feeble...
Through the difficult to digest bullying and pointed sneers of the loverly @SarahHuckabee Sanders 🙃 ❗... to whom the Kid sent many a VAFFANCULO!

And all the while the cowed and bullied #WhiteHousePressCorps rolled over like a cowed dog!
#PressSec #PressBriefing #Gaslighting
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What is happening here is classic Republican #Gaslighting!
Crenshaw is denying he said that Biden is "not deporting" by splitting hairs about his exact words which were, "Biden has been 'telling migrants' we're not going to deport you."
It's bizarre really because...
... he's saying to @mehdirhasan "Don't put words in my mouth" while being (rightly) accused of putting words in Bidens mouth.

Think for a moment about the absurdity of his statement on #FoxNews! Who would believe that Joe Biden would WANT to create a difficult situation...
..for his administration at the border. It's a lie that doesn't stand up to logic. But remember, they don't care about logic.

What is so wily about their craft, #Gaslighting, is that it targets any hot button issue that touches people's fear buttons or outrage buttons.
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Hi #fundraisingtwitter. Some people seem confused as to why I, and may others, consider Mr. Ahern's comments and sessions offensive. I've had some genuine questions, so let me do my best to explain here.
Last month a conference called "Inspire Webinar Series" came out featuring a series of fundraising "legends". @_David_Lacey rightfully pointed out that 19 of the 22 panelists were white men. It was called out on Twitter and LinkedIn for being insulting.
Some speakers like @ToastFundraiser upon learning this stepped down. Instead of following suit, Tom Ahern wrote this post that included the words "In half a decade or less, the same worth of "listening-to" speakers won't be male or white." He also told everyone "F U" at the end
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Another ESSENTIAL listen from @gaslitnation.

The parallels with the UK - also reeling from forty years of #neoliberalism - are uncanny, & very concerning.

A Govt of corrupt millionaire bankers & lobbyists dividing voters & representing the interests of the grotesquely wealthy.
'We shouldn't have an economy & a democracy dependent on oligarchs being benevolent... countries that have strong social safety nets also have high levels of happiness, they have high levels of education (because university & HE are free), & they have low levels of corruption.'
'We need to push for greater equality & fairness in our economy, because it translates to greater equality & fairness in our democracy. America is a far-right country - we have our systems so skewed towards benefiting a minority slave-owning, property-owning class'.
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