One thing the last psychologist talked about a lot and I only started to appreciat as I got older is the difference between the appearance of power vs actual power.
And the difference between these two things is probably the greatest trick ever pulled by those with power.
Moldbug also talks about this a lot when explaining why all political activism (for the right) is useless. Its not meant to blackpill, Its just a fact.
There are so many activities(traps) laid out for people to make them feel powerful while not doing anything that its spooky.
If you can effectively stimulate somebody's power centers, you can make them do anything you want.
What is weird about this phenomena is the amount of incredibly smart people who fall for it, I think smart people focus their energy mainly on whatever task they are doing..
And pretty much outsource all judgement to the people around them.
This is probably why genius level iqs and powerful ceos, people literally at the top of society, all have incredibly banal normie tastes in everything they consume.
But getting back to power...
I think the thing people strive for in life and are willing to bleed and die for is not money or women or even power (in the decision making sense) its status. It is importance.
The best analogy I have of status is the huddling phenomena among emperor penguins wherein the..
Penguins start huddling together under extremely cold temperatures yo keep warmth.
Status in humans determines who is at the center of the huddle (and thus best protected against the cold winds of life) and who is at the edge, weathering the storm.
All humans from...
The most powerful man in the world down to the street beggar wants more of it and dreads having less.
That being said some people are better able to handle this existential fear. Some people are willing to trade in status(appearance of power) to get(real) power in return
I dont think i need to tell you guys who these people are. They are the centuries (some millennium) old houses and noble dynasties that almost no one has heard about, these people make no splashes or sounds, they have some renown in whatever sector they operate in but they are...
Otherwise unknown. I have absolutely no doubt about this. These people are not some genius masterminds, they are just people with a lot of time and patience who work on the time span of generations, they don't make any sudden moves, just small incremental steps..
And if they are ever caught or trip up, they have no qualms about taking 5 steps back and starting from square one. In this way, they are almost always guaranteed to win.
Its the difference in scope that makes them the ruling class. While everybody is caught
Up with the present, they are busy trying to shape the future, one small step at a time.
I wonder how many people on planet earth are playing this game. It can't be more than 10,000 people right? and that's probably me exaggerating, its probably closer to 1000.

• • •

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23 Nov
Anything that makes you confront reality and makes you act to change it = good.
Anything that puts off the need to confront reality and or makes it so that you don't need to act to change things for the better = bad.

Politics, porn, drugs and alcohol are in the second category.
The first is hard, sometimes painful but always uncomfortable in the short term.
Second is what most people default to and it is easy, immediately gratifying but disastrous in the long term.
We know the big traps, but I rarely see people talking about politics which might be..
The most insidious one.
If you are not in political office or about to get one, I highly reccomend the clear pill.
If you HAVE TO worry about politics, you need to make sure that you have:
1. Bitches (or one).
2. No financial problems.
3. Many friends.
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24 Sep
Ladies and gentlemen, we cannot have a fruitful discussion on sex and marriage without acknowledging the truth about female sexuality.
It feels like in all these twitter spaces this is the elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about.
In a space i was just listening to, somebody brought up the vast difference between christian men(virgin) and women (not virgin) who are between 25-30 and if that's fine or not.
The answer he got back boiled down to "get over it, it is what it is."
The topic was then promptly glossed over before anyone could ask "why is it like this anyways?"
We are usually told to believe that women want to marry and have kids while men just want sex and nothing else so why are the Christian men usually the virgins and the women not?
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23 Sep
This is one of my favorite cartoon openings, top 10 easily. The French are alright. Literally got stuck in my head for a decade+
The it*lians are also alright.
And ofc the Japanese. Genuinely impossible to listen to this without feeling anything. Highly rsccomend the anime even for non anime watchers, very worth it.
Fuck it, I might just do a thread on my favorite pieces of music.
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17 Sep
@CovfefeAnon Honestly we all know what the nash equilibrium of this game is. The forces nature (women) have been unleashed. We are in a defect/defect scenarioz the women will try to maximise their strategy by sleeping around and trying to catch a chad and if it fails settling with a...
@CovfefeAnon Safe provider (This is difference between dating early 20s vs late 20s women boys, be careful out there). While the men will be divided solidly into two camps winner (maybe 10-20%) and losers. The winners will go wild and either settle or don't, they hold all the cards..
@CovfefeAnon While the losers will ironically enter an alliance with women to try to corner the winners into "growing up" and "commiting already!". They will do this however they can. This is because we are a monogamous society (for now, women will fight hard for polygamy in the not so...
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