China's rising is completely changing the life of the humanity. China now masters some high-tech and is willing and capable of putting such know-how at the service of the whole humanity at affordable cost.

Take 5G as an example, without China, it will take the world decades
to enter the 5G era and the cost would be doubled.

If  China hadn't mastered high-speed railway technology, China wouldn't have been able to meet its own vast needs of internal transportation and its economy wouldn't have been able to develop so fast.
1/5 of humanity benefitted from such tech know-how.

It wouldn't have been possible for China to export high-speed railway to many developing countries at relative low cost.

Japan's first high speed railway Shinkansen was built in 1964,
but who has heard that Japan's Shinkansen has been popularized? In reality, Japan's operating high-speed railroad only accounts for 10% of the total railroad mileage whereas for China it is now 30%. Which developing country has it been exported to?
The Indian project has been abandoned.

Whereas since the opening of China's first high-speed railway Beijing-Tianjin Intercity line in 2008, just within 12 years, China has built close to 40,000 km of high-speed rail not only in China but in several countries,
including Russia, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Mexico, Turkey, Laos, etc.

China is different in that it is capable enough to defy America and take an independent path of technological development. US has made sure that no country shall be technologically more advanced than itself.
China has provided an alternative model of technological survival. There are many technological powers in the world, such as Germany, South Korea, Japan, France, Israel etc, but these countries are unable to go beyond a certain set point.
They are unable to popularize their tech advance for the whole humanity. The US has "set" a ceiling for them.

Thirty years ago, the Japanese semiconductor industry was making one breakthrough after another to the great alarm of the US who did everything it could to kill it,
like what the US is doing to China today. If Japan were allowed to continue their technological development, Japan might be able to greatly lower the cost of chips and the application would be more extensive.
It's as if another country had the power to contain the US and nipped in the bud the internet and all the US Internet companies. What a loss for humanity!

If it were not for Chinese infrastructure building and manufacturing,
many places in Africa would not even have electricity now, let alone having access to Internet connection and cell phones.

Now US has imposed chip ban on China. Assuming that China fails to compete in the chip industry and fails to produce its own chips,
it is no exaggeration to say that it will be a major loss for all of humanity, because retarding China's development is equivalent to weakening the overall welfare level of the entire humanity.

Killing BRI is killing all chances of development of poor countries.
This is what the US-China competition amounts to.

Above is a free translation of an extract of an article by a Chinese blogger Xiao Lei (肖磊看市)

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