gotta love the normiebots who love this and think its super epic but will absolutely lose it if you apply anything like this to any other dimension of the accepted historical narrative
wow we cant trust most of what history says about members of a german government less than 100 years ago. thats interesting. guess all this other stuff is totally beyond questioning though, some of it being over an order of magnitude more removed from us in time.
he’s still arriving, imminent, on the horizon Image

• • •

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9 Nov
as the general twitter topic is satanism, demonica, after that concert, i have an interesting note i made along the way in my studies i think it is important to keep in mind with normal people. i have not looked into the details of that situation as i am still on diapercation ...
thats diaper occupation vacation, which like all great art, is taking longer than expected. although my desk is re-set up now. anyway, there is a paradox in most peoples relationship to such things that i slowly pinned down after operating in many spiritual spheres over the years
that being, most people, if they arent actively atheist (dont forget the default spiritual system is new age now. u didnt forget, did u) have a simultaneous fascination with AND a totally flippant disregard for, what we might call, demonica, dark power stuff, [etc]. examples:
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8 Nov
first theyll tax unrealized gains, then unrealized income: money u couldve made if u just tried harder. then whole unrealized companies- if u just applied urself, u couldve started one. unrealized dependents: go talk to that girl. if this is the push u need, theyll do it, for you
new economic czar appoints a lovely old lady, very grandmotherly, of an ambiguous ethnicity..., italian? german? maybe argentinian, but she speaks english perfectly, to personally meet with you and assess this. “my word, you could easily be making twice this. have u eaten today?”
youre just so intelligent when you apply yourself. thats not what you wear to work is it? well we just have no choice, next year youll have to pay three or four times what your paying now. and youre not even married yet ... im subtracting three or four theoretical dependents
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3 Nov
on the positive manifestation of female power- its 9:15 am and im driving through the rain to the next town over. im looking for a parking lot behind a purple playground. a woman is meeting me there. i see her. i park next to her. she hands me a cooler of frozen breast milk. [..]
ive never met this woman before. we have the same last name. just a coincidence- i thought this was noteworthy but she finds it uninteresting. i thank her, she tells me she understands, its not a big deal, + drives away. this is the second time i have received a package like this
these are not incidental rendezvous as, no shade to anyone who has done this, im trying to avoid giving my less than a week old baby feed from a transnational mega-corporation. and now i can do this, because of these women, who don’t know me, who have no incentive to help me.
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2 Nov
i have been thinking a lot about sex and my relationship to sex after having a baby. now that im on the other side of it, i can feel the hollow and paper thin nature of sex and sexual desire that is totally decoupled from reproduction in an extremely tangible way. it is very odd.
i was unaware of this, im not sure if all the other men know, but one thing that happens when you get a woman pregnant and then she carries your child is that you get a [lot] more attracted to her, in a way that transcends the logical “well of course that would happen”.
its like a whole new level. to me, being raised in my particular socio-cultural situation, its a whole new dimension of sex, which is funny, because of course thats what sex is about. i have been thinking about this a lot and i think i can pinpoint exactly what “the flip” is here
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2 Nov
“NFT propaganda” (lmao)

im extremely intrigued by the internet sociology of a large number people unable to not be very upset by this particular issue. the process described herein is, literally, in every way, directly, exactly what happens irl when art objects are stolen
i think a lot of creative people are getting played because the tech is actually really good for artists - i totally understand if people dont care or are uninterested, that would be normal, but the new “hey part of my personality is hating this” fad is extremely reddit + boring
lol sorry im not trying to be negative. i wont bring this up again but lately when i have a sec away from baby if i open the timeline its literally all “BRO look at these CRYPTO DUDES getting Owned(tm)” like who cares. if i did not like something i would simply not think about it
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31 Oct

rerun of some halloween specials from the last two years:

a. 🎃
b. 🎃
was really amped about this one. some people said they had trouble reading the font, so i posted it another time with a different typeface but i cant find it rn and must return to baby. this is how it was supposed to look anyway.

happy halloween.
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