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¡Muy buenas tardes! ¿Cómo la está pasando?

Les invito a que me acompañen con toda la información más completa del día en #AzucenaxFórmula por el 104.1 FM, 1500 AM y o a través de tu estación local de @Radio_Formula ¡Les espero! Image
En #NuevaYork, inició la selección de las 12 personas que conformarán el jurado para el juicio del exsecretario de seguridad pública, Genaro García Luna; de ser hallado culpable, podría enfrentar una pena que va de los diez años a cadena perpetua #AzucenaxFórmula
Fue diferida para el 10 de marzo la audiencia de Emilio Lozoya por el caso Odebrecht, en el que la #FGR lo acusa de lavado de dinero, cohecho y asociación delictuosa #AzucenaxFórmula
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En #LaMañanera, el presidente López Obrador, aseguró que Ricardo Mejía, no “le dio ni el adiós, nada más le mandó un papel” e insistió que el método para elegir a los candidatos de #MORENA es mediante encuestas y se debe respetar el resultado #AzucenaxFórmula
A través de sus redes sociales, el ahora precandidato del #PT a la gubernatura de #Coahuila, Ricardo Mejía, respondió al presidente, asegurando que él utilizó los medios correspondientes para formalizar su renuncia #AzucenaxFórmula
Estoy conversando con Ricardo Mejía Berdeja (@RicardoMeb), precandidato del #PT a la gubernatura de #Coahuila #AzucenaxFórmula
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The Raichle Palace in Subotica, Serbia, built in 1904 in Hungarian Art Nouveau style by Hungarian architect Ferenc Raichle. Image
#pt Some details of the Raichle Palace in Subotica.

Pics: eXenon84 ImageImageImageImage
A pre-1918 postcard showing the 1904 built Art Nouveau "Raichle Palace" in Subotica, Serbia. As Subotica until 1918 was part of Hungary, notice how the city's Hungarian name, Szabadka, is used. Image
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"A French official told POLITICO that Paris is turning the screws on Germany in the hope of extracting an send Leopard tanks to Ukraine ahead of a Franco-German summit on January 22, the 60th anniversary of the Élysée partnership treaty."…
"Similar pressure is coming from Poland, which wants to form a broad coalition among Western partners to jointly hand over Leopards to Ukraine."
"That suggestion was supported by the French official who...said that “the aim” of Macron’s announcement last week to hand over the French armored fighting vehicles “was to break the taboo [of sending Western tanks to Ukraine], so that the Germans start moving.”"
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🧵 This brilliant NYT report on Putin's cascading catastrofuck in Ukraine is a must-read.

Nothing we didn't know before in some sense, but puts it all in one place and adds a lot of meat to the bones.…
As I and others have consistently pointed out, nothing that has happened to date has changed Putin's imperial goals, and no amount of losses or sanctions will have an impact in the future: Image
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1. No existe ni una sola justificación de cualquier tipo, que demuestre la necesidad de reformar (Plan B) leyes electorales

2. No hay una sola prueba que acredite que el actual sistema electoral no funciona, ni siquiera …

3. No se mejora ni beneficia en nada, el proceso democrático electoral, ni al @INEMexico

4. No es necesario el Plan B, menos en estos momentos

5. No hay consenso en las reformas, entre el Instituto, partidos políticos @AccionNacional @PRI_Nacional

@PRDMexico @MovCiudadanoMX y ciudadanos, principales actores en el sistema hasta ahora, democrático electoral

6. No hubo conocimiento y por ello, análisis de las reformas, ni siquiera por parte de diputados de #morena, @partidoverdemex y #PT

