In my 45+ year investigation of mind control I've talked about cults. I've talked about trafficking, pimps, multilevel marketing, violent extremism + more.

But there's an area I HAVEN'T spoken enough about:

How colonizers used and still use mind control over Indigenous people.
When Christopher Columbus arrived on this continent in 1492, 100 million Indigenous people lived here according to estimates from historians.

To FORCIBLY occupy and steal Indigenous land, colonizers needed to "justify" their immoral actions.

Enter "The Doctrine of Discovery."
The Doctrine of Discovery was passed by Pope Nicholas V in 1452. It gave European colonizers the perceived right to forcibly occupy Indigenous lands on the basis that Indigenous peoples were not Christian, therefore non-human. It stated their land was "virgin" and could be taken.
With this "justification," Columbus and the European colonizers that came after kidnaped, tortured, enslaved, raped, murdered and stole land from the innocent people living here.

This history is irrefutable.

Let's now explore the frame of mind control....
Many of you are familiar with my BITE Model. As a reminder, BITE stands for:

Behavior Control
Information Control
Thought Control
Emotional Control

When this type of control is EXERTED over someone, their mind can be manipulated.
To sustain the FLAGRANT human rights abuses & theft of lands and resources, colonial governments used these techniques on Indigenous people and non-Indigenous alike to legitimize the cruelty & to pacify the population.

Look no further than our own Declaration of Independence.
In the closing words of the Declaration of Independence, there's a list of 27 grievances against King George III. The final grievance reads:
"merciless Indian savages..."

This is how Indigenous people are referred to by our most FOUNDATIONAL founding document. Think that could influence a population?

Colonial states followed suit. Laws were passed stripping people of their resources, land, rights and even children.
The self-serving concept of "manifest destiny," the belief that the expansion of the United States
was "divinely" ordained, justifiable, and inevitable, spread everywhere and was used to justify genocide, widespread theft + more.
In the U.S., between 1819 and 1978, federal law promoted the “civilization” of Indigenous people. Children were essentially kidnapped from their homes and forced to attend schools where they would be taught to assimilate and abandon their native culture.
At these schools, children had to have their hair cut short, had to wear proper (i.e., white man) clothes, & were not allowed to speak their native language or practice religious rituals. Children would be beaten for simply saying hello to another child in their own language.
Sadly, the dehumanization and subjugation of Indigenous people didn't go away. Remember the Doctrine of Discovery from earlier?
The Doctrine made its way into U.S property law after a 1823 Supreme Court decision Johnson v. Mc’Intosh. Our Supreme Court ruled that successors of European colonizers have the EXCLUSIVE right to purchase land from indigenous peoples.
In 2005, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg cited this 1823 court case in a ruling that determined that the repurchase of tribal lands did not restore tribal sovereignty.

So yes. As we prepare for Indigenous People's Day on Oct. 11th, it's VITAL that we tell the TRUTH about our past.
For more, read this blog and listen to the interview I conducted with Dr. Cindy Blackstock. Dr. Blackstock is a human rights defender, a Professor of Social Work and the Executive Director of First Nations Child & Family Caring Society.…
Colonialism isn't a relic of the past, it is still with us today. It manifests in human rights abuses, chronic underfunding of public services, exploitation of natural resources, water rights and more.

Let's join the Indigenous leaders who are working to right these wrongs. 🙏

• • •

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An authoritarian cult leader or a sex trafficking pimp could essentially ENSLAVE someone, depriving them of basic human rights but if they NEVER left a scratch on their victim's body, in our current court system, it would be difficult to find this predator guilty.

Why is this?
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"Moonies," the authoritarian CULT I was a part of, later escaped and have been speaking out against for the last 45+ years is trending.

If you want a crash course on this cult & their ties to the modern GOP, read these blogs of mine. They will catch you up. 👍
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