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I've read the stories describing the apology tour of Pope Francis. On Monday after his first visit near Edmonton I decided to comment after the saga had unfolded. It was an emotional week for so many!
1/ #PopeFrancis #Canada #residentialschools #truthandreconciliation
We heard apologies, pleading forgiveness, more apologies, recognition of "cultural destruction" and finally on the flight home #PopeFrancis said "yes, it was a genocide, yes, yes, clearly. You can say that I said it was a genocide."
2/ #residentialschools…
The genocide was justified by the #DoctrineOfDiscovery & while #PopeFrancis, #CatholicChurch, & Crown gov'ts are reluctant to rescind it, the actions I witnessed against the #Wetsuweten in their own territory are empowered by the Doctrine.
3/ #bcpoli #cdnpoli @bcndp @BCNDPCaucus
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The @globeandmail just published an editorial responding to the government's sectoral emissions cap proposal and claiming that reducing oil and gas production in Canada is not an option. It may seem that they're admonishing the liberals here, but it's actually more subtle. 1/
The Liberal government's emissions cap proposal is already deliberately being designed to avoid cutting oil and gas production. Hell, Guilbeault just made a statement about "flexibility" for oil companies and his colleague Jonathan Wilkinson is full steam ahead on new projects 2/
What's happening in this Globe editorial is a deliberate political intervention designed to preclude any discussion of drawing down Cdn oil and gas production. They are relegating a reduction in fossil fuels to the naive and "radical" world of young climate activists 3/
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Press Release 🧵: #Wetsuweten Members Sue Police, Coastal Gaslink and Private Security for Targeted Harassment Campaign

Read below, or on

Photo: June 22 - A Wet'suwet'en member approaches RCMP & private security as they idle at Gidimt'en checkpoint.
1. Members of the Gidimt’en Clan of the Wet’suwet’en Nation have filed a notice of civil claim against the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, B.C.’s Minister of Justice, Coastal Gaslink Pipeline LTD., and private security contractor Forsythe.
2. The lawsuit follows months of targeted harassment and intimidation, through which hundreds of police and private security personnel have attempted to coerce Wet’suwet’en people into abandoning homes and village sites on unceded Wet’suwet’en territory.
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The #Wetsuweten solidarity call is starting now!! We will be livetweeting it on this acc 😊

You can watch the livestream HERE 👇… #KillTheDrill #CoastalGasLink #RBCIsKillingMe
What a beautiful song to start us off 🎶🎶🎶 ❤️❤️❤️
Live transcripts are available in English and French and a live translation is available in French as well!

There will be a Q&A at the end... email your questions to! #KillTheDrill
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1/ My firm took cell calls today from arrestees at Grouse Camp in #argentaBC on Sinixt tty against old growth logging conducted by Cooper Creek Cedar Ltd.. Observations:
- RCMP CIRG officers arrested 17, many of whom appear not to have been in breach of injunction.
2/ - Many arrestees were not given a chance to avoid arrest and had no intention to get arrested but were removed from the area by the CIRG led by Jason Charney. Cooper Creek staff then took steps to clear the camp.
3/ CIRG activities repeats patterns from CIRG-led raids on #Wetsuweten tty and at #Fairycreek : goal is to clear territory for industry and arrests are often for illegitimate legal reasons. Many of the arrests today appear to be without a strong legal basis.
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🧵 Legacy outlets have dropped the ball in their reporting on the role and authority of band councils vs. hereditary leadership at #Wetsuweten. The result has been rampant misunderstanding of core facts of this conflict, fueled by vested interests pushing bad info. 🧵 #bcpoli
Tl;dr According to the Supreme Court of Canada and the governments of BC and Canada, the Wet’suwet’en hereditary leadership hold rights and title to their unceded territory. Not the band councils, who the pipeline company has signed agreements with. This is as settled as it gets.
I don’t want to downplay the legitimate divisions in the community over this pipeline, or neglect to mention that the reserves the band councils control are where many Wet’suwet’en live. But according to Canadian *and* Wet’suwet’en law, hereditary chiefs control the territory.
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Today the entire @bcndp caucus clapped and hollered as Minister @BruceRalston boasted about being the gov't to welcome the largest #LNG investment in BC's history.