7. No es protectora de

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Why did @elonmusk cancel culture @Elonjet? Will he bring his woke mob of social justice warriors under control? Or continue to use them to purge people he doesn't like?…
@elonmusk @ElonJet How it started vs how its going:
@elonmusk @ElonJet The account tracking @elonmusk's jet was also on the list falsely claiming entities like @bellingcat to be antifa, under the pretext of getting Elon's workers to cancel culture them:…
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Trabalho no mercado financeiro, falei com uma amiga petista sobre a bolsa cair com o anuncio do Mercadante no BNDS...eis que me disse: "O mercado está com medo"
Minha Resposta: uma coisa os petistas precisam entender...o mercado não tem sentimento e nem ideologia politica...
🧶 Image
qdo diz "o mercado esta com medo" é como se fossem pessoas assustadas. Vou explicar o que significa a bolsa cair...significa que investidores estão vendo que o Brasil deixou de ser uma boa oportunidade de investimento, e vão pegar seus capitais bilionários e investir em países...
seguros, pq são os melhores economistas do mundo que operam esses capitais e fazem cálculos de projeções de tudo qto é tipo de natureza....eles não tem medo, pq eles não vão perder dinheiro, qdo o Brasil estiver afundando tem outro pais em pleno crescimento...
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Abu Agila Masud, whom the #US indicted two years ago over the 1988 Lockerbie/Pan Am atrocity, was kidnapped by a militia in #Libya a month ago and is now in American custody. Masud will make an initial appearance in court im Washington, D.C., next week.…
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Signs that #Russia is re-escalating the "mobilisation", picking people up off the streets again to send to #Ukraine, presumably because so many of the mobiks have been killed already and now there is this insane effort to break through in Bakhmut.
Helpful thread here on the background from #Bakhmut. Really, whatever happens in the next period, whether #Russia can break through #Ukraine's lines or not, there is no meaningful way of assessing this as anything but a catastrophe for the Russians
I tend to think this is right. #Bakhmut means a lot to #Russia, but, as mentioned in the thread, among other things, #Ukraine is rotating people on the front, which is likely not what would be happening if Kyiv saw this as a central strategic issue.
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Erdogan, via his friend and associate Sıtkı Ayan [and in coordination with the Russian government], has been overseeing the IRGC-QF's “largest financial network in Turkey and possibly the entire world”.

Quelle surprise 🙄…
IRGC-Erdogan coordination is long and deep. Not sure why anybody would be confused by this revelation if they'd been paying attention since... well, since even before AKP came to power, but certainly thereafter.

I mean, have people forgotten about this already?…
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🧵I am being rightfully ratioed for this idiotic tweet, which I am deleting to save my mentions.

Let this be a lesson not to tweet while super drunk. However, while taking the L, I want to clarify my “thought process” here: Image
1. It goes without saying that this is a Russian win and a US loss. That’s the nature of hostage diplomacy: they get important agents, we just get our civilian citizens back. It sucks.
2. Secondly, Russia stuck to its guns and won. The US 2-for-1 offer of Bout for Griner and Whelan was totally ignored since June.
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No mention here that lifting sanctions on #Cuba and #Venezuela, which are in practical terms a single entity, provides a portal for #Russia, #Iran, and #China to circumvent the sanctions on them, too, and to further embed their spy-terrorist networks in the Western Hemisphere.
It's also exceptionally disappointing for @MaxBoot to quote an academic falsely blaming the "humanitarian disasters" in #Cuba and #Venezuela on US sanctions without any push-back. And ahistorical to pretend backing the Contras was not key to getting the Sandinistas out in 1990.
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#Russian man claims he was in prison with Yevgeny Prigozhin, the nominal manager of "Wagner". Says Prigozhin was an "offended/outcast" (Обиженный), the lowest caste, who regularly provided sex to prisoners, including this man personally.

[Translated by @wartranslated]
"[Priogozhin] had his place ... and agreed to his place. ... [T]hose who join Wagner ... are commanded and managed by a faggot ... [and therefore] become lower than faggots."
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1a) Welcome to a new #accredited #tweetorial on the management of aFXa-DOAC-associated #hemorrhage and specifically the role of coag laboratory testing in these challenging cases.
1b) Our expert author is #pharmacist Craig Beavers, PharmD @beaverspharmd CV Clinical Pharmacy Specialist @UK_COP, and Immediate Past Chair of the @ACCinTouch #ACCCVT Section
2) This 🆓program is accredited for 0.5h CE/#CME for #physicians #physicianassociates #nurses #nurespractitioners #pharmacists and is supported by a grant from AstraZeneca. See statement of accreditation and faculty disclosures at
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So much for the idea #Ukraine negotiated a deal with #Russia to allow the Russians to withdraw unmolested from #Kherson: the Ukrainians are battering the Russians as they fall back, and all indications are this has degenerated into a rout for the Russians.
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Thread on the latest, really pretty pathetic, excuses #Israel has put forward for not assisting #Ukraine with air defence systems 👇🏼
Eran Lerman, former deputy NSC director, explains how powerful #Israel's military-industrial complex has become since February now everyone needs Jerusalem's help ... then says Israel can't help #Ukraine b/c "there are limits to what Israel can part with"…
Lerman has other strange ideas: that Russia must be appeased because it is a serious force in Syria; that Russia "restrains" Asad; that Russia's alliance with Iran started recently; and the maritime deal made with Hizballah undermines Hizballah in Lebanon.
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In the aftermath of the FTX crisis, @Noahpinion asks: "What if crypto just ... dies?"…
#pt: The FTX fiasco has left its CEO Sam Bankman-Fried not only with personal financial exposure but potential criminal exposure, too, and for the same basic reason: lies about how much money was in the system.…
#pt: Binance backs out of the proposal to bail out FTX.

