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MARCH 20, 2017
FBI’s Russian-influence probe includes a look at #Breitbart, #InfoWars news sites…
2/Breitbart partially owned by Robert Mercer, exec of a NY hedge fund & a co-owner of #CambridgeAnalytica, a firm credited w/giving Trump a significant advantage in gauging voter priorities last year by providing his campaign w/5,000 data points on each of 220mil Americans.
3/Additional Russian tool was the news from its prime propaganda machine, Russia Today, w/a global TV & digital media operation & US arm, RT America.

2016 #Breitbart announced that its website traffic had set a record the previous 31 days w/300mil views, driven by social media.
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1/17: Why #hitler failed and why WE are gonna WIN this WAR – a VERY brief strategy review.

I stated yesterday that it’s unavoidable that we will WIN this war for the same reason the #nazis failed back then.

Why am I so sure?

@goddeketal #thread ;)
2/17: Well, because of science of course ;)
And because of the strategy of the opposite that is clearly wrong.
Everyone who has ever worked in a merger-acquisition environment can observe, that even very rich organisations fail at the end if they choose the #wrongstrategy.
3/17: #hitler decided on the strategy of #apartheit.
#nazi leaders viewed and misconstructed events as they unfolded. The misperception of the reality deriving from the anti-Semitic agenda contributed to major blunders and eventually to the Allies’ ability to defeat the #nazis.
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Let me tell you a fairy tale tonight ;)
c-19 is like ebola (we will all gonna die!)
infection mortality rate min 3%
Sweden has fallen
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What is #fascism?
The characteristics of #fascism.
A selection of definitions. Image
1/14 “if you ask the average thinking person to define #Fascism, he usually answers by pointing to the German and Italian régimes. But this is very unsatisfactory, because even the major Fascist states differ from one another a good deal in structure and ideology.” (G. Orwell)
2/14 #fascism is tied up with the post-WWI politics of Italy of the famous ‘democrat’ Benito Mussolini, a member of the Italian Socialist Party. The most important players within the fascist movement came from the socialists offering the most appealing policies for the masses.
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Binnen de anti-#coronamaatregelen beweging zie je met enige regelmaat de vergelijking tussen de #lockdown en de #Holocaust.
Recentelijk maakt het kamerlid voor FvD Pepijn van Houwelingen die vergelijking opnieuw.
Het is een bewuste vertekening van de werkelijkheid.
Lees mee.
6 miljoen Joden werden vermoord. Overwegend #Joden.
In #Auschwitz vonden alleen al 1,1 - 1,5 miljoen onschuldigen de dood.
Maar er waren veel meer concentratie- en vernietigingskampen
In het vernietigingskamp #Belzec werden 434.508 Joden vermoord. Exact gedocumenteerd.
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Live: A rally led by #neonazi and radical nationalist organizations in honor of the SS Galicia division is underway in downtown Kyiv. The Kyiv mayor reportedly supported this rally. This is the new low for #Ukraine.
Ukrainska pravda, which is financed by National Endowment for Democracy & NATO Public Diplomacy Program, deliberately omits that this was SS division & repeats far right propaganda that volunteers joined this SS division to prevent Stalinist mass terror.…
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Hoi Diederik Greive ❤ van @OM_NoordNL.

Ik ben van plan om dit weekend de naam bekend te maken van de persoon die jarenlang uitlatingen op de sociale media heeft geplaatst die aan mij zijn toegeschreven.

En ook nu weer liep het spoor naar #Assen.

Het jaarverslag van de #MIVD over 2017 is kennelijk offline gehaald omdat daar een belangrijke aanwijzing in staat.…

Dat de #mivd cyber operaties opspoort dat is wel bekend, maar dat ze die mogelijk zelf uitvoert of laat uitvoeren door personen die voor #defensie werken of hebben gewerkt, veel minder. Ik vond een spoor naar een persoon & er meldde zich ineens een inlichtingenofficier. Image
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BREAKING: @ODNIgov issues assessment on Worldwide Threats a day before intel chiefs testify before lawmakers

"#Beijing, #Moscow, #Tehran, & #Pyongyang have demonstrated the capability & intent to advance their interests at the expense of the UnitedStates...despite the pandemic"
"#China increasingly is a near-peer competitor, challenging the United States in multiple arenas...#Russia is pushing back against #Washington where it can globally, employing techniques up to and including the use of force" per Annual Threat Assessment…
"#Iran will remain a regional menace w/broader malign influence activities" per @ODNIgov report "#NorthKorea will be a disruptive player on the regional & world stages"
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Here is a picture of Lord Harold Sidney Harmsworth, 1st Viscount Rothermere with Hitler.

He founded the Daily Mail, which influenced British politics, to strongly support for the appeasement of Nazi Germany.

