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25 Oct, 37 tweets, 12 min read
I know a lot of people like making tierlists for Storybook Brawl heroes, but I really don't like tierlists, so instead here's a thread with some thoughts I have on the strengths and weaknesses of every hero in SBB, sorted by my avg placement with them on this patch: 1/x
First up: I have not played Evella, Gepetto, Jack's Giant, Krampus, Mrs. Claus, Pan's Shadow, Pup the Magic Dragon, or The Fates on this patch, but they all seem like fairly medium midgame stats heroes to me. Some are probably better than others, idk. 2/x
I also haven't played Grandmother on this patch, but from previous patches, I would treat it similarly to the above midgame stats heroes - one of the main benefits of midgame stats is saving HP, and 10 extra HP is a lot; plus, +3/+3 is big enough to be relevant lategame. 3/x
I also haven't played with Cursed King on this patch, or much in general, but I generally dislike it a lot; just as Grandmother's +10 HP is significant, Cursed King's -HP hurts enough that I treat his hero power as basically a downside. 4/x
I also haven't played with Muerte or Xelhua on this patch, but I think their hero powers are kind of similar - basically no early/midgame power, but powerful in the lategame. Xelhua is more generally powerful; Muerte is narrower with a higher ceiling and lower floor. 5/x
I will note that Grim Soul/Chupacabra builds might make Muerte better now, but I haven't really tried, and those builds tend to be fragile to start/hard to get into, so I'll reserve judgement on that. Also notable is that Good Boy has been nerfed. 6/x
I also haven't played with Morgan Le Fay on this patch. Their hero power is pretty hard to evaluate imo, but I think it did get better this patch, especially with the buff to it. Still not a hero I'm too excited to pick. 7/x
I also haven't played with Mihri on this patch, but I have a lot on previous patches. Very linear royals, but very powerful, especially since lvl 6 comps have been nerfed. Good boy nerf did hurt it though, and it can be high variance since it demands you get specific triples. 8/x
Now onto the heroes I have played this patch, starting with Beauty: 7.0 avg placement across 2 games. I think this is mostly variance, and that Beauty is a pretty decent stats hero now that slay is one of the best comps in the game. Similar to Mihri: narrow, but powerful. 9/x
Fallen Angel: 5.5 avg placement across 2 games. I think Fallen Angel is very powerful, and is the best raw stats heroes in the game, but I'm just bad at her playstyle. Summons are very powerful with her, and she probably fits pretty well with Slay/Fairies builds now. 10/x
Trophy Hunter: 5.0 avg placement across 4 games. Trophy Hunter is interesting as you are very weak early game but have an insane ceiling lategame with Grim Soul + Friendly Spirit/Good Boy + Baba Yaga. I actually had a lot of success with it last patch. 11/x
But this patch Slay being more popular means I'm often struggling to find Grim Soul/Baba Yaga. Plus, midgame has become stronger as people are getting to 6 even slower. And the Grim Soul + Grim Soul inside a Croc combo has been nerfed to not be infinite. 12/x
Mad Catter: 4.33 avg placement across 3 games. Mad Catter gives you a lot of stats, but I think one issue with it this patch is that those stats end up unfocused. Previously, it was powerful for letting you cruise to 6 and setup your comp there, but that's less viable now. 13/x
Like I've mentioned a lot here, I think now more than ever you're rewarded for having a coherent midgame scaling comp, more than you are for rushing to 6 and suddenly stabilizing. So this makes Catter weaker, since you need more coherence midgame. 14/x
Hoard Dragon: 4.33 avg placement across 3 games. One thing that's unique to Hoard Dragon is that the dynamics I've been talking about with being rewarded for rushing to 6 don't apply as much, since a lot of the lvl 6 nerfs came from moving lvl 6 treasures to lvl 7. 15/x
Overall, Hoard Dragon is a pretty high variance hero, where its performance depends a lot on if you can find an early powerful treasure to stabilize, but I definitely like it more this patch. 16/x
Sad Dracula: 4.0 avg placement across 1 game. I don't really like Sad Drac this patch, and think it's mostly a not great stats hero. Removing the toughness boost on its slay means you can't go all-in nearly as easily as before. 17/x
