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I generated 6 FIGURES in 6 MONTHS with a dropshipping store that's in a niche NOBODY talks about.

This is how I came up with it & what I learned from it all

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So first thing first, dropshipping is far from dead. 2022 has probably been the biggest year for dropshipping thanks to TikTok.

If you’re a beginner you are capable of creating a winning store this year.
Now let’s get into it.

How did I come up with the niche?

When I look for products to sell ,my first thought is “What passionate audience can I sell to?”

The more targeted the group the better.
(Always remember this)
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Comment se lancer dans le e-commerce en 2022 ?

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Disclaimer ⚠️ Ce thread est simplement mon point de vu et représente ce que je ferai si je devais recommencer de 0 à l’heure actuelle, ce n’est donc pas forcément votre avis.
Tout d’abord, nous allons distinguer 2 types de personnes dans ce thread. Ceux qui ont un budget et ceux qui en ont pas. Bien sûr il faut toujours un minimum, si vous avez en dessous de 200€ ca me paraît compliqué de commencer même avec les méthodes qui vont être énoncés.
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Private-label and DTC brands are winning the eCom game with mind-blowing speed.

This /// THREAD /// is for everyone that wants to start a brand hassle-free.

Here’s how I would do it (in 7 steps):
Let’s start this thread with a little vocabulary - some crucial terms you should know (and not mix up):

➔ Brand identity - the visible elements of your brand, the way people experience your brand, everything about your business that’s different than your competition
➔ Branding - the process of designing a logo, choosing a brand name, VPs, advertising approach, and creating an entire brand image

➔ Brand assets - VPs, USP, visual creatives like logo, fonts, brand colors, and similar. Keeping a brand asset file helps in tons of situations
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Running low on TikTok content?

I’m giving you 10 FREE video ideas you can copy (they produced great results for me) 👇

Save this /// THREAD /// and you’ll never run out of ideas. It’s pure gold 🏅
1 - Show piled up orders

It’s sort of become a TikTok trend to share behind-the-scenes footage with all of your orders piled up.
Although it’s your brand posting a video like this, it still counts as social proof because the viewers can see how many other people bought from you.

Leverage film like this.
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Retargeting ad types I’ve been using that are killing it lately and helping me stack the cash:

/// THREAD ///
Before we dive in, a little Retargeting 101:

1// A visitor comes to your website
2// Leaves without an action (sale)
3// Your pixel catches their info
4// You release a retargeting ad
5// While browsing, they see the ad
6// They come back to your website
7// They convert

You can retarget with new creatives on the same platform, or retarget cross-channel.

Here are some cool retargeting ads that performed well for my products: 👇
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I brought a dropshipping store from 0 to $61,000 in the last 30 days

Follow these 5 steps and you can easily make $100k in 2022

Case study👇 Image
I created this brand new store just to show you guys what was possible

I hope this helps everyone looking to get started in dropshipping

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Step 1: Finding the product

I found the product simply by scrolling through my TikTok feed

I saw an ad for a product that looked cool and decided it was worth testing

You can look up hashtags like #tiktokmademebuyit and #amazonfinds and scroll until you find cool products
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I asked for 100 likes for the case study on unethical #dropshipping and we got 306 likes.

Disclaimer: In no way do I recommend doing what I'm about to post. This is just the breakdown of an experiment that was successful. Replicate at your own risk.

THREAD 🧵 (1/16)
🚨 DISCLAIMER: Please don't attempt this on your last few $. It's a quick & dirty method on how to make some money FAST. It doesn't work 100% of the time and it surely is NOT sustainable. This CAN fail just like any other business.

Before actually elaborating this #strategy, I will first share the results and then break down the #costs and #resources which will be required for this to replicate.

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Effortlessly make $100,000 by the end of the year Pairing TikTok + Email Marketing

Ignore this thread at your own risk

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IMO there’s never been an easier time to get rich off of TikTok


Cause Tik Tok has 1 billion daily users across 155 countries

And yet not many advertisers…

There’s a lot of demand and not that much supply

Which makes it cheap
It reminds me a little bit of the good old times of Facebook, in 2018 when you used to sell ice to Eskimos and they bought it
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**How to Make a Quick $30,000 or More in Profit by December 25, 2021 with TikTok** only need 2-3 hours a week for this and only about $50 to start.

Read this thread to find out the exact steps you should take starting now to make some fast cash this holiday season.
To take advantage of the Q4 holiday shopping rush, you will be looking to sell products that meet the following criteria:

1. Eye-catching products with a "wow" factor that make good gifts
2. Easily branded with related products you can upsell

Here's how to find these products:
Step 1:

Scroll through TikTok hashtags like:


As you research, TikTok's algorithm will show you ads for similar products, allowing you to curate your feed.

These are some of the trending products people want:
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Heres how I made $240,000 in two months with TikTok ads.

Anyone can do this not just me 🤷‍♂️

Thread 🧵 Image
Step 1:

Scroll through TikTok and hashtags like #tiktokmademebuyit #amazonfinds etc personally I like looking through ads on my fyp as well. I found this winner from my fyp.

Look for previous winners from Facebook especially if know one has done them on TikTok.
Step 2:

After you decide what products to test here’s what you need to see if you have a winner.

-creatives have to be good ALWAYS USE 3

-Give the customer an intriguing offer
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