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After the outrage frm Iranian community regarding the #FakeNews article in #Spiegel @hommer_ich &the likes have tried to defend themselves saying anyone who writes a“critical report”against #MEK is smeared.Facts speak for themselves
Can we say #Relotius 2?!#Spiegel_Fakenews
some background on the #Spiegel reporter @hommer_ich:
studied in #Iran for 2semesters
was given permission to attend maneuver of Bassiji forces!(not given easily)
promotes Iranian "democracy" through tweets on "elections",downplaying #IranProtests

#Spiegel_fakenews #Fakenews
You can tell a lot by those someone follows on Twitter!
many of the well known faces of Iran's lobbys are followed by @hommer_ich
(the list was longer just didn't bother to insert them all)
#Spiegel_fakenews #Spiegel=#Fakenews
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Feb 17, #Munich Germany
The upporter of #MEK & #NCRI rallying in protesting the presence of J.Zarif FM of #Irab regime at the #MSC2019
they Chant:" appeasement no no no, #IranRegimeChange yes yes yes"
#IStandWithMaryamRajavi #MSC
@MunSecConf @ischinger
@USADarFarsi @GermanyDiplo
Feb 17, Mashhad NE #Iran
The looted creditors by the Caspian institute rallied out side of the Caspian Office. They demanding their stolen saving return, they chanting:
"The Caspian has stolen our money & the government supported it"
Feb 17,Tehran #Iran
Sunday April 8th Tehran #Iran
The plundered people of the financial credit institutions of Samen Al-Hajj, gathered out of Central Bank.
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@mathieuvonrohr @hommer_ich @azadi_freeiran @DerSPIEGEL So the end of your undercover assignment was 2bash the democratic alternative to the religious fascism ruling #Iran?Are you therefore endorsing the propaganda piece? Who's verified the #FakeNews &facts used in this article?@gebauerspon @akm0803 @BrittaSandberg @julianevm #Spiegel
@mathieuvonrohr @hommer_ich @azadi_freeiran @DerSPIEGEL @gebauerspon @akm0803 @BrittaSandberg @julianevm #Spiegel has claimed based on @hommer_ich interviews with ex-members (agents of Intelligence Min-#MOIS)that MEK practices beheading, gauging eyes, etc,3times a week! Can you explain how did your magazine verify this?Did U talk to Albanian authorities? Or With MEK itself?#FakeNews
@mathieuvonrohr @hommer_ich @azadi_freeiran @DerSPIEGEL @gebauerspon @akm0803 @BrittaSandberg @julianevm #Speigel quoted an infamous agent of #MOIS Mohammadi,claiming his 38yr-daughter has been kept W/MEK against her will!Did @DerSPIEGEL verify this?Did U know that Mohammadi filed a complaint in #Albania but the complaint was dismissed after a full hearing?
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📌The judge in the MANAFORT case just ordered the disclosure of some redacted text from the 2/4 hearing that appears to reveal that MUELLER's team interviewed a witness about KILIMNIK at the US Embassy in Kyiv.

📌Senate Confirms William Barr as AG #Catfish?🤔

Justice Department officials were so alarmed by Trump’s decision in May 2017 to fire James B. Comey, the bureau’s director, that they discussed whether to recruit cabinet members to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office. ORLY?

Senate proposal wd block Saudi path to atomic weapon in nuclear deal

The House passed a measure to avoid another shutdown.

Trump plans to sign it, but declare an emer’y to build a border wall

Nat’l emergency will be blocked by courts temporarily, DOJ warns WH
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1/2-Even if the criminal regime in #Iran wanted to, couldn't have done a better job than what @FinancialTimes has done through its @JamesShotter,@_evonhuber& @Najmeh_Tehran to demonize Iran's main opposition,&try to rescue the regime,that's at the brink of being overthrown.
2/2-It's astonishing to see how @FT has become a mouthpiece for the ayatollahs against anyone that speaks the truth about a criminal regime that has brought nothing but destruction, poverty, mass executions &terrorism. Why @Najmeh_Tehran &others have totally shut up about these?
Wittingly or unwittingly bashing #MEK,the main opposition to the criminal regime under whatever justification,is complicity in their crimes, including 120000 MEK activists being slaughtered for standing to the religious dictatorship ruling.Stop the shameful business.#WarsawSummit
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Feb 14
#FreeIranRally outside #WarsawSummit. Chants of "Regime Change" on day 2 of #MEK's Protesters vow to overthrow mullahs' regime, say #Iran's people reject both monarchy & mullahs' rule.
@Exodus2019 @NYCREMilton @Sundncefn @Aungiexyz
Advocates of freedom 4 Iran gather at the #WarsawSummit to renounced mullahs regime terrorism & flagrant violation of human rights in #Iran
@tomwoods55 @gramma_rose @RGazzetti @SkidWillie @starrynight620 @vrosalia2 @anna2539 @voiceangel2
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Carl Bernstein: Mueller Draft Report Will Say Trump Helped Putin Destabilize US