Charon: 4.0 avg placement across 3 games. I think Charon is a fine stats hero, but it can have some awkwardness. It performs best when you can scale something early with Charon's power and then keep scaling it through the midgame, but that can be awkward to arrange. 18/x
Pied Piper: 3.67 avg placement across 3 games. I like the new Pied Piper a lot; it gives consistent stats on a set of characters that's mostly all playable, and the value of an extra focused shop slot is not to be understated (easier triples, easier to assemble synergies). 19/x
Wonder Waddle: 3.4 avg placement across 5 games. Waddle is a hard hero to evaluate, but most people agree it's powerful, and I think it got better this patch, partly because highrolling hatball for scaling has gotten even better, and partly because Treasure Map got better. 20/x
Gwen: 3.4 avg placement across 5 games. Gwen is way too complex to say much useful about in this thread, but I think she is extremely powerful but also pretty hard to play. SirSalty has a good Gwen guide on CFB for a recent (but not current) patch. 21/x
Skip: 3.38 avg placement across 8 games. Despite saying that rushing to 6 is less powerful this patch, I think Skip still remains one of the best heroes. This is because Skip not only gets you to 6 quicker, but also gets you powerful units above curve along the way. 22/x
Skip is tricky to play though, as it's basically an entirely different game. And I have found it to be higher variance this patch, as people's midgames are generally stronger this patch. In general, my advice for Skip is to focus more on immediate strength, and not scaling. 23/x
Mask: 3.33 avg placement across 3 games. Mask is similarly complex to Gwen, perhaps even more so. It has a lot of points of unique power, mostly with leveraging midgame power and then also swapping to a powerful lategame ability. It's also just my favorite hero. 24/x
Snow Angel: 3.0 avg placement across 1 game. This is mostly small sample size; I think Snow Angel is fairly weak, even with the buff, and is similar to Pan's Shadow or Mrs. Claus. 25/x
Loki: 3.0 avg placement across 7 games. Literally a god, though sometimes just a baker. 26/x
...more seriously, Loki is powerful, routinely offering a big early game boost, and often giving free XP in the midgame as well. Not much specific strategy to play to, however, and you can definitely be screwed by variance, but overall one of the strongest heroes. 27/x
Celestial Tiger: 3.0 avg placement across 7 games. I'm liking Celestial Tiger a lot more this patch than previous ones. Highrolling Treasure Map into a lvl 7 treasure being more valuable is definitely a big part of that. 28/x
But also, the tendency for the midgame to matter more is pretty good for Tiger - doubling lvl 2 and 3 treasures used to be decent midgame but get obsoleted in the endgame, but that happens less now. Decently strong hero, if a bit high variance depending on what you get. 29/x
Merlin: 2.75 avg placement across 4 games. Merlin is just one of the best raw stats heroes, that plays well with midgame scaling strategies. Not much unique strategy, other than ovbvious things like Hatball being better. Very strong. 30/x
Peter Pants: 2.71 avg placement across 7 games. Some of this is me highrolling two 1sts in the tourney by getting Hatball as my first two treasures in both games. But I honestly think Pants is one of the strongest heroes now, again due to the midgame mattering more. 31/x
You basically always just want to go for Hatballfork, but along the way you can make sure you also have a strong midgame regardless with Wight+, Triply, and tripled ranged units stacking buffs. The biggest strength here is consistency; it's very hard to not get top 4. 32/x
Sir Galahad: 2.0 avg placement across 3 games. Galahad is imo *the* best stats hero, and is perfect for a midgame scaling strategy, especially with Shoulder Fairies now at lvl 5, and with fewer endgame strategies that can go over the top of him. 33/x
Potion Master: 1.0 avg placement across 3 games. Okay I don't actually have an explanation for this, I just had three very highrolly games. I think Potion Master is fine as a stats hero, but generally weaker/less consistent than Merlin. Fitting small sample size reminder. 34/x
Oops, forgot Headless Horseman, who I've played 2 games with a 4.0 avg placement. I think this new hero is fairly weak, but I could totally believe I'm playing it poorly; I haven't really figured out when I should be using the Kidnaps. 35/x
Also forgot Mordred, who I think is the only hero I haven't unlocked. Ability reads powerful, but is much more awkward and mostly is very medium stats the whole game. 36/36

