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Julian Assange's Extradition Appeal Hearing Coverage

Court has begun. Julian Assange doesn’t feel well and won’t be appearing by video link today. #FreeAssange
James Lewis QC discussing housekeeping items with the 2-judge panel, dividing argument time between the defense today and tomorrow.
Lewis outlining the US govt's lines of argument, including "assurances" that Assange won't be held in the most extreme & isolating prison conditions in the U.S. See more on the US's arguments here…

& on the "assurances" here…
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Live court report from #JulianAssange’s extradition hearing [THREAD]:

We start the day by learning that Julian has not be allowed to participate in person at the most important hearing of his life.

This hearing will begin with the #Assange exception to the norm.
The hearing will start soon. They are attempting to communicate with Belmarsh.
Judges are in.
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The Crown Prosecution Service goes before the British High Court of Justice to present the United States government's appeal in extradition case against Julian Assange. Proceedings start around 10:30 am London Time.

Thread for updates on the first day of the appeal hearing.
This lays out each of the US government's "grounds for appeal" that will be argued at the High Court of Justice.

(If at any moment you have trouble understanding what is being argued, here's a guide for the appeal hearing:…) ImageImage
Prosecutors will talk quite a lot about "assurances," which were offered by the US government AFTER the extradition request was blocked by District Judge Vanessa Baraitser on January 4 and AFTER the extradition hearing in September 2020.

These are the "assurances": ImageImage
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#Blufpoker, topadvocaat Geert-Jan Knoops, de zin en onzin van het internationaal recht. Is #martelen toegestaan als daarmee levens kunnen worden gered? Wat is het nut van #straftribunalen? Kunnen wereldleiders als #Bush worden vervolgd? #FreeAssangeNOW 1/
"Hoe moeten we #politieke processen begrijpen, zoals die tegen Michael Khodorkovsky & #JulianAssange? Dient #BP terecht te staan voor #olieramp die het veroorzaakte? Kunnen we👉 #Vatican vervolgen👈wegens #kindermisbruik?" #ClimateChaos👼 #NWO🗽 #HAARP🤔 #LaPalma🌋🗣 #COP26💦💩✈
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"There is a chance.

But it relies on a lot.

We do not know yet, if the British courts will take into consideration the evidence of the CIA plotting to kill him, or Siggi's confession of manufactured charges (and his subsequent arrest) etc etc."

"The US governent has 5 specific points they can appeal. If they win on even one, extradition might be granted.

Short of it being tossed and Assange walking free, we must contend with either extradition, "

"or a scenario wherein the High court rules that the judge made a legal error somewhere,"

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@jlorains1 @newsmax William @KensingtonRoyal: Queen @RoyalFamily protects #PrinceAndrew @TheDukeOfYork= "threat to monarchy." Someone could go to the jail IF @metpoliceuk did their job

@MetCC, @FBI: #IlluminatiSacrifice of #Prince. Queen was dressed in #PurpleRain🎸she KNEW
@jlorains1 @newsmax @KensingtonRoyal @RoyalFamily @TheDukeOfYork @metpoliceuk @MetCC @FBI 2/ Her Excellency @EmbassyCat= H👑MP @hmpbelmarsh prisoner, award-winning publisher #JulianAssange, wishes Her Majesty a happy 90th birthday. The official, not real=April 21, the day #Prince died & Queen wore #PurpleRain☂ dress
#FreeAssange🚔SHE KNEW🚨
@jlorains1 @newsmax @KensingtonRoyal @RoyalFamily @TheDukeOfYork @metpoliceuk @MetCC @FBI @EmbassyCat @hmpbelmarsh 3/ My reply to above @wikileaks publisher #FreeAssangeNOW. At the end of this thread, Mr. #Assange should walk free. Someone can have his #torture cell. #PrinceAndrew? Her🎉Majesty☂? #WarrenBuffett? Whoever else planned #IluminatiSacrifice of #Prince, MET
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@Europarl_EN 14 Jan⏰1999 @Europarl_EN
Report on environment, #security & #foreignpolicy.
Committee on #Environment, Public #Health & #Consumer Protection🔔▶…🔔 #HAARP disrupts❕ #climate

#ClimateCrisis😱 #MADEinUSA ® HAARP #DEW

@Europarl_EN @TimmermansEU @EU_Commission @EUCouncilPress @EU_Consumer @EUCourtPress @eu_echo @EUClimateAction @fvdemocratie @coe @PieterOmtzigt #FreemanDyson💎math physicist. Worked in the same building @Princeton as #Einstein💭when Einstein was there "big brain"💭
Knew the guy who designed 1st #ClimateCrisis👎model"