The FBI worried that Trump was serving RU’s interests. Turns out, Trump’s been burying records of his convos w/ Putin & he won’t give even Fox News a straight answer about any of it

Robert Mueller is enforcing a World World II-era law that requires lobbyists hired by foreign governments to register with the Department of Justice and document their efforts. #FARAfuqqed

The U.S. Government Has Amassed Terabytes of Internal WikiLeaks Data

DEMs Push to Block Sanctions Relief for RU Oligarch’s Companies

Marina Gross, the interpreter who was the only other American in the room for Trump & Putin's 1-on-1 meeting in Helsinki

Iran summons Polish diplomat over planned 'anti-Iranian' Warsaw conference
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Character Assassination…

“Hitler’s propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels, believed that the bigger the lie, the more convincing. Machiavelli taught that the ends justify the means. Both “principles” are applied in character assassination.”
100’s of ad hominem attacks on MEK by Iran’s regime & its propagandists proven futile, as evidenced by the movement’s growing popularity & wherewithal in Iran, its standing on world stage, which leads us to conclude that Pillar’s diatribe doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell.
Desperate to survive, #Tehran has stepped up its war against the #MEK on three fronts: targeting its network in Iran, waging terrorism abroad, and demonizing it in the media. #Iran #FakeNews #YellowJoirnalism
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Let’s talk about a recent @Guardian piece written by @a_merat regarding the #Iran opposition #MEK.

This piece depicts the mullahs’ fear of the MEK & how #MSM resorts to old #FakeNews in Tehran’s smear campaign.…
“Terrorists, cultists – or champions of Iranian democracy? The wild wild story of the MEK”

This title is very similar to what you find in pro-#Iran regime media (known for its #FakeNews & smear campaign against the regime’s opposition).

Here’s one example:
The author, Arron Reza Merat (@a_merat), was a Tehran correspondent for the Economist between 2011 and 2014. He has covered Iran for the Guardian, the Sunday Times and Vice News.

He leaves out the "Reza" part of his name to cover up his Iranian identity.
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In an important press conference by NCRI’s @A_Jafarzadeh in Washington DC, Iran’s entire decision-making, planning and execution for #terrorism was exposed. For full picture of #IranTerror, WATCH the event clip & follow thread.
Sharp Surge in Iran-sponsored terrorist operation in Europe and the United States in 2017-2018, up from 2 plots last year to 8 terror plots so far in 2018; Tehran has revived its killing machine.
The regime's Ministry of Intelligence plotted to set off a truck bomb during a Persian New Year celebration in Tirana of 3,000 member of Iran's largest opposition movement, the MEK. 2 regime agents who had entered Albania posing as reporters were arrested.
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Members of the #Iran Diaspora in New York, supporters of the main Iranian opposition #MEK, rallying & protesting regime President Hassan Rouhani's presence in New York for #UNGA
More footage from New York where supporters of the main Iranian opposition #MEK are protesting the regime President Hassan Rouhani's presence in New York for #UNGA
Sep 24 - New York
Supporters of the main Iranian opposition #MEK continuing to protest the regime President Hassan Rouhani's presence in New York for #UNGA.

They're planning a rally on Tuesday at 4:30 pm EST
Dag Hammarskjold Plaza
(2nd Ave & 47th St.)
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I hold the view (held by some individuals for various reasons) that the #TeamPatriot hashtag is connected to a psychological operation. At present, I don't know by whom/for what. Argumentation will follow. #Twitter #PsyOp #PsyOps #MAGA #TCOT #QAnon #WWG1WGA #Resist #TheResistance
Over time, if my view changes along these lines (#TeamPatriot hashtag not connected to a psychological operation), I will make that clear. For the time being, I will write in this thread (and in replies) with respect to my current viewpoint.
Using "psychological operation" as a term calls to mind conspiracy theories, intelligence activities, etc., which are legitimate considerations of course. However, since we are dealing human communication, the ancient art of rhetoric is always on the table of analysis.
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Let’s talk about how #Iran apologists/lobbyists, such as @tparsi, are becoming desperate & resorting to unprecedentedly low propaganda against the Iranian opposition #PMOI/#MEK.
This caught my eye.
They couldn’t get this published anywhere such as CNN, Al Jazeera English or other such (in my opinion) #FakeNews outlets favoring an appeasement approach with #Iran’s regime.

