amazing that SF media has dozens of reporters assigned to the “Walgreens are closings over organized retail theft” beat and not a single one has asked the obvious question of “if CVS is subject to the SAME organized crime theft ring why have ZERO CVS’s closed in 2020 and 2021?”
Why did a higher percentage of Walgreens close in NYC during the same timeframe? What about the thing where in Aug 2019 Walgreens announced they were closing 200 stores over the next few years? What about the 2K RiteAid stores Walgreens acquired in 2018? Was there any redundancy?
Why do exactly zero people in San Francisco media (sans a couple token articles in the Chronicle) bother to ask these basic questions??
I asked these basic questions in SF media three months ago still no one has answered any of them. No one cares. It’s nonstop drumbeat.…

• • •

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More from @adamjohnsonNYC

7 Oct
Power-flattering pseudoscience that calls “authoritarian” statements like “We need to replace the established order by any means necessary” & “Getting rid of inequality is more important than free speech”—all under the assumption the status quo & poverty aren’t “authoritarian”
To the AEI author of the piece and the researchers she references the absence of POSITIVE RIGHTS such as housing, education, healthcare are not authoritarian. People dying on the streets is not authoritarian. Being forced into sweatshops is not authoritarian.
This is a capitalist liberal view of rights but it is not a universal or ideology-free thing one can objectively measure. One can view liberal negative rights as important but absent positive rights of economic security and healthcare and food and childcare they don’t mean much
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7 Oct
just completely craven. Manchin's scam for yrs has been to rarely specify what anti-poverty program he wishes gut––instead engaging in phony, vague deficit concern trolling. Sanders called him on this, asking him to be clear & now he's cowardly putting the burden on progressives
to "pick just one", thereby shifting the responsibility back on to anyone but himself. Sanders et al called his bluff, insisting he SPECIFY and commit to a (very popular) program (that polls well) he wants to dump but he's too chickenshit to do this. So this is his only play.
Manchin has the evergreen excuse that he's just in a conservative state and Has No Choice But To Vote For Big Business but he never wants to commit to opposing specific popular things. Thus the need to pick arbitrary budget numbers under the thin pretext of Deficit Conerns
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6 Oct
Every 2 years someone new just reinvents Third Way and thinks they cracked the Da Vinci Code
“What if we werent left or right but fact-based” is such a hollow, smarmy sentiment targeting a specific cohort of people who view themselves as existing outside politics, partly born from genuine failures of our political class, but mostly it’s just calculated self-help bullshit
yes! it's very popular and its why many run-of-the-mill conservatives have historically used this posture. See: Third Way, Bill O'Reilly. It's very effective and disarms people who see themselves as too hip for the right.
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5 Oct
I wrote about how the real human stakes of the Reconciliation Bill––from universal pre-K to dental and hearing for seniors to free community college––are being glossed over in favor of fatuous "progressive vs moderate" horse race coverage.…
As a bit of an aside, my favorite trope is the multiple outlets running b-roll of money literally being printed while discussing the reconciliation bill “price tag”. Just tax-and-spend liberals firing up the old socialism money machine!
Articles about fight over reconciliation from the past 72 hrs that make vague reference to “social spending” and “climate” with no mention of what is actually in the bill

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2 Oct
Another brilliant Michael Tomasky hire. Glib longtime DC insider casually condemns tens of thousands of seniors to no or substandard healthcare and is boring and fucking smug about it. The 1990s are back baaayybeeee
Adam Levine’s uncle thinks guaranteed healthcare for seniors is “a great idea” that “should happen someday. But it’s really expensive” & the obvious follow up any editor would ask is “Tim, if it should happen someday, when exactly will it not be ‘expensive’? This is nonsensical”
Let’s see how many discredited Iraq war boosters we can dust off and get cushy jobs at the new old New Republic, pay them six figures to write dull, smug pro-austerity takes that no one reads. Please, more of this
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1 Oct
So many Serious Opinion havers who just hate poor people doing the inane "let's means test everything lest billionaires send their kids to Southwestern Fresno City Community College for free!" line and I'm dying inside.…
Absolutely no one honestly thinks means testing programs is anything more than a mechanism of gutting and rendering politically toxic (and invariably racialized) government programs. No one actually cares about Michael Bloomberg's children applying for Medicare!
Of course Joe Biden cannot credibly counter this argument because he made the exact same argument against Medicare For All during the primaries, helping further cement a rightwing conventional wisdom. Good times.
Read 4 tweets

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