A man who was recruited, basically abducted into, the Mojahedeen-e-Khalq (#MEK) as a child explains how they illegally transferred kids to Europe, keeping them imprisoned in the cult, and then moved them back to Saddam's Iraq in the 1990s, sometimes using them as child soldiers.
#pt: When the man (امین گل مریم) was transferred to the #MEK camp in Saddam's Iraq in March 2001, at 15-years-old, he was informed that even friendships with women were banned. His mother, whom he saw once per year, was cold with him. MEK asked everyone to spy on everyone else.
#pt: At the #MEK camp in Saddam's Iraq, daily self-criticism/struggle sessions were held. Any signs of criticism of the leader, Masud Rajavi, were picked up on and shamed. Members had to confess any sexual thoughts they had or if they masturbated publicly.
#pt: The former child member of #MEK was in the camp they had in Saddam's Iraq in September 2001 and reports that the Mojahedeen were as pleased about the 9/11 attacks as the Islamic Republic of Iran they oppose, declaring that "the two horns of imperialism" had been broken.

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4 Nov
Igor Danchenko, the primary source of the Steele "dossier", has been arrested on as-yet-undisclosed charges as part of the investigation into how "Russiagate" got going. Another Democratic Party-connected lawyer has been charged with lying to the FBI. washingtonpost.com/national-secur…
The indictment of Igor Danchenko for two counts of lying to the FBI. Danchenko was the primary source used by Christopher Steele in compiling his "dossier" claiming collusion between Trump and Russia.
From the Danchenko indictment: "the FBI relied substantially on the Company Reports ['Steele Dossier'] in these FISA applications to assert probable cause that Advisor-1 [Carter Page] was a witting agent of the Russian Federation."
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24 Oct
Avrom Sutzkever was sworn in as a witness at the Nuremberg Trials on 27 FEB 1946. Sutzkever was the only Jew to testify, despite the centrality of the Holocaust to the charge-sheet, and he had to testify in Russian (he was a Soviet witness), despite wanting to speak in Yiddish.
Sutzkever had said ten days earlier: "I want to speak in Yiddish … I wish to speak in the language of the people whom the accused attempted to exterminate. I wish to speak our mameloshn [mother tongue]. … May my language triumph at Nuremberg"
Sutzkever had been in Lithuania when the Soviets took it over with a Nazi green-light and was still there and interred in a ghetto when Stalin's allies betrayed him before he was ready. Sutzkever escaped in 1943, reached Soviet lines, and became a Partisan.
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24 Oct
"It seems strangely difficult for some to realize that here in Asia is where the Communist conspirators have elected to make their play for global conquest … There is no substitute for victory" - letter from Douglas MacArthur, read on the floor of the House, 5 April 1951
MacArthur was entirely correct that Truman's Europe-focused strategy and his limited war aims in Korea misunderstood the Communist menace. Shame MacArthur was not heeded.
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22 Oct
"Many of the NKVD ... personnel decorated during the [Second World] War received their medals not for valor against the enemy, but for crimes against humanity", including deporting entire nations within the Soviet Union and terrorising captive populations into submission.
Soviet official history gave a lot of credit to spies like the Rote Kapelle (Red Orchestra) for their success on the Eastern Front, but the real turning point was after the Rote Kapelle was rolled up by the Nazis, and came about due to British and American SIGINT passed to Moscow ImageImage
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29 Sep
#Russia's civil war was to all intents and purposes over by autumn 1919, though the main phase of fighting only ended a year later. A pocket of resistance against the Bolsheviks held out until June 1923, however <Thread>
The defeat of #Denikin's offensive on Moscow in the west and #Kolchak's offensive from the east in late 1919 ended any serious threat to the Bolsheviks. Kolchak was murdered in FEB 1920 and the remnants of Denikin's Army, now under #Wrangel, evacuated from Crimea in NOV 1920.
In Sept. 1921, Yakutia rose in revolt and a Volunteer Army commander, Mikhail Korobeinikov took the lead, expanding the pocket, and in March 1922 announced the establishment of an interim administration, the "Provisional Yakut Regional People's Government".
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28 Sep
During the trial of the final #Nazi defendant at Nuremberg, Hans Fritzsche, the #Soviet prosecutor brought up Fritzsche's radio broadcast justifying the attack on Poland. Fritzsche responded: it had been "a matter of great satisfaction" that the Soviet press said the same thing.
#pt: from Francine Hirsch's wonderful book, "Soviet Judgment at Nuremberg" (2020), pp. 322-23.
Hans Fritzsche was only on trial at Nuremberg in the first place because the Soviets demanded it as a substitute for Goebbels. Everyone understood that Fritzsche just did not measure up in terms of responsibility to the other Nazis being tried.
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