Pretty much everything you think you know about nutrition is a lie, propagated by big corporations and pseudoscience.

This may be painful for some of you...

1) Dietary fat is not bad for you.

Dietary fat was demonized, largely because it was high omega 6 polyunsaturated fat.

They were right that fat was bad, but wrong about which type

Saturated fat is highly protective in the right quantities. But still, you can eat too much fat
2) Red meat doesn't cause heart disease

Associational studies tend to vilify red meat because people who eat it tend to also have other bad habits.

Randomized controlled trials do not support it, however.
Cholesterol can increase on a diet high in meat, but often times that is from other factors, such as low thyroid, low vitamin d, excess fat consumption, than the red meat.

Red meat is one of the most nutrient dense foods in the world, and best sources of protein. Do not avoid.
In this meta analysis of 300,000 people red meat was inversely associated with CVD mortality.
3) Red meat doesn't cause cancer

Similarly, RCTs do not support the case that red meat causes cancer.
4) Sugar isn't bad for you.

Now for the fun stuff...

Like red meat, sugar got a very similar treatment. Assciational studies with sugar tend to select for the unhealthiest people.

RCTs focused on cane sugar and fruit do not show any association with disease.
5) Carbs don't make you fat

Just like how dietary fat doesn't inherently make you fat, carbs do not either.

Over-consuming anything will make you fat, especially if it slows down metabolism, increases stress & endotoxin production.
Many carbs are loaded with other crap that causes is not the glucose itself causing disease.

In fact, glucose oxidation is very beneficial via increasing co2 production, ramping up metabolism, improving thyroid health and lowering stress.
6) Vegetables aren't the healthiest food

Vegetables do not have many of the most important nutrients you need to function, they have lower protein availability, and many irritate the gut + are loaded with anti nutrients that block absorption.
7) Cholesterol isn't bad for you

Cholesterol, especially dietary cholesterol, is not associated with disease. Cholesterol is necessary to produce all of the steroid hormones & vitamin d -- testosterone, pregnenolone, progesterone.

It is also critical for brain function.
This doesn't mean that high LDL cholesterol is a *good* thing, however. Usually that is a sign of low thyroid function and poor conversion into the other hormones.
8) The sun is not bad for you

Dr Helen Shaw found that the people who had the lowest risk of developing skin cancer were those whose main outdoor activity was sunbathing.

Office workers who had to work indoors all day under fluorescent lights had 2x the melanoma risk.
9) Blood sugar spikes are not bad

Elevating fasting blood sugar may be indicative of some disease process, but there is no evidence that blood sugar spikes alone are associated with inflammation or disease.

Low blood sugar is as bad as high blood sugar.
10) Fasting isn't the ultimate longevity drug & panacea

While fasting may help people cut weight via reducing caloric consumption, there is nothing inherently good about fasting and it can be detrimental to health.

This study showed that fasting reduced muscle mass.
Other studies on fasting show that it decreases vitamin d synthesis, increases estrogen and increases stress. If you're interested in ramping up your metabolism & being healthy, you can get all the benefits while still eating food.
11) Keto won't make you live forever

There are many dangers of a long term keto diet including lower co2, lower metabolism, low thyroid, low testosterone / androgens, increased lactic acid.

12) Guzzling water all day beyond thirst is a bad idea

Thirst is a very important barometer, highly adaptive to ensure proper hydration and mineral balance

Chugging water unnecessarily will deplete minerals, like sodium, increase aldosterone and increase stress.

• • •

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