Shocking behavior for “climate leaders”, and shameful given the context of my question. 1/ #bcpoli #ClimateCrisis
They did this just after being told the following:

The national inquiry into #MMIWG found that man camps and resource extractive industries directly cause increased violence against Indigenous Women, Girls, and 2 Spirit People. 2/ #bcpoli #Reconciliation
2) Scientific studies have demonstrated birth defects, cancers, and asthma in communities near fracking.

3) Methane is 28 times more potent by weight than carbon dioxide meaning gases leaked from #LNG production are as highly polluting as coal.

3/ #bcpoli #ClimateCrisis
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In the wake of what appears to have been an impeccably coordinated attack on #CGL equipment two nights ago, liberal proponents of nonviolence have begun to cast doubt on the motives of the attack and to suggest that it was a false flag attack carried out by the RCMP. (1)
To be clear, we don't know the identity of the attackers and we don't want to. We express our unwavering solidarity with #Wetsuweten land defenders & their supporters who may face increased levels of state repression in the days & weeks ahead. We wish them unity & strength. (2)
The proposed pipeline corridors that run through the unceded territories of the Wet'suwet'en, Gitxsan, Secwepemc, & other Indigenous communities of so-called BC are some of the most important front-lines of the #ClimateCrisis in the world. The stakes are incredibly high. (3)
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The supposed attack on a #CGL site in BC stinks worse than a 2-week-old rotting fish.
So for #cdnmedia who are too lazy to engage their brains after they're handed a police press release, I'm going to lay out all the puzzling bits, based on what we know so far. Long🧵
1. First and foremost is the timing. A violent attack immediately after the Emerg Act is enacted giving police extra powers to deal with violent protests. Also not long after CGL is forced to admit their project is haemorrhaging $$. This timing along makes this sus
2. MO - Up til now there has not been a single violent attack by anti-CGL land defenders. In every case where @Wetsuweten Chiefs have acted against CGL sites, they have provided advance warning, conducted their work calmly and in broad daylight, and any equipment that was...
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🔥 COYOTE CAMP LIVES! 🔥 Nov 19 2021: #Gidimten land defenders evicted #CGL workers and re-established control of #CoyoteCamp, the site where CGL plans to drill beneath #Wetsuweten headwaters, #WedzinKwa. Join the #WetsuwetenResistance
Early Sunday, Gidimt'en land defenders evicted Coastal GasLink workers & re-established control of Coyote Camp, the site where CGL plans to drill beneath Wedzin Kwa. Join the #WetsuwetenResistance #DivestCGL
#ShutDownCanada #WetsuwetenStrong #AllOutForWedzinKwa #ExpectUs
Nov 19, 2021, Gidimt'en land defenders evicted Coastal GasLink workers & re-established control of Coyote Camp, the site where CGL plans to drill beneath Wedzin Kwa. Join the #WetsuwetenResistance #DivestCGL
#ShutDownCanada #WetsuwetenStrong #AllOutForWedzinKwa #ExpectUs
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Read our full 2021 Recap of Events on Wet'suwet'en Territory 🔥 Resistance to colonial Canada and genocidal CGL on Cas Yikh Gidimt’en Territory continues. We are still here.
Join the #WetsuwetenResistance
Take Action Dec 20-27 #DivestCGL #ShutDownCanada…
We call on all nations, allies, accomplices, and supporters everywhere to RISE UP in solidarity. We are in this fight for the long haul and we will not back down. This pipeline will never be built. Join the WET'SUWET'EN RESISTANCE! #wetsuwetenresistance Image
@iamjayohcee Wet’suwet’en land defenders enforced eviction of Coastal GasLink by blocking roads into the territory. NOV 14-17, 2021. 🔥 Join the WET'SUWET'EN RESISTANCE! #wetsuwetenresistance #DivestCGL
#ShutDownCanada #WetsuwetenStrong #AllOutForWedzinKwa #ExpectUs Image
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Thread. My father, Shawn Selway of #Hamont was arrested Nov 21 -for standing up #wetsuwetenstrong - he relentlessly fights against injustices- our community, our city, our country. He does so by educating others, listening,showing up, giving his time, teaching...
Recently, he received North Ender of the Year Award… He has written countless articles for and about our city- his book “Nobody Here will Harm You” is Winner of the Hamilton Arts Council Literary Award for Non-fiction*…
I have grown up learning how to be an ally,how to advocate,to stand up for others. Nov 21st, Shawn joined a protest in Hamilton to show his Solidarity with Wet'suwet'en hereditary chiefs opposing the Coastal GasLink pipeline in B.C. On his way home, he was arrested. #Wetsuweten
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when RCMP arrested an award-winning freelance photojournalist during their third militarized raid of #Wetsuweten Yintah—it made international headlines. even @LeoDiCaprio weighed in.

