I’ve heard from a few friends in the start-up space that sell actual tangible products that this change by Apple has significantly disrupted their business. cnbc.com/2021/09/24/app…
They can no longer effectively target their ads or data mine etc. Feels like something that Congress should at least study in greater detail. One giant company kneecapping another in the name of “privacy” leads to thousands of small businesses in the middle getting hurt. #BigTech
In 2021, social media ads are basically the Main St billboard for a lot of small direct to consumer companies. They shouldn’t be caught in the crosshairs of big tech fights. At the very least Congress should study the issue more extensively.

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15 Aug
From mom @maureen_orth 2002: No matter who controls #Afghanistan, its opium crop- 70% of world's supply-is creating narco-societies the author discovers the extent of the region's drug corruption, which may prove more destructive than any terrorist threat archive.vanityfair.com/article/2002/3…
Nothing has really changed since then. With the USA leaving, the drug routes just become easier for nefarious actors using the guise of religion to control and keep the country in a permanent state of paralysis.
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18 Feb
I’d like to tell a story about the Blizzard of 1977 that hit Buffalo. To date, still the worst the city has ever seen. It should serve as a reminder that when anybody says a “federal office holder can’t help re a state issue” that they’re full of BS. #CruzToCancun
My late father was an aide to Senator Moynihan in his Buffalo office. The blizzard hits and dad knew right away the city was in trouble. This was no ordinary storm. He calls the Mayor of Buffalo and goes how can we help? Mayor says we need Fed aide now.
Twenty-Seven year old Tim Russert calls up Senator Moynihan. Implores him to get to Buffalo as soon as it is safe to do so. Moynihan calls the Mayor and says he will promptly ask with President Carter for federal emergency assistance. It happens, help is on the way.
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6 Feb
One month ago today, a murderous terrorist mob sacked the Capitol at the behest of the previous president & his Congressional allies. To date, not a SINGLE politician who encouraged violence against their colleagues and a coup against 🇺🇸 has faced any serious consequences.
The insurrection leaders in the U.S. Senate, from Texas & Missouri wear their role in the coup attempt as a badge of honor. The House Minority Leader literally has to balance the views of the terrorist sympathizers against the “normals” in his conference.
It seems the Senate Minority Leader is fine with no punishments in the name of “process.” Calls for unity remain hallow as one party complains that they can’t bring guns on the House floor & literally instills fear in their colleagues targeted by the terrorists.
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19 Jan
The ENTIRETY of the American experiment is predicated on a functioning multicultural liberal democracy. This is embarrassing to West Point, Harvard and America.
America was NEVER not multicultural. Let’s set aside slavery and immigrant labor, there from the start...there was literally multicultural WHITE society from day 1–British, Scots, French, Dutch, Spanish etc.
Under Pompeo’s theory, he is spawn from late arriving Italians. Does that qualify as a “REAL” American. But wait...after enduring Sacco and Vanzetti...the Italians assimilated into...American society...multicultural enough to accept them! lacucinaitaliana.com/trends/news/mi…
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13 Jan
My first go at the 18 #GOP needed for impeachment. There looks to be a path if McConnell wants it. Prognosticate!
Should clarify this is for conviction which needs 2/3. That’s 66 now with Ossoff not yet seated. My guess is it comes from this list. But I’m washed up and out of the game. Just speculating.
I’d think Hoeven & Cramer are maybes. They opposed challenging the election results. 🤔
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8 Jan
I cannot stop thinking about how close the 1-2-3 in the line of presidential succession, VP-Speaker-Pro tempore came to being physically harmed on Weds. The terrorists had operable bombs, killed an officer and ransacked difficult to access areas of the Capitol. We need answers.
Few Capitol Police fired shots when the force was totally justified—why? National Guard was slow walked as Leader Hoyer called Gov Hogan of Maryland pleading for help-why? Why was the Capitol deliberately left so vulnerable? We were such important leaders left on their own?
If NYT reports are accurate, that some Capitol Police willfully gave the terrorists directions to Leader Schumer’s office, that is appalling. If WaPo report that off duty police were flashing their badges as they stormed the Capitol and let through is accurate, that is appalling.
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