Now his Great Grandson of the Daily Mail supports Boris Johnson 🤷‍♂️ Photo of Hitler. In the 1930s Lord Rothermere used his newsp
"The Mail Online successfully lobbied the Government to delete a tweet denouncing one of its articles, a freedom of information request has revealed"

Sceptics against #Lockdown cited the misleading article that "95% of #Covid cases had underlying causes"… A Mail Online article that claims 95% of Covid deaths had un
The Daily Mail influenced many people to vote to Leave the EU with front page articles attacking migrants who were 'besieging' and 'swamping' the UK

Daily Mail readers actually upvoted comments taken from Hilter's quotes with 'Jew' replaced by 'Migrant':… Daily Mail front page covers condemning migrants
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@arendtiana @JohnnyVedmore @DenisS0rn @_whitneywebb Some 'jerk off' @CNN reporter finds & interviews #OsamabinLaden & his lesdership, and then @cnnbrk

"Bin Laden will attack
USA & #Israel"

#911Truth RIP #BillCooper
@arendtiana @JohnnyVedmore @DenisS0rn @_whitneywebb @CNN @cnnbrk #911Truth👆
#Bush #SkullAndBones

In Johnny's article, #KlausSchwab is having breakfast in NYC on the morning of 9/11 at a synagoge with a Rabi, ex- World Jewish Congress, or so, watching the scheduled
9/11 show

Carte blanche for #GreatReset & #NewNormal
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🚔 Henk van Essen
📨 @POL_Korpschef

#MH17🚩 #FreeAssange🔓

Mayor @AmsterdamNL
#Halsema📝 IBS

#911Truth👆1st tweet
#MH17 attached here👇

cc @mfa_russia @Dpol_un
@PieterOmtzigt @wikileaks

Security @Schiphol airport ® #Mossad. #MH17 was 1st🚩 #NATO's #WarOnRussia

My boss flew #MH17

I tried to report a crime
Got 'arrested' @112Schiphol
Mayor #Halsema 📝IBS
🔒 #HumanRights

🚔 @POL_Korpschef I want to report #MH17 mass murder @PieterOmtzigt
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Ich kokettiere wenigstens nicht mit dem Gedanken, mich mit #Nazi Symbolen gemein zu machen.

Auch, komme ich nicht kokett, mit verächtlichen Kacheln, daher.

JUnge, JUnge 🤦‍♂️
#CDU. Diese #JU ist das beste, was euch nachfolgt? /PM
Die JU spricht sonst immer von Sternchen, jetzt aber von Stern.
Der komplette Satzbau und Wortwahl "Die Freiheit des Denkens endet mit dem Stern" erzeugt sofort eine gewollte Assoziation zum Judenstern und der NS-Zeit

Zu behaupten, nicht zu wissen wie es wirkt, ist unglaubwürdig
Ausschlaggebend sind die Worte Freiheit, Denken, Stern. Mit Schwerpunkt auf Stern - Sternchen hätte wohl auch für Verwunderung gesorgt, Stern verstärkt es aber. Zumal Sternchen korrekt wäre. Warum also diese Wahl?

Liest man den Satz das erste mal, wird die Tragweite des Satzes
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#MH17 #NATO #Israel
1st falseflag #WarOnRussia
Brzezinski scipt

✈🚀🚢 🚔
Subpoena #USSVellaGulf


RIP Prof. #JoepLange

📨 @PieterOmtzigt
📖 #MH17
📨 @SaskiaBelleman


📨 @mfa_russia @Dpol_un
📨 @rusembassynl

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@catturd2 Enjoy the radio show😸
@catturd2 😸R😸o😸g😸e😸r😸

💌 @rogerwaters💎

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Dear 🐏ple,

Did you sign #InformedConsent form, prior to accepting a shot of experimental #GeneTherapy?
I had @DesireeRover's video in my playlist; gone. She is a medical research journalist, 'femme fatale, boa @BOA_Handhaving constrictor🐍

She talked #vaccines, #autism, #chemtrails, #fluoride, Honey #Bee🐝 etc

Visit @RealGeoEngWatch💎 @Kevin_Shipp @KristenMeghan @Lukewearechange
Off to check if #Artis ZOO is open. #Lions need millions ofveuro for new home

@WEF b!tch #Halsema
#Hugochenko gave💰to
@ladygaga💉 & #WHO😫

Papa #Nazi corroborate
👕via @_whitneywebb…😈
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10 Famous People Who Were Nazi Sympathizers
Read our list to find ten people who were reportedly Nazi sympathizers.…
Top 10 #Nazi Collaborators Who Were #Jews
The truth, however, is that a number of Jews worked under the Nazis and helped to identify thousands of their fellow men for deportation to the death camps.…
Click on censorshipbutton pls 😉🤗
Foto 1 joodse ME? ImageImageImageImage
Unique Soviet Ukrainian film, narrated in English and entitled “No Statute of Limitations” depicts the court case crimes against humanity committed during WWII by fascist collaborators, massacre of Korty-Lissy village in 1942, Volyn region in 1941, etc.…
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The #COVID19 connections between USA Eugenics Movement, #Nazi IGFarben and #Rockefeller's Standard Oil (#Bush), #Auschwitz , #CIA & the #RedCross!
(Note: keep repeating "it is NO #conspiracy!"🤣)… (a thread 🤗)
Unethical human experimentation in the #UnitedStates
In 1911, Dr. Hideyo Noguchi of the #Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research injected 146 hospital patients (some of whom were children) with syphilis.…
Marietje Schaake - #D66 EU 'ex-'politicus & NWO-censuurprinses
Sinds 2019 docent én directeur internationaal beleid bij het Cyber Policy Center van de Stanford universiteit en vz. TWG conferentie in het #Rockefellercomplex Italië…
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Regular booster vaccines are the future in battle with #COVID19 virus, top genome expert says
Peacock told Reuters at the non-profit Wellcome Sanger Institute.…
“The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal. We don’t want the word to get out that we want to exterminate the #Negro population!"😉🙈
Margaret #Sanger was sponsored by #Rockefeller.…
1936, #Rockefeller's Dr. Franz Kallmann interrupted his study of hereditary degeneracy and emigrated to America because he was half-Jewish. He established the Medical Genetics Department of the NY State Psychiatric Institute…  
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