our interview with that photojournalist, Amber Bracken, is out now:
find more of Amber's work documenting #WetsuwetenStrong since January 2020 here:…
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.@MurrayRankinNDP knows the current conflict in the Wet’suwet’en has a root cause - the @bcndp’s policy decision to proceed with #LNGCanada and the #CGL pipeline. Period. 1/ #bcpoli #wetsuweten…
The @bcndp understands the conflict over land title, @MurrayRankinNDP himself referenced the SCC’s #Delgamuukw decision. Despite that they made a choice to work with some and not others. 2/ #bcpoli #wetsuweten
By the time everyone was invited to the table the pipeline was already deeply entrenched as the focal point of conflict. The @bcndp wanted #LNGCanada & #CGL pipeline and they chose to ignore the complex governance issues created by successive Crown gov’ts. 3/ #bcpoli #wetsuweten
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Gidimt'en checkpoint leader Sleydo' Molly Wickham is expected to be seen in court in Prince George today after being arrested last Friday in Wet'suwet'en territory. Several others arrested with her were processed yesterday including two journalists.…
According to the conditions of release for those arrested yesterday, journalists can return to the injunction zone to do their jobs. Wet'suwet'en members are allowed to return for "traditional practices". Others arrested are not allowed to return.
Proceedings today are underway. Starting with a timeline of events. Short version is there were people trying to stop construction of pipeline, courts granted an injunction order, RCMP enforced, people went back, RCMP enforced again.
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This @bcndp gov't knew of the fierce opposition to the CGL pipeline. The blockades caused by this pipeline have shut down highways, ferries, railroads, & this legislature. @jjhorgan's CoS @geoffmeggs told me personally that this situation would be resolved. 1/ #bcpoli #Wetsuweten
I guess the @bcndp’s version of “resolved” means Wet’suwet’en and Gitxsan people being violently arrested by fully armed RCMP and having two journalists arrested last week, sitting in jail all weekend. So much for the freedom of the press. 2/ #bcpoli #Wetsuweten
Our Minister of Public Safety @mikefarnworthbc has consistently hidden behind the Court injunctions and police enforcement. The Court's message is clear, get them out from the middle of these political conflicts. 3/ #bcpoli #Wetsuweten
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Re: #Wetsuweten
We conducted a professional poll in May with Environics looking at Indigenous people living in rural/reserve communities and their attitudes to resource development. Indigenous people in BC had the highest support for oil & gas development of any province - 65%./1
BC First Nations have been discussing the pros and cons of natural gas and CGL for YEARS. There have been referendums, multiple election cycles, negotiations, consultations. And hard work to train community members and build business structures in order to benefit properly. /2
It's difficult to watch "allies" talk about supporting Indigenous sovereignty & rights but dismiss the majority who want that development.
You don't have to support natural gas. But maybe think about how you're using the Wetsuweten Nation to further your agenda, not theirs. /3
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1/3 The thing I haven’t seen NDP partisans take accountability for the fact that the conflict on Wet’suwet’en territory is not an unfortunate and unavoidable circumstance that exists organically and is very difficult to solve.

It’s a conflict the NDP created.

#bcpoli #cdnpoli
2/3 The pipeline being forced through #Wetsuweten land would not be happening without permits granted and massive subsidies to the industry given by the NDP.

The NDP didn’t just not say no to the pipeline, they invested in it.

#WetsuwetenStrong #AllOutForWedzinKwa
3/3 Elders arrested on their own land, assault rifles pointed at women, jailed journalists — these are some of the ugly things this country is built on. This is Canada.

But it’s also the NDP right now.

