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National “Media Bias” in Biden’s Era is simply how things are not covered.

A deadly hate-driven massacre by a Jew-hating, anti-Trump, BLM-supporting, militant supremacist has been watered down to a “crash” so much so that most Cons won’t ID the attacker the way I did. 🐓
Days after the deadly attack by an anti-Trump, Cop-hating militant, POTUS Biden spent his holiday on the island of a billionaire. Having such a vacation would be a scandal with Trump at any given week; sure so following a deadly hate attack by an anti-Biden, Cop fan.
Most Cons who whine about mediaaa mediaaa mediaaa, mostly go only where the mediaaa permit the story to go. Few-if-any “conservative” pundits have given you the description of the attacker the way I did; fewer even call it a hate attack. Bunch of 🐓 🐓
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A deadly (hate) crime by an anti-Trump, pro-BLM, repeat violent supremacist is watered down to an out of control car killing people. Meanwhile, half the country still dosn’t know the truth about “fine people on both sides.”

Yet Shapiro, etc think that tweets are way Trump lost.
Few people grasp what this level of propaganda means for a presidency (heat, statements, visits and resignations); sure so in terms of elections.

A made up “fine people” scandal for one POTUS; deadly hate attack watered down to an accident for another POTUS. Can’t quantify this.
Was Biden asked to disavow the deadly attack from a militant anti-Trumper?

Was BLM asked to disavow his actions since he held BLM-aligned views?

Did Big Media/Dems take heat for making the #RittenhouseVerdict about BLM which may have helped trigger the attack 2 days later?
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@MattWalshBlog @Cernovich How would fleeing another crime (in which he may have been the perp l), explain any of it away? And indeed, nobody needs to plow down people over a stretch of 3 blocks while “escaping” a crime event. It’s not like the car slammed into a building on the escape. He kept going!
@MattWalshBlog @Cernovich @MrAndyNgo @benshapiro @KurtSchlichter @JackPosobiec @ThomasARoberts @TheBeatWithAri @BrookeBaldwin Waukesha Police say Darrell Brooks "intentionally drove his maroon SUV through barricades into a crowd of people.”

Big media spent the last 18 hours telling us we didn’t see on video what our eyes saw.

He kept plowing ahead for blocks. What was even the debate here?
@MattWalshBlog @Cernovich @MrAndyNgo @benshapiro @KurtSchlichter @JackPosobiec @ThomasARoberts @TheBeatWithAri @BrookeBaldwin The attacker in the #Waukesha (hate) incident was a racial antagonist, Hitler sympathizer and Trump hater who repeatedly called for violence in context of PD. If the script were flipped, the would-be Trump WH would be under siege all day today from alledged media.
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Hi @JerryNadler. Your tweet about the case is rooted in fake news and misinformation as seen from this CNN, yes, CNN, segment. They set the record straight on things that most @HouseDemocrats have no clue happened or did not happen.

Same goes for @SenateDems.
Most Lefties commenting on the #RittenhouseVerdict seem to think that he killed minorities; and/or that he killed people at random. Basic facts are missing thanks and because our disinfo-spreading national media has again done a partisan job, same as the Dossier and COVID-19.
For all the talk about “COVID-19 disinformation” and “C19 vaccine information,” so much of it comes from vaccine fanatics and lockdown Dems in media and in politics.

In fact, many tweets from the CDC Director alone is contradicted by data released by, wait for it, the CDC!
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1/ THREAD: The danger we're facing goes beyond a rogue killer. Among white Christians, a belief in America's divine mission doubles support for political violence.
I don’t say this glibly: God help us.
2/ Despite his boyish white frat boy appearance, there was plenty of evidence of Rittenhouse’s deeper white supremacist orientation, both before and after the tragic events in Kenosha. Judge Bruce Schroeder ruled this evidence irrelevant and inadmissible.
3/ Just 90 minutes > pleading not guilty to murder/weapons charges in Jan, Rittenhouse appeared at a WI bar in a T-shirt that read “Free as F^(<,” and drank three beers, despite being underage. That declaration, heartbreakingly captures the brazenness of white supremacy in 2021.
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To the people upset today about the #RittenhouseVerdict let me suggest that you consider a possibility: are you sure you are right?

You base your perception of the case on certain facts. But are you certain those “facts” are actually true?

Lawyers learn to ask themselves constantly “how do I know this? And is my source of information correct?” Try that exercise for every fact you believe to be true.

For instance, you often hear that #KyleRittenhouse brought a gun across state lines.
Except there isn’t a scintilla of evidence that he did so. A Wisconsin resident stated that he gave him the gun after he arrived in Kenosha.

Sometimes a fact can also be true and distorted. You hear a constant drumbeat of “he crossed state lines.”
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The #RittenhouseVerdict is not just wrong, it’s dangerous. Rittenhouse represents a type of violence that is only going to target more and more people over time.
Every day, movements for justice lead efforts to reduce violence — to change all the rules in society that incentivize it. But white leaders must confront the white people whose decisions create this violence.
This system was built by many people and it will take many people to dismantle and rebuild it. White leaders must step up. Everyone has a role to play — no one can say, “this is not my problem.”
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There's so many emotionally driven "hot takes" regarding the #RittenhouseVerdict As a trial attorney, unless I'm in the room, I respect the jury's verdict. May not like or agree with it, but they were the ones who heard ALL the evidence. KR was able to afford a proper defense.1/
He was able to raise over $500k due to the publicity of the case. Most ppl are unable to do that. There are hundreds, both white & POC alike, of ppl who are force to take bad plea deals or are wrongly convicted bc they had an overwhelmed public defender who was unable to pay 2/
enough attention to their matter. Most ppl live paycheck to paycheck. They can be easily victimized by a judicial system that doesn't have enough time to address their particular circumstances. A good "paid" attorney can compel the system to do just that and make it more 3/
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I'm disappointed but not at all surprised

Kyle Rittenhouse went to an active protest with an AR because he wanted conflict. He found it, and he killed people. And because the American justice system wants people like him to be able to do things like this, he now walks free.
The #RittenhouseVerdict is the result of an entire system designed to prop up white supremacy. Starting from the moment police officers let Rittenhouse walk away from the scene, to charitable media framing, to Judge Bruce Schroeder displaying obvious bias, up to this decision.
At every point in this saga, America's systemic commitment to white supremacy has shone through.

2020 challenged America to finally meaningfully deal with its history of racism and the ways racism still dominates our present day.

The response from many has been defiance.
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