**How to Make a Quick $30,000 or More in Profit by December 25, 2021 with TikTok**

Plus...you only need 2-3 hours a week for this and only about $50 to start.

Read this thread to find out the exact steps you should take starting now to make some fast cash this holiday season.
To take advantage of the Q4 holiday shopping rush, you will be looking to sell products that meet the following criteria:

1. Eye-catching products with a "wow" factor that make good gifts
2. Easily branded with related products you can upsell

Here's how to find these products:
Step 1:

Scroll through TikTok hashtags like:


As you research, TikTok's algorithm will show you ads for similar products, allowing you to curate your feed.

These are some of the trending products people want:
Step 2:

Select 3 to 5 products to sell.

Focus on products that:

1. Have millions of views (older products from 2020 will sell again this year)
2. Easy to source from Aliexpress.com or Alibaba.com in bulk.

These products are in demand and will sell...
Let's pick one example here:

I found this from TikTok Made Me Buy It, and it has millions of views on some videos.

It's a shower case that allows you to use your phone in the shower.

Pretty nifty.

Also sells for about $1 each on Alibaba.

Here's what I would do to sell it.
Step 3:

1) Create a simple Shopify store (don't know how? Plenty of tutorials online)

2) Buy from Amazon and start creating content (photos, videos for TikTok, etc.)

3) Start posting your content on TikTok and start racking up views (make sure you have a link in your bio!)
Here's one store already selling it. It has ~500,000 followers.

Here's what they did and what you need to do:

1) Post 2 to 3 videos a week (or more) consistently
2) Jump on TikTok trends and create compelling stories using your product.
3) Many who view your videos will buy
A great example of storytelling is this video, which uses fear to show the need for the shower case.

It's no surprise that this video generated over 11 million views, which must have driven thousands of sales alone.

Now if you're keeping track, all this costs you about $50 or less:

1) Buying one product from Amazon to create content
2) Paying for a Shopify store

And since you're sourcing from AliExpress initially, you'll only buy more product once you start making sales.

But there's more.
What I've just described requires very little investment upfront.

If you're ready to supercharge your sales and start doing $500 to $1,000+ a day in sales, you need to run TikTok ads.

Here are some quick lessons I've learned that you can use:
Step 4:

To run TikTok ads, here are some tips:

1) Create ads that look like a TikTok video (jump on trends, use the robot voice/text, etc.

2) Test 3 different ads at a time

3) Test ads using a $50 budget a day

(cont'd below)
4) If you don’t get any add to carts in the first 24 hours, cut the product and test something else.

5) If you do get sales, keep running it and optimize your store by creating a brand.

6) Scale up slowly by increasing your budget by 20% every other day.

(cont'd below)
7) Add additional related products you can upsell and cross sell to your customers.

8) Add an email sequence to follow up with your customers

9) As you continue to run ads, make sure you're creating new ads on a weekly basis because you'll see ads that were working die out.
This wraps up the basics you need to make money with TikTok.

You'll start out small by testing a few proven products here and there and then scale up and add bells and whistles as sales roll in.

Best part is that you don't need to burn money on ads in the beginning.

If you're looking for some quick cash on the side while working your day job or your own business, you should spend some time exploring TikTok.

A few hours a week in the next couple weeks could mean you're sitting on $10k, $50k, or $100k+ by the time Christmas rolls around...

• • •

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10x multiple = $10mm

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Find influencers promoting your competitors. Look for those who don't promote products often

When you find one on IG that you like, hit the drop down arrow on their profile for similar profiles
2. Outreach

Many YouTube and IG influencers have their contact info in their about section or bios, respectively

Send DMs or emails as follows:

- One sentence to introduce your business
- Offer free product (and state you'll pay a fee if you want to do this)

Keep it short
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Definitely include long-tail, high intent keywords!
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On the other hand, some variants aren't important, like 2 pairs or 3 pairs.
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