The Heritage Foundation is a dangerous & very influential US neoliberal free-market fundamentalist think tank that represents the interests of the 0.1%

Charles WL Hill: "given that the Heritage Foundation has a political agenda, its work should be viewed with caution."
In 2005, Heritage established the Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom.

Thatcher herself maintained a long relationship with The Heritage Foundation. Shortly after leaving office, Thatcher was honoured by Heritage at a September 1991 dinner.
The Heritage Foundation rejects the scientific consensus on climate change, & is one of many climate change denial organizations that have been funded by ExxonMobil.

The Heritage Foundation strongly criticized the Kyoto Agreement to curb climate change.

The Heritage Foundation projected that the 2009 American Clean Energy & Security Act would result in a cost of $1,870 per family in 2025 and $6,800 by 2035; although the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office projected that it would only cost the average family $175 in 2020.
The Heritage Foundation has promoted false claims of voter fraud. Hans von Spakovsky, who heads their Election Law Reform Initiative, played an influential role in making alarmism about voter fraud mainstream among Republicans, despite having no evidence.

Following the 2020 presidential election—in which President Donald Trump made baseless claims of fraud after he was defeated for re-election—the Heritage Foundation launched a campaign in support of Republican efforts to make state voting laws more restrictive.
The antidemocratic Heritage Foundation, through its political arm, Heritage Action, plan to spend $24 million over two years across eight states to support efforts to restrict voting, in coordination with the Republican Party & other conservative groups.

Over 20 election bills introduced by Republicans in early 2021 were based on a Heritage letter & report. They also mobilized in opposition to a Democratic bill to establish uniform nationwide voting standards, reform campaign finance law, & prohibit partisan redistricting.
Heritage Action spent $750,000 on television ads in Arizona to promote the false claim that "Democrats... want to register illegal aliens" to vote, even though the Democrats' legislation creates safeguards to ensure that ineligible people cannot register.
In 2021, the Heritage Foundation said one of its two priorities (along with pushing to tighten voting laws) was to push Republican-controlled states to ban or restrict critical race theory instruction - despite it being a perfectly respectable established academic sub-discipline.
Leading Conservatives Priti Patel, Liz Truss, Sajid Javid, Liam Fox, Daniel Hannan, & Owen Paterson & their donors have close ties to influential think tanks like the radical-right Heritage Foundation - determined to roll-back abortion rights in the US.

Facing accusations of downplaying Islamophobia & known for his controversial & reactionary views, the "temporary" contract for the role of UK head of the 'Commission on Countering Extremism' was recently extended for the Heritage Foundation's hard-right extremist Robin Simcox.
The scariest thing about hard-right extremist weirdo Simcox is that while at the Heritage Foundation he argued that making white supremacy the subject of a "countering extremism policy" was mostly driven by "political correctness" & could be "overreach"!

The key point to remember is that this unimaginably well-resourced, antidemocratic & reactionary hard-right free-market think tank is part of a global network representing the interests of the 0.1%, which has it's eyes on the #NHS, & is now embedded in the heart of the UK Govt.
Groups like the Heritage Foundation & the UK Government threaten our freedoms with their unhinged, divisive & hateful 'anti-woke' rhetoric.

To paraphrase divisive hateful ex-corporate lobbyists & divide & rule specialist Priti Patel: Decent people should not tolerate this evil.
This #THREAD explores how Priti Patel learned the very effective dark arts strategy of 'Divide & Conquer' - now deployed by the Tory Government against the British people - when she worked for Weber Shandwick, representing the interests of Big Tobacco.

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23 Nov

Tory MP Edward Leigh's views on the "migrant crisis":

“We told the people at the referendum we would 'take back control', it’s clear that in this we have lost control.. Will the home secretary bring in emergency powers act to override the Human Rights Act if necessary?"
Edward Leigh is a typical old-school-out-of-touch free-market fundamentalist Thatcherite dinosaur. He needs constantly appeasing, believes in "free enterprise, deregulation, low taxation & a smaller state”, & supports replacing the #NHS with an insurance based system.

Edward Leigh signed the letter from the so-called "common sense group" of fossilised Tory MPs, which accused the National Trust of being "coloured by cultural Marxist dogma". 'Cultural Marxism' is the antisemitic conspiracy theory cited by far-right terrorist Anders Breivik.
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22 Nov
Toxic divisive ranting anti-@BBC culture war shithouse Paul Dacre has been appointed as the editor-in-chief of the Daily Mail’s parent company because good sense & public outcry prevented him from becoming the next chair of the media regulator, @Ofcom.

A new guide from @StopFundingHate & Ethical Consumer @EC_magazine explains how you can help make Dacre's & Murdoch's divisive hate unprofitable.


The Mail under Dacre has been criticised for an alleged racist attitude towards the stories it covers. Nick Davies recounts an anecdote from a former Snr news reporter who, en route to a murder scene of a woman & her two children was told to return because the victims were black.
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22 Nov
The Relationship Between Emotions, Politics & Populism:

'Populists, on left & right, have crafted their deeply affective accounts of who is the danger, who is in danger & who is to blame, to respond to contemporary affective requests.'


"Populist narratives become the lenses through which meaning is constructed, attributed & transferred; they attend to affective requests through the further mobilisation of emotionality, creating the affective glue that can potentially translate grievances into support."
'Exclusionary populists define the people strictly as 'natives' & thus construct a large number of out-groups, whereas inclusionary populists understand the people more broadly, as those who have been aggrieved by neoliberal elites, regardless of ethnicity, religion or culture'.
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22 Nov
The Political Editor of the Daily Telegraph moaning about Labour "weaponising" Boris Johnson's inability to deliver a scripted speech is quite something.
Here's the Telegraph 'weaponising' a grotesque distortion of history & reality in order to demonise the Left - ironically, something which the Nazis also did.

Hitler allied himself with leaders of German conservative & nationalist movements, & in January 1933 became chancellor.
Hitler’s Third Reich was entirely #fascist.

In April 1933 communists, socialists, democrats, & Jews - along with other left-wing political activists opposed to the Nazi regime - were purged from the German civil service, & trade unions were outlawed the following month.
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22 Nov
If Shamima Begum, the ISIS Bride, Is No Longer British, What Does Citizenship Mean? newyorker.com/news/letter-fr… via @NewYorker
Begum has never lived in Bangladesh. Last May, the country’s Foreign Minister, Abdul Momen, told the BBC that Begum has “nothing to do” with Bangladesh and would be refused entry. “The British government is responsible for her,” he said. “They’ll have to deal with her.”
A former MI6 official said that Begum’s fate was not being driven by security concerns or logic: “This is a purely political decision,” he said. “Why one would think that Bangladesh had any better capacity to deal with somebody? It doesn’t make any sense.”
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21 Nov
Well worth a read:

"On its best day, Centrism is a lazy reinforcement of whatever the current status quo happens to be. On its worst, it is a destructive force that wreaks havoc on communities through its sheer ambivalence towards them" - @theothercoogan

'The centre, by its nature, is a constantly moving target, which shifts with the political extremes of the day. Today, the mainstream political discourse has moved so far towards Conservatism that today’s centre is yesterday’s right - a trend that shows no sign of slowing down.'
'We're told to debate, to strive for the middle ground, but we end up paralysed in a cycle of constant conversation with no outcome. That suits many just fine - we know the centre will ultimately hold & our lives will not change in any meaningful way regardless of who's elected'.
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