"EU using #ClimateChange to justify its own existence"
- #PaulNuttall @ukipmeps
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It is ironic that no one responsible for war crimes in #Afghanistan & #Iraq has been punished

And yet the man who helped exposed these crimes is in the dock

Next month, #JulianAssange will have his final extradition appeal hearing in London. #Assange Image
2/. Assange created the technology that allowed outsiders to get a glimpse within

If extradited, @wikileaks founder #JulianAssange faces detention conditions that could amount to torture, the possibility of an unfair trial & a sentence of up to 175 years
3/. “Populations don’t like wars. They have to be fooled into wars. Nearly every war that has started in the past 50 years has been a result of media lies” #JulianAssange

Obama opened the investigation

Trump brought charges

Biden admin should drop them
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Questa sera a @Presa_Diretta per la prima volta il servizio pubblico si occuperà della vicenda di #Assange, giornalista pluripremiato nel mondo, detenuto in un carcere di massima sicurezza in UK e sottoposto ad abusi perché ha rivelato al mondo i crimini di guerra occidentali. >
La Rai, che dovrebbe essere il faro e la stella polare dell'informazione da dieci anni sorvola e trascura una vicenda surreale, indegna, dove, al posto dei criminali di guerra, viene processato chi ha denunciato i crimini. >
#Assange rischia 175 anni di carcere ma alla maggior parte del nostro giornalismo questo non interessa, non si preoccupa, non pensa che sia una questione di cui, da più di dieci anni a questa parte, si sarebbe dovuto parlare tutti i giorni.
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Comment: YouTube vids are viewed and I'm up to date now.

I've to try and delve into the tweet saves I have which must approach 100 of articles and again, vids.


My point: it's getting to where research is looking key upon topics within the few I try to follow.


this is not a game. The 5-eyes states at the least, the IC's they are and the services they seem to represent. Are in many regards in control.

I'm unsure what to say yet a look-see to the #AssangeCase is advised

The limits, the expression of these IC's is becoming plain...
Somewhere and somehow # 3 of this thread has been removed.

I'm replacing it here by ending (then) by saying: I protest...!!

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Court is scheduled to start in just over 10 minutes for Julian Assange's preliminary appeal hearing. Here's what today's proceedings will cover:…
Court is in session in US v Assange. Ed Fitzgerald arguing for the defense, Clair Dobbin for the prosecution. Julian appears to be participating from Belmarsh via remote video.
The High Court judge is explaining that today's hearing will cover the scope of the appeal in this case and will not determine the appeal decision itself.
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Preliminary High Court hearing in the #JulianAssange case on 11 August

Prosecutors for the US govt are expected to challenge the grounds on which it can appeal against the refusal to extradite #Assange

The US was granted permission on 3 of the 5 grounds Image
"The goal is justice, the method is transparency. It's important not to confuse the goal & the method." - #JulianAssange

Powerful essay written by fo @Scottludlam on the fight to #FreeAssange & the dangerous precedent #Assange’s extradition would set.…
Last year, @amnesty, @RSF_inter & others faced barriers accessing the #Assange hearing

Amnesty observe trials all over the world - from Guantanamo Bay to Bahrain, Equador to Turkey - & are are recognized as experts in fair trial monitoring

Yet in UK...
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Comment: now in ways, I've said or alluded to not being able to keep abreast of news flow.


Anyhow, UK stuff: what's going on?!
What's this about new laws maybe to outlaw "leaks" to and reporting by "journalists"

If I'm correct this follows from Baraitser and Jan 4 #Assange

judgement with its reference and not-so-subtle reframing of the official secrets act & journalism.

Am I correct?

If so, then I'm unsure this is all a matter only of law.
This is political calculus!

The representation of #Assange as freedom fighter makes good sense then.

It's looking like political opportunity to surpress by using #Assange as symbolic and yet too actual whipping-horse has come to fruition. And UK/US maneuvers in court as well as legislatively are showing the aims being arrived to.

