It is critical that the media & healthcare professionals communicate how SAFE the Covid vaccines are.

Negative debilitating reactions are quite RARE so highlighting stories like this scares people (often to not get vaccinated).

Here's the narrative that SHOULD be communicated:
"You're probably NOT going to have any type of serious side effect. Most people don't. Your arm might be a little sore for a day, but that's it. You might feel a little nauseous but receiving this life-saving vaccine and NOT dying from Covid or having long haul COVID is worth it"
This was the experience I had. After my first to Pfizer vaccines, I had absolutely NO side effects. After my Moderna booster, I had a little soreness in my arm for a couple of days but that was IT!
I understand THIS narrative is less sensational. I understand it may even be a tad boring, but it is simply not responsible to scare people about these vaccines when the numbers just don't indicate any significant downside.

Just look at the data:
726,389 people have DIED from Covid in the U.S.

The unvaccinated are 11 times MORE likely to die of Covid than the vaccinated.

189 MIL people have been FULLY vaccinated in the U.S.

Any "risk" from a vaccine is minuscule compared to getting Covid WITHOUT receiving the vaccine.

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14 Oct
If I was advising Kevin Durant (@KDTrey5) or James Harden (@JHarden13) on HOW to talk to their teammate Kyrie Irving about his fears about receiving the COVID vaccination, here's what I would advise:

First off, you're doing a GREAT job maintaining a positive relationship! 🙏
If you are finally able to persuade him, it will be built upon this positive relationship with one another. When I help family members help someone out of a cult (that's what I do btw), BUILDING this trust and rapport is always the FIRST step. So great work there.

Listen & really try to UNDERSTAND Kyrie's fears about getting the vaccine. What is he telling you privately? Is he WORRIED the vaccine is physiologically harmful? Does he not just want to be told what to do? KNOWING his frame will be very helpful going forward.

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14 Oct
The Koch empire has had a longstanding effect on American politics. They’ve given untold MILLIONS to FIGHT climate legislation, they've funded Republican/Libertarian candidates and causes + more.

They've also been infiltrating American colleges for YEARS.

Keep reading (THREAD):
When the Koch Brothers give money to universities, this money always comes with CONDITIONS. In the case of George Mason University, the Charles Koch Foundation was given a say in hiring and firing professors.…
In 2007, the Kochs attempted to give a large sum of money to Florida State. Their conditions:

-The curriculum funded MUST align with the economic philosophy of Charles Koch.
-The Charles Koch Foundation would maintain partial control over faculty hiring.…
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12 Oct
"Rod of Iron Ministries" is a cult run by Sean Moon, the son of deceased cult leader Sun Myung Moon.

Sean Moon wears a crown of bullets & his "church" worships with AR-15's. Want to know who the featured speakers are at his cult's “Freedom Festival” this year? Image
Steve Bannon and former @NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch.

(For more on this cult event and the featured speakers, this is some excellent reporting from @Jose_Pagliery:…) ImageImage
Sean Moon was at the Jan. 6th insurrection and his cult believes some deeply troubling things.

(for a crash course on Sean Moon, read this thread)...

If you are a Christian who currently still thinks Trump is a man of God, can I ask you a few questions?
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9 Oct
In my 45+ year investigation of mind control I've talked about cults. I've talked about trafficking, pimps, multilevel marketing, violent extremism + more.

But there's an area I HAVEN'T spoken enough about:

How colonizers used and still use mind control over Indigenous people.
When Christopher Columbus arrived on this continent in 1492, 100 million Indigenous people lived here according to estimates from historians.

To FORCIBLY occupy and steal Indigenous land, colonizers needed to "justify" their immoral actions.

Enter "The Doctrine of Discovery."
The Doctrine of Discovery was passed by Pope Nicholas V in 1452. It gave European colonizers the perceived right to forcibly occupy Indigenous lands on the basis that Indigenous peoples were not Christian, therefore non-human. It stated their land was "virgin" and could be taken.
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7 Oct
Tristan Harris (leading voice speaking out about big tech, star of the documentary "The Social Dilemma") recently went on @chrislhayes to talk about Facebook.
In the interview, Tristan noted that many ex-Facebook employees refer to Facebook as a "cult." See for yourself 👇
Corporate cults are indeed real. Enron is the most notable example. Like a religious or political cult, corporate cults have an authoritarian structure, with a leader at the top of the pyramid. Corporate cults usually emphasize corporate cohesion and unity of belief and purpose.
Corporate cults (and all authoritarian cults) include the following characteristics:
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6 Oct
Life is a risk. Everything we do is risky but it's important to look at DATA to access the LEVEL of risk.

In 2019, speeding was a contributing factor in 26% of all traffic fatalities in the U.S....9,478 people died.

But do you still occasionally speed?

What about vaccines?
Unvaccinated people are 11 times more likely to die of Covid-19 (compared to the fully vaccinated).

And in the U.S., 705,394 people have DIED from Covid. Allow me to repeat this:

705,394 have died from Covid in the U.S.

That is a STAGGERING figure!…
There ARE risks associated with vaccines, all vaccines.

But the risks are MINUSCULE compared to contracting Covid without being vaccinated!

We need to use our analytic minds and run the numbers.

186 MILLION people are fully vaccinated in the U.S.

186 MILLION people!
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