I need a Twitter plane game to play since it's no longer working hours. (Fun fact! On this Seattle --> SFO flight I once read and reviewed @RealGeneKim's entire "Unicorn Project" manuscript before landing.)

Game: name a company and I'll assign them a more appropriate motto.
"We named our company after the most expensive city in the US because we don't do subtle."
When your snack cupboard has its own loading dock.
"Please don't kick me off of this flight."
"Pivotal was taken, Sit-And-Spin was offensive."
"I have nothing critical or disparaging to say about the company!"
"Uber for Hyperconverged Infrastructure."
"Our dress code has changed since the 80s along with our relevance."
"Turnabout for Venture Capitalists."
"Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory."
"Over 900 million Americans served!"
"Catlike Typing Detected, Come Back Again Soon!"
"Treating Software Companies Like Networking Equipment."
"Terraform for Obnoxious Programmers"
(And now I pause until they turn on the wifi at altitude. Your patience is appreciated, please hold while I ignore you.)
"We're named after the sound our motorcycles make!"
"Naming rights to a bus station couldn't be wrong!"
"Daddy left and took the vowels with him."
"The Unholy Merger of Neopets and Herbalife."
"The Landmines Here Aren't Figurative"
"The Payday Lender of Technical Debt"
Massively Multiplayer Notepad.exe
"The data breach was the first time we weren't talking about 40 things at once."
"A vi vs. emacs holy war now accepts donations."
"Redistributing wealth in the wrong direction"
Distributed Version Control Centralized
Selling the Soundtrack of Our Lives
"Pickaxe manufacturers for a digital gold rush"
"Dead on toilet; cause: straining for relevance"
"Silver Medalist, 1989 Iceberg Slalom."
"The AWS Service Naming of hiring websites."

(Seriously, and I swear I'm not making this up, they once had their job site living at rim.jobs)
"A training program for lottery winners."
"Uber for manufacturing designs you don't own"
"The parts of bitcoin cryptobros don't want to talk about"
The Amazon JEDI Protest of Open Source
"The caviar of coffee but someone left it out all night by mistake."
"Dead as a doornail, but the corpse still twitches"
"Nobody likes us, nobody knows what it is that we do."
"Playing fast and loose with user trust."
"AWS egress if they didn't milk customers"
"CloudWatch without the parts AWS does for you."
"For the last time, we do not make drones."
"We love everyone except our customers, our employees, and women."
"Don't worry, we had to Google it too."
And that's that as I descend.

Thank you for entertaining me. Thanks @mike_julian for not questioning why I paid $17.95 for in-flight wifi.

• • •

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Hey @jesse_derose we should do a Twitter Spaces about what it means to be a Cloud Economist.

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