Suggested ?s for @PressSec today, @pdoocy.

1. Without using the words "task force" or "envoy" or "discussions" or "conversations," what Actual Action has been taken by this administration to combat the supply chain issues the US faces?
2. What specific ACTIONS are being taken to thwart the thousands of migrants currently headed to our border (same rules apply as in #1).
3. Without referring us to the VP's office, please explain why tax dollars were spent on child actors to pretend to care about Kamala and space, and why the VP has not provided any updates about her extensive work at the border?
4. Biden promised that the terrorists responsible for the deaths of 13 marines in Afghanistan would not be forgotten or forgiven. Why did Biden drone innocent civilian children instead of serving justice to the Actual Terrorists, and when will justice finally be served?
5. In what sort of delusional reality does this administration live that it could blame its plummeting poll numbers on covid fatigue and not Actual Disapproval with Biden's job performance, and can the press pool please have some of what this administration is smoking?
6. When will this administration admit that gigantic spending bills cost Actual Money, the inflation we're seeing is not transitory & is a direct result of spending sprees, & that the rising cost of basically everything is the logical result of Biden's failed agenda?
7. What will happen to the millions of dollars of metal that taxpayers paid for in order to secure our border that is now rusting in TX while thousands more migrants walk on in without consequence?
8. When you say the GOP brings no border ideas to the table, and yet the GOP keeps telling you to build a wall, enforce current laws on the books, and stop sanctuary cities, at what point do you realize that you look like complete morons?
Anyway, just some ideas. Rock on, @pdoocy. You're appreciated. 😀

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