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US reportedly approves the requests of #Estonia, #Latvia, and #Lithuania to rush their US weapons to #Ukraine as the likelihood of Russian invasion goes up to near certainty.

The Baltics have requested increased NATO presence, as well.…
This seems to have been done by the administration under pressure, as some of the requests are older than a week and the approval was only confirmed after POLITICO reported on them publicly.
The Biden administration has also reportedly FINALLY approved the arms package to Ukraine it's been holding up forever to appease Russia.

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German government sources tell @handelsblatt that the US and Europe are not contemplating cutting Russia off from #SWIFT, making explicit what the US has been implicitly telegraphing for several weeks.…
Senior US officials have been openly saying their number one priority is German interests, not deterring or punishing Russia.
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What’s the deal w/ people in #pain using #opioids? (Read entire thread.) We are not “drug addicts.” We are physically DEPENDENT on our meds, which we need to function w/out pain (i.e, to function). Physical dependence occurs on heart meds & #antidepressants too. #ThisIsUs
And I am not trying to stigmatize #addiction here. But rly, let’s talk; chronic pain patients (#CPPs) have been forced to KILL themselves due to untreated pain, due to bad #policy, due to the #stigma, foolishness & financial incentives of others. This has a name: opiophobia…
If you took me off ALL opioids, I (like most #painpatients) would go through ugly opioid #withdrawals (and make sure to poop/puke on YOU for causing them)! 😂

And even after months of “abstaining,” and withdrawals disappearing, I would be “clean” in the eyes of the world, but…
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Heads up to followers on twitter, will be virtually attending the #ESASRBANZBMS conference this week (21-24th Nov) so expect a bunch of tweets with a particularly heavy science bend. Disclaimer: this is by no means an extensive coverage & usually includes personal reflections. /1
So before continuing, I will try to...
- keep everything here in this thread
- share what I snippets I can
- add a number to keep tweets in some order
- respond where possible (but am also engaging in the conference spaces)
- link to papers when I can /2
Now a bunch of # in case relevant to these folks: #MedTwitter #Science #anzbms #biology #pharmatwitter #ortho #rheum #immunology
#arthritis #pathology #physicaltherapy
#pt #MSKRad #OccupationalTherapy

Anyone is most welcome to add relevant tags :D /3
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A man who was recruited, basically abducted into, the Mojahedeen-e-Khalq (#MEK) as a child explains how they illegally transferred kids to Europe, keeping them imprisoned in the cult, and then moved them back to Saddam's Iraq in the 1990s, sometimes using them as child soldiers.
#pt: When the man (امین گل مریم) was transferred to the #MEK camp in Saddam's Iraq in March 2001, at 15-years-old, he was informed that even friendships with women were banned. His mother, whom he saw once per year, was cold with him. MEK asked everyone to spy on everyone else.
#pt: At the #MEK camp in Saddam's Iraq, daily self-criticism/struggle sessions were held. Any signs of criticism of the leader, Masud Rajavi, were picked up on and shamed. Members had to confess any sexual thoughts they had or if they masturbated publicly.
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During the trial of the final #Nazi defendant at Nuremberg, Hans Fritzsche, the #Soviet prosecutor brought up Fritzsche's radio broadcast justifying the attack on Poland. Fritzsche responded: it had been "a matter of great satisfaction" that the Soviet press said the same thing.
#pt: from Francine Hirsch's wonderful book, "Soviet Judgment at Nuremberg" (2020), pp. 322-23.
Hans Fritzsche was only on trial at Nuremberg in the first place because the Soviets demanded it as a substitute for Goebbels. Everyone understood that Fritzsche just did not measure up in terms of responsibility to the other Nazis being tried.
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#Pakistan's claim to be a victim of terrorism rests on groups like #TTP ("Pakistani Taliban"), but it was the Army/ISI who created the jihadist emirate in North Waziristan where this group was formed, with the active and ongoing assistance of the ISI's loyal Haqqani Network. ImageImage
#pt: "The Foutainhead of Jihad", pp. 164-5.
The #Haqqani-run enclave in North Waziristan, operating with the full backing of #Pakistan's ISI, not only nurtured the #TTP the Pakistanis would later portray as a mortal foe, it of course supported the "Afghan" #Taliban and was where #Al_Qaeda organised many post-9/11 plots. ImageImage
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#IS established itself in "Af-Pak" by building off the Afghan Salafist community that took root in eastern areas via the Arab presence there beginning many decades ago. The Salafis had some second thoughts, but the #Taliban is now pressuring them, too.…
#pt: The Taliban made an approach to IS-Centre in 2015 to ask that ISKP not be used to open another jihadist front, since this would distract from the war with the West. No dice. IS didn't even bother to reply.
#pt: The original Pakistani, mostly TTP, leadership of #ISKP was killed off quite quickly and replaced with Afghan Salafis. The current leader, though, Dr. Shahab al-Muhajir, seems to be a former Haqqani Network operative, and has peeled away other parts of that network.
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Quite gross from @BBCNews: our "impartiality" doctrine was used to basically shut down @CChristineFair when she explained #Pakistan's jihad policy in #Afghanistan that has brought us all to this catastrophe — an issue on which there is no "balance" or "other side", factually.
#pt: The full clip of @CChristineFair's interview on the BBC that ended with her being shut down by the host in the name of "balance" and "impartiality" for explaining #Pakistan's role behind the trouble in #Afghanistan:
As a counter-example, when the BBC *did* have a #Pakistan regime spokesman on, and he gave the usual spiel of flat-out lies and half-truths, there was not the reaction given to @CChristineFair, no direct arguing with him or demand for "balance".
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#Pakistan's use of #Islamists to interfere in #Afghanistan does not begin in 1979—that jihad project had begun in 1973 and all the Mujahideen groups were formed before the Soviet invasion—but the origins go back to c. 1956 for a cluster of reasons. <Mini Thread>
#Pakistan inherited the #British concept of "strategic depth", i.e. the need for a buffer against the most dangerous imperial rival (#Russia), and thus from foundation sought to make #Afghanistan into a client state.

