I'm sure the since deleted Weibo post by #PengShuai has been translated into En by ppl, but I haven't seen a properly translated version, & sounds like many others havn't read her post yet. Here's an attempt by myself, content in square brackets were added by myself... #WTA
1. I know I can’t explain it clearly, & it won’t help anyway. But I still want to say it. I’m so hypocritical. I admit I’m not a good girl. I’m a v v bad girl. About 3 yrs ago, [former] Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli, u had retired & contacted me via Dr Liu of Tianjin Tennis Centre. U
2. invited me to play tennis at Beijing Kangming Hotel. After we finished playing tennis in the morning, u & ur wife Kang Jie took me to your home.
Then u took me to ur room, & just like 10+ yrs ago, u wanted to hv sex w/ me. That arvo I was v afraid, bc I never thought it would
3. b like that – a person [his wife] was even guarding it there; no one would hv believed ur wife would b ok w/ it. 7 yrs be4 that we had sex once, but you never contacted me again after u were promoted to politburo in BJ. I had buried everything in heart – since u never
4. intended to b responsible why would u come back to find me & took me to ur home & coerced me to hv sex w u? Indeed I hv no proof, & it’s impossible to hv any proof. Later u kept denying it, but you did like me first; otherwise it would b impossible for me to come into contact
5. w/ u. That arvo at 1st I didn’t agree & kept crying. Later I had dinner w u & Auntie Kang Jie. U said the universe is v v big, & the Earth is like a grain of sand in it, & we human beings r not even like a grain of sand,& much more, all intended to persuade me. After dinner
6. I was still reluctant, & u said u hated me! Then u said you had never forgotten me throught the previous 7 yrs & that u would treat me well etc. I was afraid & confused,& w the feelings I had for u 7 yrs before I agreed…Yes we had sex. Emotions r such a complex thing & hard
7. to explain. After that I re-opened my love for u. In the days after that, I felt u were a v v good person, & treated me v well. We chatted abt things fr modern history to ancient history. You talked abt knowledge abt everything & economics, philosophy. We had endless things to
8. chat abt. We played chess/ping pong/billiards, sang songs, & played tennis together – we always enjoyed it so much. Our personalities went so well together & everything seemed so compatible. I left home [to train for tennis] at an early age & deep down I felt extremely
9. love-deprived. Facing all that, I never felt I was a good girl.I hated myself. I hate the fact that I came to this world to experience this (emotional) suffering.U told me u loved me, v v much, &that u wish next life u would meet me when u were 20 I 18. U said u were v lonely,
10. feeling sorry for yourself. We had so much to chat abt. U said u couldn’t get a divorce due to ur position, & that had we met while u were stil in Shangdong [when he was less senior] u could stil hv divorced, but now there was no way.I had contemplated just quietly being w/ u
11. In the beginning it was ok, but after a while things started to change.There were too much unfairness & humiliation. Every time when u had me over, your wife said so many mean, insulting things to me behind ur back. Lots of ridicule & mocking.Once I said I liked duck tongues,
12. & Auntie Kang Jie said “Yuck, how disgusting!” During foggy days in BJ’s winter when I said the air quality wasn’t v good, Auntie Kang Jie would say, “That’s only in your suburban area. We don’t feel it here.” And many such words. She wasn’t that way in your presence,
13. just like us – when we were together alone u were one way, but another way in others’ presence. I had said to u I felt sad & humiliated by all those words. From Day 1 I had never spent 1 cent of yours, let alone using ur power to secure any interest or benefits for myself,
14. but an real, public relationship was really important to me. Perhaps I deserved it. I allowed myself to b humiliated. Fr the beginning u made me keep our r/s confidential, esp to my mum, who drove me to the Xishiku Church every time to change to ur car to get to ur home.
15. [In the last tweet I translated “名分“ roughly to “a real, public relationship”. It may not b accurate. It usually refers to an committed, exclusive relationship, married or unmarried] She always thought I was there to play mahjong/poker & hv other entertainment at ur home.
16. In our own life we were all “see-through” ppl. Ur wife was like (the jealous) Empress in the “Legend of Zhen Huan” TV opera series. And I couldn’t describe how embarrassing a person I had become. Oftentimes I wondered if I was still a human being.
