I have so many great friends on here. I'm having a conversation with one now.
This thing we're doing on and with Earth, it's not working. There is almost no thing being done by humankind today, humankind writ large, the effective majority, which is not profoundly destructive.
2. And, in my sincere belief, profoundly unethical.
I don't know any honorable people today who think that the white conquest of this continent, and most of the world, was ethical. We have admitted that our founding is based in genocide and slavery. Not everyone, but some of us.
3. Although it would be slightly an exaggeration, it would not be much of an exaggeration to say that every job in the developed world causes climate change.
And there is no possible way our societies as we run them can survive climate change. And we're engaged in a giant pretend
4. The bet is, my generation will get old and die and y'all will be left holding the bag, and we won't have to pay the piper. So we can tell these imaginary tales of zero emissions by 2050, and everyone will nod their heads.
5. And I can see that. But what I can't see is why everyone falls for it. By any measure, most of the people alive are in for a hard ride.
And that's if everything goes as predicted.
So far it's going a lot worse than predicted.
Now. Today.
6. Back to where we started, those of us here on Turtle Island. Everyone knows. First we killed most of the people who lived here, then we cut down the ecosystem which maintained their cultures, then we hauled Africans here in chains and put them to work at the whip.
7. We snatched them out of an ecosystem within which they were living, more or less at peace in most cases, and forced them to plow, hoe, plant, and harvest, one crop for money, but the money wouldn't work without the slaves, so 🤷of course.
It's the economy, stupid.
8. This thing that causes climate change was born there. When the slaves got - whatever the hell it was that they got, they weren't slaves anymore, that was good, but - I wouldn't call it freedom.
Whatever they got, we had to invent machines quick because we lost our slaves.
9. The various justifications of the process, increasing average age at death, whatever we did, there is never a step off the path to slavery and genocide, and through them and out the other side to the industrial civilizations of today.
10. The most profoundly unethical people on Earth won. It turns out ethics only work if people agree.
The people who are gloriously happy under the wonders of capitalist technology all got there at the point of a gun. Buy or die.
11. Our reward for the victories of greed, brutality, and murder, is that Earth herself is telling us: stop or die.
Ethics do have a function in nature. Surprise. You have to treat Earth fairly. I believe that to do that, we have to treat one another fairly. I believe that ethics
12. And our real human nature, have a purpose, and that this frenzied chase after made gadgets is killing us and our native ecosystem, that which evolved us in the first place and without which we obviously cannot live.
13. No person should have control over more of Earth than that person and their clan / tribe / church district / local human community can manage productively.
The ecosystem as it evolved is, by definition, the ideal ecosystem. We've broken it massively. Untold parts are gone.
14. We evolved to live within Earth ecosystems. Then, and still now today, Earth's ecosystems provide all the food, all the air, and all the water, which all the humans ever get period.
We're managing them brutally, ripping a brutally limited diet of annual grasses and legumes,
15. But Earth's ecosystems are still where we get it all.
There ain't nowhere else.
We do that profoundly unethically. A handful of people, armed with slaves or machines, own vast swaths of land, and everybody else must work A Job for Money and drive A Car and make Payments while
16. Bill Fucking Gates "owns" more land than two or three native American nations controlled put together, and we are assured that those people are Really Happier in The City and that's why, given a chance and a weapon, they go murder everyone they can see from time to time.
17. According to an IPCC report from about 2015 or 2016, there were a that time two billion people on Earth who were obese or overweight, and there were (then) just under 900,000 people hungry or starving.
And we wasted 25% of food production.
18. And we don't count burning corn in cars in America as part of that waste.
19. Up in 17, add 3 more zeros. Brain fart.
Just under 900,000,000 hungry or starving.
Two billion obese. A quarter of the food wasted, much of that in transportation losses.
And we're withdrawing that food through constant degradation of all involved ecosystems.
20. We can't cheat each other, and we can't cheat Earth. It appears to work but over the long haul it falls apart.
We were always supposed to be thinking of the 7th generation.
Unfortunately, we decided we'd picture them like this.
21. D'you ever have occasion to go where the rich people live?
Mostly it looks like gardened, enhanced, wild nature. They're putting you in the boxes on concrete, not themselves. They're not the suckers in this transaction.