We can't allow more of this blatant and
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Good article by @JoshuaNevett for @BBCWorld. What he's missing is Ellsberg's potential prosecution is as publisher, not as leaker, due to time factor. Publication is the new crime. The #Assange precedent, the first ever prosecution of a publisher under the Act, set that precedent
In fact, the #Assange precedent means @joshuanevett is also prosecutable under the Espionage Act. Just like with the diplomatic cables, where @WikiLeaks was not first to publish, republication is a crime. US says WikiLeaks great global reach justifies prosecution. Like @bbcworld
And then we have the fact that @JoshuaNevett, I assume, is not a US citizen. So we have the original publisher, US citizen Ellsberg, who published classified info from USA, and the republisher, a foreign journalist publishing legally from the UK without breaking UK law. (contd)
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Comment : G'day worldwide.
I know the planet is in no good order.
Yet I'm struggling to keep a track. So much so, I'm falling to sleep in stress at odd times

Anyhow, FYI I'm to home-in on the #assangecase issue and #Yemen .
This may mean an overall lesser range of my tweets

I'd encourage the same of many who follow me, they know who they will be. Several or so are already concentrating as I see

The parochial and geopolitical issues abound; over the past few years I've only got a surface outlook upon these sorts of things myself

Any output...

I manage asap on #JulianAssange and #yemenisundersiege I'd ask to be noticed and to RT, or comment upon please.

These are hairy times. The rise of the right or extremists is becoming palpable, don't you think?

I have (now) ideas. I'll be following these and testing them.
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Kapitalismus heißt Krieg und Krieg heißt Propaganda. ImageImageImageImage
Kapitalismus in der Krise heißt Faschismus. Die Superreichen sind die Faschismus-Macher. Auch Hitler wurde durch das Kapital an die Macht gebracht und diente seinen Interessen, was das Kapital vergessen machen will.
Kapitalismus heißt permanenter Klassenkampf von oben, ständige wachsende Umverteilung nach oben und immer größeren Massenarmut in mitten größtem Reichtums.
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Du bist weder links, noch progressiv, noch liberal, noch demokratisch, noch ein "guter Mensch", wenn du für Zensur bist. Zensur dient immer nur den Herrschenden
Alle die jetzt Zensur, Vorsicht Fakenews&Verschwörungstheorie schreien&Gesinnungswächter spielen dienen dem Großkapital
Wer entscheidet heute über den Sinn und den Nutzen von Corona-Maßnahmen? Die, die die Interessen aller Menschen im Blick haben oder die, die die Interessen der herrschenden Superreichen und ihrer Pharmaprofite im Blick haben.
Wer entscheidet heute darüber, was Fakenews und Verschwörungstheorien sind? Die, die die Interessen aller Menschen im Blick haben oder die, die die Interessen der herrschenden Superreichen im Blick haben?
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Two days after his extradition was denied, Julian Assange is back in court requesting bail. The US, appealing the ruling, wants him to remain in jail. We're covering the bail hearing now and will report here: #AssangeCase…
Prosecutor Clair Dobbin, acting for the US government, is arguing to keep Assange in bail. She said judge's ruling, which is based on Assange's mental health, "hangs by a single thread" and must be debated on appeal.
Dobbin is now telling the judge that the 2nd superseding indictment of Assange accuses him of helping Edward Snowden escape from the US after his NSA disclosures.
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#AssangeCase bail hearing Thread:

Ed Fitzgerald is in court. Julian hasn't arrived. The proceedings should start soon.
Judge comes into court. #JulianAssange walks in and identifies himself to court.
The Court will hear arguments against bail first.
Clair Dobbin: The high court can overturn the conviction, the court must be careful not to render the result academic.
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Good morning. Today a court will decide whether Julian Assange should be released on bail from Belmarsh Prison, following the decision by Westminster Magistrate's court not to extradite him to the US on espionage charges. #Assange #Assangetrail
I am joining the hearing through remove video link and will report updates here #Assange #Assangetrial #WikiLeaks
The hearing is due to begin at 10 am, and I believe two hours have been allocated. Assange's defence team will apply for costs. #Assange #Assangetrial
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The Assange Extradition Ruling Is A Relief, But It Isn't Justice

"Judge Vanessa Baraitser has ruled against US extradition for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, but not for the reasons she should have."
#Assange #AssangeCase…
Baraitser's frightening ruling supported virtually every US prosecutorial argument that was made during the extradition trial, no matter how absurd and Orwellian.…
In the end though, Baraitser ruled against extradition. Not because allowing the extradition of journalists under the Espionage Act poses a threat to press freedoms worldwide. Not to prevent a global chilling effect on natsec journalism about the world's most powerful government.
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#AssangeCase: We'll be live-tweeting the district court ruling in Julian Assange's extradition hearing today. Our report will be posted here:…
Here's an overview of the major arguments at issue and what expert witnesses had to say about them:…
Follow @DEAcampaign for live coverage outside the courtroom:
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At the #OldBailey for the #Assange trial.
Moving on Assange ptotesters because covid, which must not affect the pack of journalists behind her.
#AssangeCase Image
Calvin @lulinspector about to be arrested outside #OldBailey #Assange
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