Observing your own thoughts and emotions is a fascinating process
Because you become aware of new stuff
Stuff that's always been there
You just never realized it before
Or noticed

Know thyself
Started meditating around 2005

Learning meditation is a
like everything else in life

It's reprogramming yourself to be in tune with your true self or your divine self
The part of you that comes from God
Re entraining your brain into more of an alpha brainwave state
The longer you meditate
The more you
KNOW that everything is made of light bliss love
Because when thought disappears
When there is silence of the mind
What remains is light bliss and love
There is no question of this
We are creators
Anything in our life that is not
Light bliss love
Is a miscreation of ours

When we know we are
Light bliss love
Nothing can permeate that
People can try
But ultimately we know we are made of light bliss love
We have habits of thought from childhood
Childhood trauma sets the ball rolling for habitual negative thought and emotion throughout life
These are our creations
Albeit inspired by the miscreations of others
Habitual thoughts that began in childhood are usually so much a part of us
That we believe they are true
They are only thoughts

Don't believe your own thoughts!
Weird Twitter day today
I enjoy being positive
I enjoy the challenge of taking something negative and finding a way to turn it into something good
Finding the good in the bad

This annoys people 🤣
Everything is vibration and frequency
People enjoy their suffering
They are wedded to their negative thoughts that cause them negative emotion
Don't even bother trying to help lol
They'll come out of it when they're ready
Or when they've had enough and are ready to seek relief
So a few times today I got pushback for having a more positive perspective in the face of negative thoughts
Negative people hate it when you are positive
I know because I used to be very negative
And I was miserable
As soon as someone pushes against me my initial reaction is to feel negative emotion
Anger frustration
Feeling misunderstood
Like I did something bad
Like I'm a bad person

But nothing could be further from the truth
As children we were yelled at hit spanked humiliated
Not understood
Feeling unloved
These thoughts and emotions carry over into adulthood as habitual negative thoughts and emotions

This often manifests as depression
I had a glimmer of bright light today
After one of these negative tweet sessions
I couldn't even understand what I had said that was wrong
That's because I said nothing wrong
I was just being myself
I try to be nice
Of course I fail
In the midst of suddenly feeling depressed about all the seeming weirdness on Twitter today
There was a moment where
It all went away
Just for a second
Peace was there
In the midst of turbulence
I saw that I am the same
At one with the
If we can just remember who we really are
When we are under...perceived attack
Who we are underneath it all
Is real
The perceived attack
Is not real
It is someone lashing out
Out of there current level of consciousness
It's never personal
It feels personal
But it's not
It feels
But it's not

The longer we can remain in the state that is light bliss love
The more we know that is the true reality
And the more we can know that anything else is not
The gurus the teachers the yogis
They're no one special
And they know that
They have spent so much time
So much of their lives with the light bliss love of the Uncreated Presence
That at some point
They know nothing else
And they just want us to know that too

• • •

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13 Sep
Questions I ask myself lately

What is covid?
Ppl are sick with SOMETHING

Is it a virus?
What is a virus?
Does it exist?
Is a virus a piece of dying discarded cell?
Is covid a reaction to 5g?
The symptoms are more like electromagnetic poisoning i hear

Is covid a toxin?
What is making ppl sick?
Did it come from a lab?
Does it come from the chemtrails?
How much of it is psychosomatic?
How much of it is fear?
How much of it is vibrational?
All of it?
How much of it is due to preexisting not so good health?
I keep thinking
We don't know the future
The future is a blank page
Are we truther conspiracy realists Co creating doom and gloom?
We are expecting awful things now
Because of all we've been hearing for a long time?

What if we just loved?
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21 May
In meditation this morning
I was thinking
All this bullshit is not in my meditation
My meditation is not a part of all this bullshit
It's a daily story
There are two realities
Nature gardening housework music knitting cooking baking
Twitter cabal covid vaccine masks ww3 etc
I know that I know that I know that
God is everywhere
In you
In me
The true nature of reality is

I know this deeply in meditation

Everything else is an illusory overlay
Stories plots evils wars anger fear scamdemics vaccines cabal etc
I grew up in fear and anger
My mother had a lot of fear and anger
My 66 years has been a journey of overcoming fear and anger
Not there yet lol

I can start out the day in deep peace and joy
Go to Twitter
Get triggered angry and fearful
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19 May
Ok so the last year+ has been most strange
The TV tells us there's a pandemic when I see zero evidence around me

Ppl wearing masks bc they're afraid and they really believe the mask is protecting them
And they're so scared they're letting ppl inject them with potentially lethal chemicals and god knows what


Ppl are getting sick and dying from the jab
Blood clots
Heart attacks
Horrible skin issues
Scary neurological symptoms
YouTube channel
Cosmic agency
Several months ago
Said vaccines would go forward
Lots of people will die
I didn't believe it
I got upset
I refused to listen
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15 Mar
Thread for Mon Mar 15 2021

Am still recovering from a long illness
Meditation has been my saving grace
When I was almost bedridden for about 2 or 3 years
I would be in a meditative state much of the time
Lately been getting up around 4am to meditate and make husband's breakfast 5 30
They say the veils are thinnest about 3am to 4am or so
Monks arise to meditate around 4am and I think this is why
Let me tell you there
IS something special about this time of day that...
...enhances meditation and makes it easier

Usually wake up in bliss
From the bliss of that brain state that's in between sleep and awake
Then the thoughts start
Most of us are trained into chronic involuntary repetitive negative thoughts from an early age
We get yelled at by...
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25 Jun 20
Well it was bound to happen
Got called out on my new Twitter name

If I wanted to name myself
Most High God
And shoot flaming darts out my butt
And cuss up a storm
That would still be my prerogative
In the realm of supposed free speech
It turns out
We are all hypocrites
At one time or another
Bc no one is perfect
We all have dark and light

Until we become masters of ourselves
Which we are all in training for
We cannot help being misaligned in our intentions and actions
From time to time
We all make mistakes
And really it is all a matter of perception
One who sees me as
The enemy
Will see evil in even the most best intentioned thing I say

Last night
I dreamed of Jerry Seinfeld
He was a heroic figure
A cross between Superman
One of his supposed heroes
And an archangel
I realized why
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