Gidimt'en checkpoint leader Sleydo' Molly Wickham is expected to be seen in court in Prince George today after being arrested last Friday in Wet'suwet'en territory. Several others arrested with her were processed yesterday including two journalists.…
According to the conditions of release for those arrested yesterday, journalists can return to the injunction zone to do their jobs. Wet'suwet'en members are allowed to return for "traditional practices". Others arrested are not allowed to return.
Proceedings today are underway. Starting with a timeline of events. Short version is there were people trying to stop construction of pipeline, courts granted an injunction order, RCMP enforced, people went back, RCMP enforced again.
More background on current situation
1. Wet'suwet'en clan members say they are enforcing eviction of Coastal GasLink from territories…
2. RCMP make arrests clear road on Wet'suwet'en territory in ongoing dispute over land rights…
And Wet'suwet'en camp leader, journalists arrested as RCMP enforce pipeline injunction in northern B.C.…
The cases of five people (not Sleydo') being gone over right now. Were arrested in cabin. They will be allowed to leave today but the question is what those conditions will be
The question is whether these five individuals will be allowed, under the conditions of their release, to return to the injunction zone. "The only question [today] is the conditions of release" says the justice #Wetsuweten
Judge says the individuals were either aware or should have been aware that by attending the camps, they were entering a court-ordered injunction zone due to the large amount of information about it over the past year. Says they entered injuction zone knowing they were doing so
"I have determined that the exclusion zone condition is reasonable and necessary" to enforce the rule of law in the CGL site, judge says. Says there is no reason for any of them to return to exclusion zone unless they are Wet'swuet'en
Judge says one person who self-identifies as Wet'suwet'en not by background but cultural - engaged to someone who is Wet'suwet'en and has been 'welcomed onto territory' - will not be released on conditions granted to Wet'suwet'en members, but can apply for those conditions later
Daughter of hereditary chief Woos, who was arrested, is being released and will be allowed to return to Wet'suwet'en territory but cannot go near Coastal GasLink work sites or violate terms of injunction allowing CGL to move forward
These are the same conditions of release granted yestreday…
Court adjourned until this afternoon, when Sleydo' Molly Wickham will appear.
While we get ready for afternoon sessions here is an interview with the top RCMP officer in northern B.C.…
Court resumed: Coastal GasLink says they only want Sleydo' released if she will be completely banned from inunction zone (unlike others who are allowed to hunt, trap, fish). Her representation says that is unacceptable and in violation of her rights as a matriarch

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Documentarian Michael Toledano (@M_Tol) is greeted by cheers and hugs outside the Prince George courthouse upon release after being arrested and held over the weekend. No coat - police say his possessions are at the Prince George courthouse
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Garth Frizzell, Liberals: We have a high vaccination rate, US is our friend, end is in sight
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