State of Maine is in the Top 10 for Coronavirus Vaccination Rates in the US.

Their current 7-day average of new cases is triple the level of the same dates last year and it is highest it has been during the outbreak.
The 7-day average of new Coronavirus DEATHS in highly-vaccinated Israel is now the same it has been this week last year without a vaccine.
The 7-day average of new Coronavirus cases in highly-vaccinated Vermont is now the worst it has ever been, and it is a few times higher than the same week last year.

The state also suffered now its 2 worst weeks of Coronavirus cases among vaccinated people.
NY is of the highest C19 states in the US. Its current 7-day average of new Coronavirus deaths is slightly worse than it was last year without a vaccine.

I know. “Delta.”

You can either double down or you can start focusing more on care for infected people via use of MAB etc.
Gone unnoticed is that Washington, of the Top 10 C19 vaccinated states, had its worst run for new Coronavirus deaths in late September into October, and its current 7-day average of new deaths is higher than it was the same week last year.
Virigina, the 10th best C19 vaccinated US state, has now almost the identical number of new COVID deaths as they did the same dates last year.

Louisiana, which is of the least vaccinated states, has now less than a third of new COVID deaths than it had this week last year.


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23 Nov
Funny about Shapiro, @brithume and other non-Trump GOPs/Cons is this: They KNOW that national media shape the conversation from #Rittenhouse to #WaukeshaAttack, yet they think if only Trump tweeted this/that way, all would be good for him.

Total lala land disconnect.
“We don’t know the motive of the mass murderer,” writer Shapiro.

He calls him a murderer so at a minimum Ben admits that murder was a motive.

Yet he writes we don’t know the motive.

“Do Not Comply” Ben plays with one hand behind his back when it comes to politics of politics.
I didn’t monitor his Twitter account at the time, but did Shapiro say this 🔺 on Rittenhouse within days of the shooting last year? I’m not asking this as a trolling question. I’m asking if any of you out there remember how he went about it at the time.
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22 Nov
@MattWalshBlog @Cernovich How would fleeing another crime (in which he may have been the perp l), explain any of it away? And indeed, nobody needs to plow down people over a stretch of 3 blocks while “escaping” a crime event. It’s not like the car slammed into a building on the escape. He kept going!
@MattWalshBlog @Cernovich @MrAndyNgo @benshapiro @KurtSchlichter @JackPosobiec @ThomasARoberts @TheBeatWithAri @BrookeBaldwin Waukesha Police say Darrell Brooks "intentionally drove his maroon SUV through barricades into a crowd of people.”

Big media spent the last 18 hours telling us we didn’t see on video what our eyes saw.

He kept plowing ahead for blocks. What was even the debate here?
@MattWalshBlog @Cernovich @MrAndyNgo @benshapiro @KurtSchlichter @JackPosobiec @ThomasARoberts @TheBeatWithAri @BrookeBaldwin The attacker in the #Waukesha (hate) incident was a racial antagonist, Hitler sympathizer and Trump hater who repeatedly called for violence in context of PD. If the script were flipped, the would-be Trump WH would be under siege all day today from alledged media.
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21 Nov
Hi @JerryNadler. Your tweet about the case is rooted in fake news and misinformation as seen from this CNN, yes, CNN, segment. They set the record straight on things that most @HouseDemocrats have no clue happened or did not happen.

Same goes for @SenateDems.
Most Lefties commenting on the #RittenhouseVerdict seem to think that he killed minorities; and/or that he killed people at random. Basic facts are missing thanks and because our disinfo-spreading national media has again done a partisan job, same as the Dossier and COVID-19.
For all the talk about “COVID-19 disinformation” and “C19 vaccine information,” so much of it comes from vaccine fanatics and lockdown Dems in media and in politics.

In fact, many tweets from the CDC Director alone is contradicted by data released by, wait for it, the CDC!
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18 Nov
Righteous Con @baseballcrank cheers on big government persecution of a mentally-challenged political dissident who was on camera asking people tp remain calm, and who was never accused and sure not charged with violence seen at the White House in the summer of 2020.
From a small gov perspective, in addition to having a human’s heart, @baseballcrank should have opposed a 41 month prison term for a clown in a suit. But Crank, like most righteous cons, easily buys and sells whatever narrative Dem media puts out; expect on taxing the rich.
The more self-righteous of a conservative someone pretends to be, the more gullible they are to accept whatever media propaganda is out there against Republicans and conservatives. They are easy marks for Dem Media/Anti-GOP grifters. cc @baseballcrank @DavidAFrench @EWErickson
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10 Nov
Now Germany is stopping the Moderna C19 vaccine for the under-30 age.

France and half a dozen countries already did so; not yet the vaccine fanatics in the US.

Why does this vaccine create a heart issue in under age 30 but not for those above 60? Any MD can please explain?
There have been stories in mainstream press especially outside the US of older people having heart attacks within weeks of taking certain C19 vaccines. If it can create heart issues in younger people (hence, many countries stopped using it), it can happen in older people too. No?
Since the start of the outbreak through 11/3/21 CDC data, only 0.65% of US Coronavirus deaths were people under the age 30. My guess is similar numbers happened in Europe, so regulators concluded that the risk of heart issues in this age is worse than the Coronaviurs risk. Dunno.
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10 Nov
Rollover suckers are Conservatives.

Idiots are Republicans.

These dumb clowns can’t even troll @GavinNewsom about possibly having had C19 or a neg reaction to a booster, yet half these clowns bought the dossier hoax.

Useful idiots. It’s a mindset and they land in the GOP.
Are you an idiot?

Great. Now I know why you are a Republican.

God bless you, MORON.

Did you already send your monthly $25 to the @NRCC @NRSC who will elect more rollover suckers that will vote for Biden’s agenda when some in his own party bulk (like with infrastructure)?
NY’s @NMalliotakis said the Infrastructure Bill is great because it’s a reduction from the initial $2.2 trill and because AOC voted against it.

Being to the right of AOC is now a win and mainstream? And, had the initial request been $4.4 trillion, would Mallio back $2.2 trill?
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