The injustice on #Wetsuweten territory is red + white, and it’s orange too.
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While the @bcndp gov’t struggles with the severe impacts of flooding that are a result of the worsening #ClimateCrisis they are diverting critical #RCMP resources into #Wetsuweten territory again to protect the gov’ts #frackedgas pipeline 1/ #bcpoli #LNG
When @geoffmeggs delivered the news to the @bcgreencaucus that the @bcndp were going to support the #CGL #frackedgas pipeline I asked him how they would deal with the long-established blockades on #Wetsuweten territory. He said it was under control. Clearly not! 2/ #bcpoli
The chaos in Crown-Indigenous relations has been created by a @bcndp gov’t whose words and actions are not aligned. Say one thing, do another. @MurrayRankinNDP was on the #Wetsuweten file since early 2020 when he was brought in to mop up the mess gov’t created. #FAIL 3/ #bcpoli
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Hard to imagine a more backwards and despicable act than flying RCMP into #Wetsuweten territory to raid Indigenous pipeline opponents while 17,000 people are forced out of their homes by a climate disaster. #bcpoli
The dispute over the #CoastalGasLink fracked gas pipeline has simmered for years.

The public safety minister pulled the trigger on this raid now, precisely because most people in southern B.C. are distracted by basic survival – and cannot travel there in support.
The politicians will hide behind the RCMP and the corporation, as they always do, by saying they don't 'direct' the police on tactics.

But the government created this entire situation – by giving $5 billion in subsidies to foreign gas companies to build the "LNG Canada" project.
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"LNG Canada workers complained about unsafe conditions prior to COVID-19 outbreak" @TorontoStar
Sounds like #SiteC too, based on employee reviews...… #covid19bc #bcpoli @BruceRalston @jjhorgan
@TorontoStar @BruceRalston @jjhorgan ."The outbreak at #LNGCanada started on Nov. 19 & there are now 54 cases. In the months leading up to the outbreak, workers raised concerns about #COVID19BC cleaning procedures in common areas, rooms & work spaces, prompting inspections by WorkSafe BC on Aug 28 & Oct 19." #bcpoli
@TorontoStar @BruceRalston @jjhorgan ..Get this: "The documents also reveal that a WorkSafe BC inspection of the #SiteC work camp’s sewage treatment facility in northeast BC on March 19 found the facility did not have a plan to sufficiently protect workers from pathogens, body fluids, human waste, mould & COVID-19."
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Let's do NDP highlights, starting with:
When NDP took power they kept a right-wing, BC Lib-appointed top bureaucrat in the Energy Ministry, conspiracy theory fan Dave Nikolesjin. Recently they replaced him with more far-right Fazil Mihlar of the Fraser Institute. #BCElection2020
..Next up, & related: NDP give us 79% increase in fossil fuel subsidies over BC Lib levels, a significant rise in fracking (incl right near #SiteC & other dams), & signing off on a militarized raid on #Wetsuweten to protect #CoastalGasLink in a climate crisis. #bcelxn2020 #bcpoli
.."Natural gas" is fracked methane, the potent GHG. Also on NDP's gas file, the #LNGCanada project, an uneconomic house of cards in which we forego royalties but are left paying for the damage & transmission lines etc. "LNG is a Losing Bet":… #bcelxn2020
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What an absolutely irresponsible thing for the @bcndp to do. They don’t care about British Columbians, they just care about power. Im not seeing much difference between them and the @bcliberals.
The @bcndp supported Site C, LNG, fracking and old-growth logging. Their governance is nearly as bad for the environment as the @bcliberals and they had to go crawling to the @bcliberals for support because @BCGreens refused.
The issues around #SiteC, #LNG, #Fracking and #Wetsuweten have shown that the @bcndp are not committed to reconciliation.
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🚨 In the middle of a pandemic, Canada is buying armed drones.

By the government's own admission, these drones will be used to surveil domestic protests and bomb targets in the Middle East.

This should concern everyone.

See my latest for @readpassage 🧵…
How do we know that Canada's drones will be used for these missions?

In its "Letter of Interest" to industry suppliers, the government lays out several scenarios under which they would be used.

These scenarios are extremely detailed, and some are quite disturbing.
In one hypothetical scenario, a Canadian drone bombs a group of three “Fighting Age Males” after the drone crew spots one of them “holding a small radio or cell phone in his hand.”
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