The criteria is too low, even for them!
This is so ridiculous I won’t even discuss the article.

To be fair, you can read it if you like and see for yourself.…
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This could explain Javad Zarif's anxiety:
"It should be noted that on the Internet, especially Telegram, the enemy and especially the [#MEK], have gained complete control… The terminology of regime change is gaining complete control in social media networks." -Tehran Press #Iran
The mullahs have always been fearful of #MEK's connecting to citizens. Here is what @NYTimes wrote in 1996: "Gov officials said the number of banned sites was not available, but they include those with information distributed by opposition groups like the [MEK]..." #CyberSecurity
The @NYTimes continued: ''The brains of the young are very impressionable, so the Mujahedeen Khalq [#MEK] might be able to brainwash people to join them, or they might be able to influence an election,'' said a senior Gov official familiar w/ the Internet project. #CyberSecurity
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Sep 17 - Tehran, #Iran
Clients of the IRGC-associated Caspian credit firm rallying outside the mullah's Central Bank, demanding their stolen savings returned.
These protesters also blocked the capital's Mirdamad Avenue.
Network #MEK
Sep 17 - Rasht, northern #Iran
Clients of the IRGC-associated Caspian credit firm are demanding their stolen savings returned.
They are chanting: "death to oppressor" and "death to plunderer"
Network #MEK
Sep 17 - Tehran, #Iran
Brave & high-spirited women chanting:
"They've stolen our money & lie about returning it"

They're referring to the ongoing crisis of millions of Iranians being robbed of their savings by state-linked credit firms.
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Warning: Demonization Efforts by UK Channel 4 News, Setting the Stage for Terrorist Acts Against #PMOI/MEK Refugees in #Albania
#StopYellowJournalism against #MEK
@Ofcom @Channel4News @lindseyhilsum @thebarcouncil @itvchanneltv @CommonsCMS…
The Security and Counter-terrorism Committee of the #NCRI warns about despicable deals by the clerical regime’s Ministry of Intelligence& Security (MOIS) & preparing D stage 4 terrorist acts against members of #MEK in Albania, through D British television program Channel 4 News
Ms.@lindseyhilsum utterly failed a simple test of honesty formulated in the following question: When did Channel 4 decide to produce the piece and why did it decide to inform the #PMOI at the 11th hour?
#StopYellowJournalism against #MEK
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UK Television Station Allegedly Colludes With Iranian Ministry Of Intelligence To Demonize Iranian Resistance! Regime’s Desperate Measures Against Uprising #StopYellowJournalism against #MEK…
The Security+Counter-terrorism Committee of @Iran_policy warns about despicable deals by the clerical regime’s MOIS, preparing the stage for terrorist acts against, #Iran’s refugees in Albania through the British television program Channel4 News #StopYellowJournalism against #MEK
1. Ms. Lindsey Hilsum, the Foreign Editor of the UK Channel 4 News, informed the PMOI in a letter that was sent on August 31, 2018, at 17:30, that Channel 4 News intends to broadcast a report on the PMOI on Monday, September 3. #StopYellowJournalism against #MEK
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Warning #StopYellowJournalism Against #MEK: Demonization Efforts by UK @Channel4News,Setting the Stage for #Terrorist Acts Against #PMOI/ MEK Refugees in Albania…
@Ofcom @Lindseyhilsum @thebarcouncil @commonsCMS @TheLawSociety @Sjmc65 @Kirsty_Brimelow #Iran
The Security &Counter-terrorism Committee of the #NCRI,warns about despicable deals by the clerical regime’s Ministry of Intelligence (MOIS) &preparing the stage for terrorist acts against #Iranian refugees in Albania, members of #MEK through @Channel4News #StopYellowJournalism
The hit piece produced by the dishonest producer Lindsey Hilsum, will prepare the ground for yet another terrorist attack, against MEK, #Iran's main opposition.
#StopYellowJournalism Against #MEK
@Ofcom @Channel4News @thebarcouncil @commonsCMS @TheLawSociety
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Crime against humanity Part1
Have you ever seen this #video?
Nouri Maliki's (former prime minister of #Iraq) Special Forces carried out the operation in cooperation with the Iranian Regime to slaughter 52 Iranian dissidents on Sep 1st, 2013 in Camp Ashraf
Crime against humanity Part2
Maliki's barbarian assassins attacked Ashraf-city in #Iraq and slaughtered 52 Iranian refugees, the members of #PMOI #MEK
A shocking documentary about the massacre in Camp Ashraf Part 1
Crime against humanity by Maliki's forces and slaughtering 52 Iranian refugees by the order of #Khamenei
Sep. 1st, 2013
#PMOI #MEK #Iran
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DOJ's (@TheJusticeDept) Criminal Report on 2 #IranianRegimeSpies is damning. #Thread highlights via @WashTimes:
1- "Court documents raise the possibility that Tehran’s hard-line Islamic regime is hunting for bombing and assassination targets." #Iran #MEK
2- @WashTimes: "On a wiretap, Mr. Ghorbani, a California resident, is heard singling out an opposing figure for assassination. “M…..F needs one, one shot,” he said. He is scheduled for a detention hearing on Tuesday." #Iran #IranianRegimeSpies #MEK…
3- @Washtimes: "European police broke up an alleged #Iran|ian plot to ignite a bomb at an #MEK rally outside Paris this summer.
"Documents show how easily Iranian saboteurs can move in and out of the U.S."
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WLS (@abc7chicago): Feds charge man in Chicago in bizarre Iranian spy plot