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25 Oct
Random thought from some Discord discussion: one problem with how some people use 17lands data, that has existed before 17lands though things like hypergeometric calculations, is that people like quantifying things, but often don't actually connect numbers to actual meaning. 1/x
Example: let's say I'm trying to decide whether to keep or mull a 2 land hand, and calculate that I have an 85% chance of drawing my third land by turn 3. One might say "85% is pretty good, I'd keep". But an annoyance I have is that I don't really know what this means! 2/x
How do you know that 85% is "pretty good"? Sure, it's a relatively high number, but I'd bet most people who might make such a statement don't really think through what the number means, and just like that it's high. At what number would you mull the hand? 80%? 75%? 70%? 3/x
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24 Oct
Made it to top 32 in the #SBBTourney, which should be starting soon. Streaming my view at twitch.tv/jasoniltg with a 15 minute delay!

You can also find the official coverage at twitch.tv/storybookbrawl and the leaderboard at sbb-tournaments.netlify.app/2021-october-l…
Looks like I'm in the featured pod too!
Unfortunately starting with a 6th with weak hero choices - never really leveraged Charon well, starting on a Happy Little Tree but not finding further scaling to run it, and not getting a critical Poly slay on 4.0. Will have to place extremely well in the next two to get top 8.
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24 Oct
Streaming day 2 of the #SBBTourney with 15 minute delay, starting soon! (Should have mic this time; hopefully the delay works)

Oh also - you can watch the coverage here: twitch.tv/storybookbrawl

And you can follow the standings here:
Starting off with a first is very nice! Very strong early start, leveraged with Piggy Bank plus kissing a Brave Princess three times to get Ashwood+ while on lvl. 4. Cat's Call let me put the nail in the coffin against Medusa Mirror Mirror Hoard Dragon.
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24 Oct
Streaming the #SBBTourney now! (5 minute stream delay, mostly not reading chat)

First round is a Pants first! Got hatball pretty early (I think it took 3 or 4 lvl. 3 triples?). Never found Fork/Wand, but it was enough. Image
Second round is 5th with Mad Catter - strong midgame and got a bunch of random 6s from Ogre Princess+, but didn't get anything coherent and died with Herc+Treasure Map about to go off Image
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17 Oct
Very interesting video from jorbs (excellent strategy game streamer who mostly streams Slay the Spire) on how he thinks about strategy games. I would highly recommend watching the video yourself, but I figured I'd do a thread connecting some of his ideas to MtG draft. 1/x
Again, want to stress that I'd highly recommend watching the video first! jorbs uses a lot of Slay the Spire examples, but the concepts are applicable to all sorts of strategy games (and life in general). This thread is just me applying those ideas specifically to MtG draft. 2/x
First, a small overview: the main concept jorbs talks about in his video is what he dubs "loose Bayesian knowledge" - he approaches strategy games by having prior expectations and hypotheses that he updates through his experiences playing and experimenting in those games. 3/x
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26 Aug
The latest Lords of Limited episode was absolute 🔥; fantastic discussion by the lords and twoduckcubed about how to best use 17lands data. However, one thing that I couldn't help but notice was missing was my most-used 17lands stat: Average Last Seen At. So here's a thread! 1/x
A definition: Average Last Seen At, or ALSA, is: "The average pick number where this card was last seen in packs. When a card comes back around on the wheel, only the second time around counts toward the average." So basically, the higher the number, the later the card goes. 2/x
One of the benefits of ALSA is that it is inherently less complex than most stats. GIH WR will be aggregated across a large swath of decks, gameplay situations, and play skills, while the only thing ALSA's aggregation hides is information you might get from signals. 3/x
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