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Cari di @amnestyitalia e p.c. @SMaurizi
stavo visitando la vostra pagina Fb e mi sono imbattuto nella vostra petizione per liberare #AssangeCase utilizzando un modulo all'interno di Facebook. Vi riposto il mio post "Cioè mi state dicendo che voi di Amnesty International
invece di creare un modulo indipendente da ogni social lo state facendo con Facebook? Eh? Vi rinfresco la memoria:… fra l'altro si legge "I dati ottenibili comprendono quindi email, chat, chat vocali e videochat, video, foto, conversazioni VoIP,
trasferimento di file, notifiche d'accesso e dettagli relativi a siti di reti sociali. Per ottenere ciò, PRISM si serve della collaborazione di vari fra i maggiori service provider, tra cui i principali sono Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Skype, Apple, Yahoo, AOL e altri".
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'Stand-Up for Assange' #DC at the @Tabard_Inn
Apr 11, three year anniversary of #JulianAssange being dragged out of his political asylum against all international laws.
Thank you @CredicoRandy for an entertaining, informative evening!
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.@CredicoRandy laments the recent censorship/ "mummified voices" of @LeeCamp @jafferkhancomic @TheRealJFOD @afshinrattansi @georgegalloway @ChrisLynnHedges @AbbyMartin
April 10, #StandUpForAssange #DC @Tabard_Inn @CredicoRandy
Julian Assange cannot and will not get a fair trial at the Eastern District Court of VA. It's impossible, the "deck is stacked". It's up to us to get in the streets. @JohnKiriakou
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.#BostonAssangeDefense continues its fight for press freedom & to #FreeAssangeNOW
👉UK Supreme Court's refusal to hear Assange's appeal & the continued persecution of #Assange- still not granted bail!
👉AG Merrick Garland #DropTheCharges
👉Petition @ewarren @EdMarkey
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"In 2010-11 Assange released the Iraq War Logs,Guantanamo Files & Diplomatic the US is embarrassed, too bad they shouldn't have done those things. Being embarrassed is no reason to put someone away for life...they're trying to make an example out of him" Susan McLucas
"If media covered #AssangeCase, you would know prominent civil liberties & press freedom org have written to Biden & Garland demanding they #DropTheCharges against light of @YahooNews story..heightens our concerns abt motivations behind this prosecution" @Plucille54
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Boston's 'Presidents Day' standout to #FreeAssange!
👉More signatures -petition to @ewarren @EdMarkey
👉Letters to AG Merrick Garland
👉Call-In to Biden! Feb 22, 11am-3pm ET
👉@NilsMelzer 'The Trial of Julian Assange'
#DropTheCharges #FreeAssangeNOW
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"We got to break through that trust in the mainstream..have some courage & curiosity to look behind it. Most people are good-hearted but the machine isn't good hearted. They're fooling & deceiving us..We got to look through it & decide for ourselves. WikiLeaks helped us do that."
Activist and Co-organizer of Boston Area Assange Defense talks about @NilsMelzer new book and his advocacy for #JulianAssange.
Susan asks others to get informed, speak up for Assange and join us in the fight to #FreeAssange!
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Feb 7th, Boston showed up to defend press freedom and #FreeAssangeNOW!
Good turnout - new supporters!
Good speeches and lots of handouts distributed!
👉Calling on the Biden administration to #DropTheCharges @POTUS AG Merrick Garland
Thread 👇
"We are here not only for the freedom of Julian Assange, we are here to support the journalists.We are here to support the truth. We are here to support the freedom of expression. That's why we are asking the US to #DropAllCharges against Assange.
Massoudeh Edmond, Peace Activist
"[Our reps] should be hearing from us every day. They need to #DropTheCharges - it would be as simple as that ... Assange has lost 10 yrs of his life's been 3 yrs of murder by process ...@NilsMelzer says it's insane for Julian to be in jail."
Susan McLucas, Peace Activist
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#BREAKING: The UK High Court will deliver its decision on Monday morning [24 January] about whether to permit Julian #Assange to appeal the US extradition decision to UK Supreme Court #JulianAssange #FreeAssange #DontExtraditeAssange #FreeAssangeNOW
#BREAKING: #Assange has been refused permission to appeal to the UK Supreme Court (SC)

The SC can still decide to grant permission to appeal now that part of the appeal has been certified by the High Court