1- "The gov of #Iran considers #MEK to be a 'primary opponent of the current regime' according to prosecutors... The Iranian gov has 'sought to eradicate the MEK,' US agents said."
WLS (@abc7chicago): Feds charge man in Chicago in bizarre Iranian spy plot

2- "The court filing doesn't name individuals who were to be targeted, but info about 'several US Congressman who have overt ties to the #MEK' was found in a locked suitcase allegedly linked to the men."
WLS (@abc7chicago): Feds charge man in Chicago in bizarre Iranian spy plot

3- "Then, according to the government, 'a target package would enable a neutralization plan, which may include apprehension, recruitment, cyber exploitation or capture/kill operations.'" #Iran #MEK
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Two Iranian-Americans Charged With Spying on Jewish, Israeli Facilities via @freebeacon…
The two Iranian individuals—identified as Ahmadreza Mohammadi-Doostdar, a dual U.S.-Iranian citizen, and Majid Ghorbani, an Iranian citizen and resident of California—the Islamic Republic.
They were allegedly acting on behalf of the government of the Islamic Republic of #Iran by conducting covert surveillance of Israeli and Jewish facilities in the United States, & collecting identifying information about American citizens and U.S. nationals who are members of #MEK
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This landmark 40-minute Iran nuclear revelation of Natanz & Arak sites by @NCRIUS on #ThisDayInHistory Aug 14, 2002 is well remembered by the Ayatollahs for preventing them from getting the Bomb, which they needed as guarantee for their survival.…
The #IAEA immediately asked to inspect the sites, Tehran dragged till October, then delayed again & finally IAEA was scheduled to visit Natanz on 21 February 2003; #MEK network in Iran found out that Iran intends to show all Natanz but not bldg where centrifuges were installed.
On 20 Feb 2003, Ms. Soona Samsami and I, in a press conference, called Tehran's trick, showed the building location of the centrifuges, urged inspections of entire Natanz. IAEA inspected the pilot centrifuge facility in Natanz; the trouble started for Iran's repressive rulers.
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August 13- #Mashhad NE #Iran
The shoemakers Bazar is the scene of strikes and protests today. The shop owners gathered in protest chanting anti-government slogans such as "Death to dictator."
#IranProtests #IranRegimeChange #MEK
August 13 - #Mashhad, NE #Iran
Shoe market store owners on strike protesting the high cost and lack of goods for the production of shoes.
August 13 - #Mashhad, NE #Iran
More videos of today's protests as the city's shoe market goes on strike.
Protesters chanting:
"Cowards have remained home"
#IranProtests #IranRegimeChange
#IranProtests #MEK Network
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