A Harvard professor requests to speak to a lawyer. He's interrupted by an FBI agent, who claims he "doesn't play tricks." Then goes to the oldest trick in the book.

A court ruled that this invocation wasn't clear enough. But it sure looks like the officer understood it to be an invocation of the right.

Still, courts don't like suppressing evidence.
Long story short, never talk to the police without a lawyer present. It doesn't work for regular people. It doesn't work for lawyers. It doesn't work for Harvard nanotechnology professors.

Silence is golden.
Also, if you do assert the right to counsel, you need to use magic words in exactly the right order or you might as well be talking to Siri.

Here, a police officer literally said he understood the request for counsel, and a court still held he didn't.
"I am asserting my right to remain silent.: (Actually remaining silent is not an assertion of the rigtht, bafflingly).

"I need to speak to an attorney now."

Then repeat, ad nauseum. Don't sign anything.
You might feel like the officers are getting mad at you when you say this. Like they're disappointed in you.

They are mad. They are disappointed. Your silence makes their case harder to prove.
Similarly, if a rabid wolf was trying to eat you, it might be sad that you insisted on climbing into a tree. You need not oblige it.

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Some idiot commented on Stefanik's weight under a news story about her. He has like 20 followers.

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It's always so interesting reading worshipful interviews with Trump. Because he can't really stay on topic, there's a lot of talk about the things he owns and very little in the way of direct quotes.

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What was in the "detailed" list of irregularities?

What was Trump's excellent advice for how to strengthen the GOP during the midterms? What were the arcane rules he was noting!?

You could have literally just written "he said a bunch of smart stuff."
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A law professor is claiming that the vaccine killed an athlete exercising on a hot day.
Here's the news report about the death:

Here's the story of another 15 year old who died while exercising on a hot day. But there's no vaccination angle so obviously no one is going to talk about it.

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John Stossel writes a lot about the First Amendment, but he claims in this lawsuit that there is no First Amendment right to fact check his work.


Look at the sneering language with which he describes the notion of "fact-checking" with "impunity" as a "masquerade."

Not far from something you'd see on the North Korean twitter account. /2
Stossel did a video about forest fires. Facebook says it lacked context, and directed viewers to a website that disagreed with Stossel's assessment.

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When I left my job as a Paulding Public Defender, I wrote a post on the defense attorney list-serv looking for a replacement, saying that Dick Donovan, the previous DA, was incompetent and you'd win a bunch of cases.

Turns out he had honorary access to the list-serv. /1
My now former boss was calling and yelling at me to apologize, trying to smooth all this over. It struck me as a bit of an overreaction, but I had to talk to my boss at my new job about it when I joined.

Dick Donovan has since been placed on leave for lying about sexually harassing an employee, requiring a $300,000 payment from the county.

And we did win a bunch.

So I don't feel too chagrined. /3
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