#JulianAssange has 14 days to request permission to appeal from the SC. Image

The High Court have limited what the Supreme Court can consider, i.e. a very specific point of law

“In what circumstances can an appellate court receive assurances from a requesting state which were not before the court of first instance in extradition proceedings?” Image
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Dec 18th Boston #FreeAssange rally Fresh Pond Mall, Cambridge.
Great turnout despite rain, sleet and snow! Supporters' speeches, and handouts distributed.
Lots of honks and thumbs up!
#MerrickGarland #DropTheCharges
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"Assange stuck his neck out & released the Iraq War Logs, Afghan Diaries, Guantanamo Files..& he is paying the consequences.He had a stroke in prison..he is in frail health..if he dies, it will be on the @JoeBiden administration.
Susan McLucas Co-organizer #AssangeDefenseBoston
"Assange shouldn't be under the jurisdiction of the US at all. He's not an American citizen, he didn't do any of his work publishing in the US, & yet somehow he's the one who's threatened. The threat is that any of us who publish info might be prosecuted." Jeanne Winner, activist
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#InternationalHumanRightsDay #AssangeCase

Good morning from inside the #RCJ. Firstly, to confirm that despite an electrical failure on his train journey & thanks to pre-5 am by Derek @JA_Defence, much-beloved @CraigMurrayOrg has made it in.
I will tweet here if I’m allowed.
1/ #InternationalHumanRightsDay #AssangeCase

A few journalists & I have made it to the door of the court room. We are waiting to be let in. It appears that the judgment may just be handed down and there may not be any discussion. The lawyers are not here yet. 40 mins to start
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Key facts #AssangeCase

- #Assange’s legally privileged conversations have been extensively spied upon by the US.…

The key witness in the US case against Assange is a convicted paedophile & fraudster who admits to fabricating the evidence in exchange for FBI deal.
#InternationalHumanRightsDay #AssangeCase

#Assange faces 175 years in a US supermax for revealing 100% true information. He will be tried under the Espionage Act which has no public interest defense & won’t be allowed First Amendment protections. This criminalises journalism
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'Boston Free Assange Rally' at Faneuil Hall, Dec 6th!
👉Call out to MA senators @ewarren @SenMarkey to raise awareness of #AssangeCase in Congress.
👉Call out to AG Merrick Garland @TheJusticeDept to #DropAllCharges
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"[US prosecution] is trying to placate the UK court...saying "we won't put Assange in Special Administrative Measures, SAMs, you can count on us - don't worry - unless he does something to make us do that" ...
We have to get Julian Assange out of prison!"
Activist Susan McLucas, co-organizer of 'Boston Area Assange Defense'.
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Then listen to my words. Which are Julian's words also.

Public pressure matters.

This is why so much effort is spent to distract and divide you.

Apply enough pressure, and what they want to do becomes impossible. ~E

#AssangeCase #ExposeTheCIA
You are in a sea of division over false and temporary issues meant to give mask to their true ambitions. Because their true ambitions are so corrupt they unify people on all manufactured sides against them.
Start speaking out about the case, and do not stop.
~E #AssangeCase
Your voice is not alone.
Together, we will win.
#AssangeCase #ExposeTheCIA
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#AssangeCase #ExposeTheCIA from ~E @wikileaks

Covid is a smokescreen.

The real aim remains your rights and liberties.

Or did you think the mandate timing an accident?

The mandate is unconstitutional on multiple levels, and is a vast overreach of government authority.
It makes the perfect scare-tactic distraction to release right when the CIA needs you looking away from the court case actually deciding your future now and for generations beyond.
Trust me when I tell you, the vaccine division was, by design, meant to polarize you into two intransigent and vehemently opposed groups.

The announcements made are purposed & designed to pull media off of the CIAs actions abroad & away from the court case ruling that hangs in a
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Thread for #AssangeCase Appeal Day 2

Today is the defense’s turn, after yesterday lawyers for the U.S. attempted to undermine a renowned psychiatrist, admitted its prison assurances are “conditional,” and tried to downplay how harsh Assange’s US conditions would be.
Our full report on yesterday's proceedings is here:…
Here is our live-tweeted thread from yesterday's proceedings:
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[THREAD] I start my report on the second day of the #JulianAssange extradition hearing with this reminder:

The court will have to decide whether to send #Assange to the country that plotted to murder him, or whether to protect his life.