[@husainhaqqani, "Between Mosque and Military", pp. 164-6]
#pt: Pakistan's move to vassalise #Afghanistan began in earnest in 1956, after the creation of the Pakistani constitution, with its "Objectives Resolution", creating an Islamic Republic, which had impacts not only internally, allowing the state to define "Muslim", but externally.
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The #Taliban's "amnesty":

"Several sources confirmed that Taliban fighters last week executed two senior police officials - Haji Mullah Achakzai, the security director of Badghis province, and Ghulam Sakhi Akbari, security director of Farah province."…
#pt: "Since the Taliban have come to power they haven't stopped killing. A few days ago, they killed twelve members of the special forces in Kandahar and three soldiers in Jalalabad as well. ... The Taliban took them out of their homes and shot them."
"The Taliban have no justice system. They have no courts, no jail. They are just killing."
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Woonrant waarschuwing. 1): Mijn buurvrouwen (94, 76, 80) in Amsterdam huren sociaal en hebben, als alleenstaande bejaarden, 2 slaapkamers. Ze wonen al 40 jaar in hetzelfde trappenhuis. Ze hebben een koffieclub op dinsdagochtend en rapen elkaar van de #woonschaamte #wooncrisis
2) #pt vloer als ze gevallen zijn, verplegen elkaar als ze ziek zijn, doen boodschappen voor elkaar. Ze zijn de facto buurtconciërge want bewaken de fietsen en de vuilcontainers. Moeten zij nu weg vanwege een technocratisch idée fixe? Omdat ze woonschaamte zouden moeten hebben?!
3) #pt Dat je mensen ontworteld uit hun buurt, huis, gemeenschap, puur omdat de overheid de ooit zo geprezen volkshuisvesting om zeep heeft geholpen? Zij zijn een toonbeeld van participatie, wonen nog altijd zelfstandig, kunnen en willen niet naar een bejaardentehuis. Dat
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"The truth is that our low-cost, high-reward footprint in #Afghanistan wasn’t just sustainable; it was vital, just as are the many other similarly imperative deployments ... all around the globe." @NoahCRothman tries to pull the #US back to reality.…
#pt @NoahCRothman: "in 2020, America lost more of its men and women in uniform in 'peaceful' deployments around the world than in either Afghanistan or Iraq. ... Americans died in missions to places such as Kosovo, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Jordan, Bahrain, and Kuwait."
#pt @NoahCRothman: "American soldiers are at risk wherever they serve ... But what is the qualitative distinction between our support for friendly governments in Kuwait City, Amman, and Pristina ... and our support for Baghdad or Kabul?"
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#Taliban/#ISI reportedly disrupting the Internet access of the #Panjshir resistance, whether in preparation for a final offensive is unclear.
This is absolutely extraordinary, all the more so for being presented as a myth-busting exercise.
The likelihood of a repeat of the 26 August attack by ISKP is very high
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In the early hours this morning in #Afghanistan, the U.S. carried out a drone strike against an Islamic State (#ISKP) "planner" in Nangahar province, retaliation for the 26 August massacre at the Kabul airport. It seems the strike killed the target alone.
Given the speed of the anti-#ISKP strike last night, the lack of intelligence streams after the withdrawal of troops, and the concentration of all remaining resources in-country on Kabul, looks opportunistic, rather than targeted to someone directly tied to the airport atrocity.
This is an amazing response from the State Department: legalistic fiction that it doesn't deal with the Haqqani Network, an integrated Taliban component (as it is with Al-Qaeda), because the Haqqanis are designated terrorists.
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#Britain has stopped evacuating #Afghans and is now moving to wind down its military presence in Kabul.
