"There is a chance.

But it relies on a lot.

We do not know yet, if the British courts will take into consideration the evidence of the CIA plotting to kill him, or Siggi's confession of manufactured charges (and his subsequent arrest) etc etc."

"The US governent has 5 specific points they can appeal. If they win on even one, extradition might be granted.

Short of it being tossed and Assange walking free, we must contend with either extradition, "

"or a scenario wherein the High court rules that the judge made a legal error somewhere,"

"and they attempt to send it back to a lower court and continue to imprison him endlessly and repeat the whole process over again (this is where public outcry becomes particularly important)."

"But there remains a possibility of him walking free, yes. If the extradition is denied again, and they lose the appeal; Assange would be effectively free, and likely deported to Australia within 12 hours."

"I do not want to offer hopium here,

but we have a whole lot of powerful truth on our side,

and many organizations the world over joining our cause, for whatever it is worth.

There is a chance they will be unable to continue the ruse"


"When it is done, you will know. It is a vast thing, and I am not solely spearheading it. It is a widespread operation across multiple countries."


• • •

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More from @Listen4Always

28 Sep
"This is a partial, chronological list of major publications by Wikileaks.

For a true picture of the extent of knowledge being hidden from you, go to
(list will be attached)

"26 December 2006 – Inside Somalia and the Union of Islamic Courts

7 November 2007 – Guantanamo Bay Camp Delta Standard Operating Procedure manual

20 February 2009 – Scientology Secret Bibles"

"4 September 2009 – Minton report: Trafigura toxic dumping along the Ivory Coast

5 April 2010 – Collateral Murder: Video of civilians & journalists being gunned down by a US military helicopter in Baghdad"

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28 Sep
Fake Julian Assange channels have begun popping up on Telegram and are being pushed by a network of IC controlled bots.

Kindly report the channels as fake and move on."

"Julian Assange is currently being held without bail or charge in Belmarsh Maximum Security Prison, at the sole behest of the US Gov, who is attempting to use prosecuting him as a means to destroy your right to free speech."

"Any attempts to claim otherwise should be very quickly seen as opposition moves meant to steal support, muddy waters, and take your attention off of the actual issues we face here."

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26 Sep
"Never underestimate how far they will go in order to ensure narrative reinforcement.

Media control, is not just about shaping public perception.

It is the historical record by which future generations gauge what was, in order to decide what is and what will be."

"Narrative control is everything if you intend on remaining in power for centuries at a time.

The ability to manipulate, misreport to your benefit,

and otherwise skew events underway;

sets the tone going forward generations into a future our feet will never tread."

"Particularly when you happen to control the permanent records civilization will later adhere to as carefully documented fact."

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25 Sep
"Actually. Distraction is the objective. For which they have thrown a world into chaos.

You are all already under control.

What they want, are two things.

To escape punishment for having facilitated a global child trafficking ring/ blackmail scheme."

"And your basic rights and liberties that might prevent them from doing so.

They are rather close to achieving both goals right now.

Because the distraction and division is incredibly successful."

"That is to say.
My friends, we are not fighting the rise of a global system of control. But rather fighting for freedom from within a global system of control that already exists.

They won the battle for dominance a long time ago.

Look around.

We are the serfs rising."

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26 Aug
"Julian Assange exposed the Afghan money laundering operation more than a decade ago, and is currently incarcerated without actual crime, in Belmarsh maximum security prison, where he remains indefinitely as the US endlessly appeals an extradition case they lost in January."

"The US Gov's pursuit there puts your rights and freedoms in massive and very real danger.
They are after a specific legal precedent, the right to extract and imprison anyone on earth who would attempt to expose their crimes.
This is what is at stake here."

"A real and present danger they would rather you not see coming.
If they succeed, it is likely the flow of actual information and truth will come to a grinding and absolute halt."

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24 Aug
Yesterday, I talked about the Jab not likely to be the Mark of the Beast.
Today, I want to talk about the what ifs? if you have to take the v*x.

I will base this on scripture.
Early in the Virus thing, I was watching a show one night about poisonous snakes.

And it hit me that there might be neuro-toxins in the virus because of some of the neurological reactions people had.
Keeping snakes in mind...it occurred to me today, that the Bible provided comfort for those who are poisoned.

In NT, Jesus said you can drink any deadly thing, and it will not harm you.
And then mentioned something about picking up snakes, and they won't harm you.
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