I'm triple-vaxxed, and heading in for my 4th.

With that said, my 99.97% N100 and P100's are far more protective than any CoVid vaccine.

With THAT said....go get your booster - and wear at least an N95 while you do so.

And never listen to someone who's made as many bad calls as

February 2021,
No third wave in North America agree with Steve Baral (GBD).

February 2021 - herd immunity in India because of tcells.

March/April 2021
Those pushing vaxxes for children getting paid by vax companies?
June 15, 2021 Cutting the mask ribbon

July 2021
There’s no sign of a surge in hospitalization or severe illness, and the vaccines remain extremely effective.

September 4th
October 2021 Not sure why vaccination then exposure is a bad idea

November 2021...a very busy month for bad calls for her.

But let's just do this one - the Berkeley walk back.

This is the one where she tried to link
getting rid of testing and cases, so that our metrics will just be hospitalizations and deaths.

But of course, we know that a percentage of those cases will be LongCoVid, so that's a really bad idea.

At some point you would think this might start to happen....

• • •

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22 Nov
It is amazing to me that this is not front page news as it affects EVERY single doctor and nurse in the world.

The medical community has been fooled by two major RCT's, Loeb and Radonovich.

Those studies purport to measure N95's versus surgical masks.

They do...but are fatally

They measure the efficacy of PPE against an airborne disease, influenza, when using DROPLET protocols.

So, of course, surgical masks were found to be at the same level, OR BETTER, as N95's.

Which is the opposite of what the laws of physics say - or NIOSH & OSHA.
They must be retracted as they are at the base of every IPC guideline in the world.

Why not just an editor's note?

They have been cited so often, and are embedded in every IPC guidance document in the world.

If not directly, then by the local IPC department depending on the
Read 5 tweets
22 Nov
This thread is interesting, but draws some incorrect conclusions.

The concentration of aerosols that happens when we go inside is the largest factor, but low relative humidity does not help.

There are a fair number of studies that have looked at this.
ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/labs/pmc/artic… Image
So, incorrect conclusions?

Pretty much everything except that lower relative humidity increases chances of getting infected due to less efficient cilia motility.

How do we know this?

By paying attention to the aerosol scientists rather than people
liked by Bhattacharya, Kulldorff - and who are trying to persuade you that you can get away with intervening with just water?


Enough of the ruckus. Now, for the receipts.
Read 8 tweets
22 Nov
What is the right thing to do?

When you are wrong, you apologize - as I did after seeing @bencowling88 and @jburnmurdoch's analysis of the 53% masking study.

You retract if the honest errors are particularly large or impactful.
I propose that Loeb (2009) and Radonovich (2019) need to be retracted as they were measuring the efficacy of N95's versus surgical masks in protection from an airborne disease - but using droplet protocols.

Not airborne protocols.

First - we can see that
influenza is airborne via aerosols:

Cowling et al (2013)
Tellier (2006)
High-level review of Milton et al (2018)
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21 Nov

Hi Dr. Schofield - I'm working on a thread that I could use some additional information on?

In ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/P… (such a great study!), the supplementary doc does not seem to contain a diagram of the ward.

Do you have such an architectural diagram?

If ImageImage
not, did I assume correct with the patient room labelling in the first picture, and do you have the length and width of the room in the second picture? I saw the overall floor space of 12.8 m2, but wasn't sure about how it was split.

Thank you!

For others - this is a
fantastic study to see how portable air cleaners ONLY ENHANCE current HVAC standards.

Doesn't matter whether it's a hospital (normally 6 ACH), a school (just over 1 ACH), or an office (quite often 3 ACH).

Your home? Usually just like a school - and what is called "poor"
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19 Nov
I never want to hear about valveless respirators again.

H/T @PPEtoheros.


Delta said they weren't accepting them.

And THEN the CDC came out against them.

Despite having 624 valved respirators recommended for HCW's on their website.
@Delta @AssistDelta - please get your lobbyists to get the @CDCgov @CDCDirector to undo their RIDICULOUS valved respirator stance.

You broke this. You fix it.
3M says, "Nope, valved respirators are not a problem."
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19 Nov
Austria - 70.6% vaxxed.
956 cases / 100 K

US - 59% vaxxed
207 cases / 100K

Have FFP2 (their N95) respirators available for 59 cents in stores.
They are mandatory. No cloth masks. Poor and elderly got free ones.
Austria rules...basically FFP2 unless seated down like in a restaurant. And each region has a few more rules.

FFP2 are 94% vs our 95%.
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