The statement that the "crypto ecosystem is becoming more resilient" and that the fraudsters are "outliers" being "weeded out by the free market" is pure hopium; the evidence is all the other way.
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Utterly absurd, but a useful reminder that the #US administration is not committed to victory in #Ukraine: every time the Ukrainians break through and actually bring us closer to ending the war by defeating #Russia, these officials leak these mad ideas for "diplomacy".
#pt: The #Biden people leaking to the press that "now is the time for diplomacy" over #Ukraine, when it plainly isn't and only #Russia thinks it is, comes a day after it was revealed the US was back at totally "compartmentalised" nuclear talks with Moscow.…
#pt: Not that there is any evidence of a slowdown over winter, certainly not from #Ukraine, which has been kitted out to continue forcing #Russia back during the season.
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There it is: #Russia accepts defeat in #Kherson, announces a withdrawal from the west bank of the Dnipro River.

This is a major victory for #Ukraine, two months after the Kharkiv offensive.

The question now is if Kyiv lets the Russians withdraw in good order; has no reason to.
#pt: The government of #Ukraine, including President Zelensky, had publicly said that #Russia was not really withdrawing from #Kherson, but was trying to draw the Ukrainians into a trap. Now reasonably clear that is not true; unclear if it *was* true at some earlier point.
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Very sceptical of this. The idea is that #Russia sent planes of money and captured US/UK anti-tank weapons (NLAWs and Javelins) to #Iran in exchange for the "suicide drones". There is reason to be sceptical of this in both directions.
#pt: On the one side, the @SkyNews framing makes it sound like the Iran-Russia axis is a narrow, transactional relationship, rather than a strategic partnership. Iran was sending drones to help Russia's war, and Russia was sharing any captured technology, no matter what.
#pt: On the other side, the @SkyNews is on its face very strange, since #Iran has had full access to all Western weaponry since Biden abandoned #Afghanistan and handed it all to their Taliban-Qaeda clients. They don't need to scavenge from #Russia in Ukraine.
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Circula hoje em um grupo restrito de economistas do PT o que seria o futuro Ministério de Lula e a estrutura de comando de algumas estatais.

Saiba mais na nossa thread 🧵

#politica #economia #pt #lula #janja #gleisihoffmann
#tebet #simonetebet #alckmin
Em tempo de frenéticas especulações sobre a composição do Gabinete, a lista pode ser até um wishful thinking. Mas diversos dos economistas que participam do grupo de WhatsApp são bastante próximos do próprio Lula.
Advocacia-Geral da União

Luiz Carlos Rocha (Rochinha)

Banco Central do Brasil

Campos Neto [mandato fixo]

Casa Civil

Gleisi Hoffmann

Controladoria-Geral da União

Manoel Caetano

Gabinete de Segurança Institucional

Tarso Genro
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Thread: 26 October 2022: Day 245 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
Latest @DefenceHQ update: the governor of Belgorod within #Russia announced on Oct. 24 that the main rail line linking Russia and #Belarus was sabotaged by "Stop the Wagons" (StW), ostensibly a "Russian anti-war group".
It does not take an especially suspicious mind to believe that "Stop the Wagons" (StW) is supported by, if not fabricated by, #Ukraine's intelligence services, which suggests a serious issue for #Russia, at least in the key war staging areas on the border.
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Thread: 25 October 2022: Day 244 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
Latest @DefenceHQ update: #Russia has lost at least 23 Ka-52 HOKUM attack helicopters, a quarter of its in-service fleet, in #Ukraine, many to MANPADS. The Russians still do not have air superiority and the helicopters have less cover from combat jets than they are meant to. Image
#Germany's President Frank-Walter Steinmeier went to #Ukraine today, where he is rather suspected because of his record on #Russia. He met President Zelensky and Kyiv Mayor, Vitali Klitschko, with whom he visited sites attacked by Russia using the Iran-supplied drones on Oct. 17. ImageImage
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