The court starts.
These are the Defence arguments submitted to court.
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LIVE THREAD: Julian Assange vs Govt of the United States

Day 2 of Extradition Appeal

I’m attending #Assange’s High Court hearing remotely. I’ll have live updates below on day 2 of the appeal hearing, taking place at the Royal Courts of Justice, London.

Live updates below:
The hearing is set to begin at 10:30am London time, in less than fifteen minutes. I and other journalists are still waiting to be let in as far as I can tell.
Yesterday, Julian #Assange was in fact prevented from coming to the appeal hearing at the High Court. He requested to be there in person but his request was rejected.

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So the most crucial human rights case of our time is proceeding without the person on trial being present either on person or on video, because he is too unwell as a result of his incarceration.
#AssangeCase #Assange
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Julian Assange's Extradition Appeal Hearing Coverage

Court has begun. Julian Assange doesn’t feel well and won’t be appearing by video link today. #FreeAssange
James Lewis QC discussing housekeeping items with the 2-judge panel, dividing argument time between the defense today and tomorrow.
Lewis outlining the US govt's lines of argument, including "assurances" that Assange won't be held in the most extreme & isolating prison conditions in the U.S. See more on the US's arguments here…

& on the "assurances" here…
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Live court report from #JulianAssange’s extradition hearing [THREAD]:

We start the day by learning that Julian has not be allowed to participate in person at the most important hearing of his life.

This hearing will begin with the #Assange exception to the norm.
The hearing will start soon. They are attempting to communicate with Belmarsh.
Judges are in.
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The Crown Prosecution Service goes before the British High Court of Justice to present the United States government's appeal in extradition case against Julian Assange. Proceedings start around 10:30 am London Time.

Thread for updates on the first day of the appeal hearing.
This lays out each of the US government's "grounds for appeal" that will be argued at the High Court of Justice.

(If at any moment you have trouble understanding what is being argued, here's a guide for the appeal hearing:…)
Prosecutors will talk quite a lot about "assurances," which were offered by the US government AFTER the extradition request was blocked by District Judge Vanessa Baraitser on January 4 and AFTER the extradition hearing in September 2020.

These are the "assurances":
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"There is a chance.

But it relies on a lot.

We do not know yet, if the British courts will take into consideration the evidence of the CIA plotting to kill him, or Siggi's confession of manufactured charges (and his subsequent arrest) etc etc."

"The US governent has 5 specific points they can appeal. If they win on even one, extradition might be granted.

Short of it being tossed and Assange walking free, we must contend with either extradition, "

"or a scenario wherein the High court rules that the judge made a legal error somewhere,"

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It is ironic that no one responsible for war crimes in #Afghanistan & #Iraq has been punished

And yet the man who helped exposed these crimes is in the dock

Next month, #JulianAssange will have his final extradition appeal hearing in London. #Assange Image
2/. Assange created the technology that allowed outsiders to get a glimpse within

If extradited, @wikileaks founder #JulianAssange faces detention conditions that could amount to torture, the possibility of an unfair trial & a sentence of up to 175 years
3/. “Populations don’t like wars. They have to be fooled into wars. Nearly every war that has started in the past 50 years has been a result of media lies” #JulianAssange

Obama opened the investigation

Trump brought charges

Biden admin should drop them
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Questa sera a @Presa_Diretta per la prima volta il servizio pubblico si occuperà della vicenda di #Assange, giornalista pluripremiato nel mondo, detenuto in un carcere di massima sicurezza in UK e sottoposto ad abusi perché ha rivelato al mondo i crimini di guerra occidentali. >
La Rai, che dovrebbe essere il faro e la stella polare dell'informazione da dieci anni sorvola e trascura una vicenda surreale, indegna, dove, al posto dei criminali di guerra, viene processato chi ha denunciato i crimini. >
#Assange rischia 175 anni di carcere ma alla maggior parte del nostro giornalismo questo non interessa, non si preoccupa, non pensa che sia una questione di cui, da più di dieci anni a questa parte, si sarebbe dovuto parlare tutti i giorni.
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Court is scheduled to start in just over 10 minutes for Julian Assange's preliminary appeal hearing. Here's what today's proceedings will cover:…
Court is in session in US v Assange. Ed Fitzgerald arguing for the defense, Clair Dobbin for the prosecution. Julian appears to be participating from Belmarsh via remote video.
The High Court judge is explaining that today's hearing will cover the scope of the appeal in this case and will not determine the appeal decision itself.
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