22. That world is supposed to be out there, and we, AS HUMANS, are supposed to live among it.
And for something like a quarter of a million years we did. And up until right now, some people are struggling to still do it, but the bulldozers are at their door.
Amazon. The real one.
23. We don't have to live like this.
We choose to live like this.
It is a profoundly unethical choice.

• • •

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13 Oct
Although they're only peripherally related topics, I'm going to launch another thread with this retweet of myself.
Mostly I write about facts, which are subject to verification from generally accepted science and / or dictionaries.
But now an opinion about where we're headed.
2. I don't think that developed society as we know it today will continue for very long. I think it is currently showing signs of failure. Energy shortages, democracies failing, ransomware, shipping backlogs, fires, hurricanes - various localized events where high energy fails.
3. So far, developed regions have mostly been able to respond, to bring back the energy system, prevent mass death events, mostly.
In the event of a widespread interruption of energy distribution, one which can't be filled in from neighboring regions, there will be mass death.
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12 Oct
I am going to address the present tense.
Those of you who are old enough remember when they asked Bill Clinton, "Is there a sexual relationship between you and <<her>> and he said, "It depends on what your definition of "is" is."
People just went wild. Everyone knows what Is is!
2. Of course, what they meant was, "Everybody knows there's no difference between "is" and "was"!"
Because there was a relationship, but...
You know. Is. Or was. Or will be.
We developed these tenses in our language over the millennia for a reason.
3. Today, every day, I hear (well, read, technically) "We have the renewables. We just need to transition to them."
OK, do that.
Turn them on, turn off the fossil stuff.
Because, according to that statement, one hundred percent of the needed physical objects already exist.
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2 Oct
I would point out that slowing down and building renewables are not binary - it's not one or the other. There are two separate choices.
For instance, if any person in any government anywhere on Earth wanted to reduce their nation's emissions, they could do a speed limit now, and
2. Go ahead building the science fiction movie. At the same time.
Only one of those actions would reduce emissions now, the speed limit, but they're not in opposition as a binary choice.
Not one in the whole world.
3. Don't send me the reports, OK? These people demonstrably don't give a fuck about climate change.
Half of some silver bullet in another decade of business as usual "for the climate"?
You realize you're being conned. Lied to.
They are telling you out loud:
No change today.
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1 Oct
The US war machine is one of the biggest single sources of greenhouse gases on Earth, I think I read. I can't source it, so maybe not, but it's a big one.
All this talk about building crap now with fossil fuels and then miraculously *not* doing it after 20 years - it's BS.
People say to me, People Won't and I'm extreme, and I'm really not.
Climate change is caused by our value system as expressed by the way we live.
There are humans on Earth today, portions of societies, who cause little or climate change now. And are still literate people in 🏡
3. How about a little bit of renewables, Jeff? We don't want to be reduced to biological creatures within an ecosystem, we're Important. We're Homo (allegedly) Sapiens.
Boy do I have bad news for you.
We are biological creatures within an ecosystem. And it's collapsing around us.
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1 Oct
I left the house today on the road cart behind the girls, and noticed a white pickup with the lights on, parked on the edge of the road / our place, over on the east side. So I turned the girls down there to check them out.
So somewhere, tonight, two young fellas, kinda shaggy haired, indeterminate race, not European white, are saying, "So this old man drove this donkey cart thing down the road, and stopped beside us. He was weird, long white hair, white Amish-looking beard, I didn't know there were
any Amish around here, but anyway, he signed to roll down the window, and said, "What's up?"
So I told him we were cutting trees under the power lines for the power company, and he said, "OK. Take care," and turned down along the creek and drove away across the land.
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30 Sep
Every justification for renewables is based on the unchallenged assumption that we will continue to steadily increase our energy consumption.
There is absolutely no debate that to build anything material in the current universe requires energy input.
2. Renewable energy machines are material objects and they exist within a certain structure of known operating principles, which we call laws. Laws of physics, laws of thermodynamics.
So to build anything big takes big energy.
We are talking about building several Terawatts.
3. Tell me where you get the minimum physically required energy to do that. Because that comes first.
The energy consumption, or throughput, comes first. Cause must precede effect.
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