The #ISKP attack yesterday was the most lethal attack on #US troops in Afghanistan in a decade, and in 2011 the US was engaged in offensive operations - something that could be called "a war" - which it has not been since 2014.
The casualty figures for the US security presence low, and the benefit - providing key capacities that sustained the Afghan state, which bore the brunt of the fight to keep the jihadists at bay - was very significant. All lost now, for no reason.
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Interesting: several #ISKP commanders were liquidated soon after the #Taliban broke open the prison in Kunar. Some of these commanders had travelled to #IS Centre in Iraq/Syria.
So the #Biden administration really is preparing to say #Americans left behind in #Afghanistan wanted to be left there or are at fault for being left there.
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The #Taliban have ordered women to stay in their homes. A Taliban the spokesman claimed this is just a "temporary" measure until the jihadists have been trained not to harm women.…
The #Taliban have freed a significant number of #TTP ("Pakistani Taliban") operatives during their prison breaks as they took over the cities.
Pentagon refusing to say how many Americans have been evacuated and admits it does not know the true number of Americans in Afghanistan, but in such a way that it seems they're preparing a message that says Americans left behind didn't want to leave
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Today is the day the #US will decide if it is going to evacuate everyone, or stick to #Biden's self-imposed deadline in #Afghanistan.
This messaging from the State Department about the #Taliban having pledged to allow #Afghans who helped us leave the country even after the #US military departs is either criminally naïve or a horribly cynical way of consigning thousands of people to death
The Pentagon messaging matches up with that of the State Department: very much looks like the #US is preparing the ground to leave #Afghans it owes a duty to behind, but to pretend there's some kind of process or agreement to get them out
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A former interpreter, green card holder, still trapped in #Afghanistan and unable to get to the airport.
Some progress on the pace of evacuations
Biden's Aug. 22 speech on the expanded perimeter referred not to the #US or to the #Afghan forces with them, but to the #Taliban surrounding them.
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Interesting: remnants of the anti-Taliban forces in Baghlan had insider help. Given that much of the collapse came from side-switching because US pulled away logistics and air support that made the Afghan army function, does leave open the possibility they can switch right back.
Would require Western assistance to make the resistance viable, of course, and this will not be happening for a while, so long as the Taliban has thousands of our people as hostages in Kabul.
The US continues seemingly running down the clock on the SIVs, as it has done for many months
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The #Taliban has already moved aggressively against the #media in Afghanistan, and of course has moved most aggressively against female journalists and presenters.
Great wide-ranging interview with @RobertClark87, who fought in #Afghanistan, on the irresponsible way this has all been handled, the renewed terrorist threats already visible, and #Pakistan, "the elephant in the room".
Anas Haqqani is a flagrant example of the fact the #Taliban is inseparable from #Al_Qaeda: the same people occupy command and control roles in the "two" organisations, which are in reality one fluid network that answers to #Pakistan.
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#Jalalabad, the capital of Nangarhar province, 90 miles from Kabul, is the first provincial capital to fall to the #Taliban todau [15 AUG], and the 23rd overall.
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