17. I felt I was a walking dead, just pretending to b normal. Every day I was pretending – which one was the real me? I shouldn’t hv come to this world, but I didn’t hv the courage to die. I really wanted to live a simple life, but reality was the opposite. On 30th (Oct), we had
18. You said we should talk abt it again on the arvo of 2nd Nov. Today u called to say something had come up & that u would contact me again, finding excuse for everything & saying u would contact me again on another day. Just like 7 yrs ago u “disappeared” again,
19. discarded me so lightly after playing w/ me. U said we didn’t hv any transactions btw us. Correct – the emotions btw us had nothing to do w/ power or money. But I hv nowhere to park & no way to face the 3 yrs of emotions. U were always concerned I might bring a recorder w/ me
20. to keep a proof. Indeed, I hv no proof other than myself. No recording, no videoing, only the real experience of the warped being of me.I know for u the powerful, highly positioned [former] Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli,u r not afraid. But even if it’s like an egg fighting a rock,
21. a moth flying into the flames, I’m telling the truth btw us. Knowing ur intelligence & tactics, no doubt u would deny it or accuse me of defaming u. U can be careless & arrogant like this. U always said u hoped ur late mother would bless u & keep u safe. I’m a bad girl &
22. don’t deserve to be a mother; u r a father w children of both genders. Let me ask u: would u make ur adopted daughter do this? Would u b able to face ur mother one day w/o feeling the shame? We are all just pretending to be decent human beings…”
23. My comments: This has now been highly politicised & used by propaganda machines fr all sides, which I really dislike. I always try to b reasonable, fair & impartial, & this is my opinion as a human being & a woman:
24. If what #Pengshuai posted was all factual, & I personally believe her, 1stly I think Zhang did abuse his power & sexually coerced her 3 yrs ago at his home. 2ndly, I think Peng did love him. These 2 things can both be true & not mutually exclusive. 3rdly, I believe she's...
25. ...safe & likely to re-appear sometime soon. She may well hv been told to shut up. 4th, I think Zhang is likely to face investigation & incur disciplinary actions by CPC, possibly at least for "decadent lifestyle", as I believe his behavior is against party (ethics/moratity)
26. rules. And this has now blown up, it makes it hard for CPC to sweep it all under the carpet. 5th, I think Pend would face harsh criticism, moral judgment as well. in a conservative society like China, Peng's conduct would b seen by some ppl as being "disgraceful" & desperate,
27. vindictive. Her career is also likely over. 6th, I think if there's one thing everyone who has commented on this matter agrees, it is this: the Chinese govt's handling of this matter is indefensibly foolish, incompetent & wrong. And that the censorship of her post is wrong.
28. And sincerely I hope #PengShuai would be able to get over this and re-start her life when she's ready and eventually live a happy life. End.
BREAKING: As I predicted in this thread, #Pengshuai has just re-appeared with her friends. I've retweeted a few videos/photos of her with friends.
P.S. Some of my unpopular/politically incorrect thoughts: If what she said was true, what Zhang did to her was utterly disgusting & dispicable & completely wrong, esp for someone of his position. But Peng as an adult also need to take some responsibility for her own actions...
...What do you expect when you mess with a married powerful man who told you he would not be able to divorce his wife and marry you? And to Zhang, what did u expect when u disrespected, used & abused a talented young woman who had invested in you emotionally? For both of them,...
...I'll say this: If you sleep with monkeys, you get fleas...
When it comes to CN the rule is guilty until proven innocent, if the latter is even possible.
Assume #PengShuai has indeed been safely at home but just didn’t want to make a public appearance. What should CN govt do to prove they didn’t disappear her? Forcing her to show up?...
On a slightly different subject, ppl r naturally speculating that Zhang is likely to be under investigation by Party disciplinary committee. No one knows what outcome it would be, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s revealed, when it’s over, that he had multiple mistresses...
I mean through out his career, esp as he became more senior. The way he behaved w/ Peng (unusual for CN men, esp considering his age, to straight up demand sex) indicate to me that this was probably not the 1st/2nd time he abused his power & took advantages of younger women.
Correction: In Tweet 4 and 24, "coerced" should be replaced with "pressured", as he did not use force or threaten her. He pressured/persuaded her when she was initially unwilling & later still reluctant till she eventually agreed.
#Breaking This ofc will not satisfy the mob, but nontheless they wil hv less excuse to continue to be a nuisance. #PengShuai
Many int'l media & commentators claimed #PengShuai accused Zhang Gaoli of "sexual assault", some even say "rape". While Zhang's behavior was dispicable & inexcusable, I don't think his sexual misconduct breached CN's criminal law bc in the end he persuaded Peng into agreeing...
Here's a link to a Chinese source of definition of rape & sexual assault etc:
In Western Australia: "Sexual assault can be any sexual behaviour or act which is threatening, violent, forced, coercive or exploitative and to which a person has not given consent or was not able to give consent. Reasons that someone might not be able to give consent include..."
...being unconscious, asleep, severely intoxicated, having a developmental disability or mental health issue that significantly impairs decision making."
I don't know how "exploitative" is interpreted in practice. But these laws r v different btw CN (v narrow definition) & WA.

• • •

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