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As the usual right-wing shit-stirrers - supported by a cabal of divisive, racist, far-right anonymous troll accounts, & dodgy more mainstream right-wing print & broadcast "media personalities" - distort the census data, the FT debunks the myths.…
Godless damaged #neofascist grifter Nigel Farage claimed that “London, Birmingham & Manchester are all now minority-white cities”, & “only 46% [of Britons] now identify as Christian... a massive change in the identity of this country that is taking place through immigration”. 🤥 Image
Unhinged Conservative commentator Douglas Murray, who has previously described London as having “become a foreign country”, echoed Farage in blaming the declining numbers of British Christians on immigration. Others talked of rising segregation & “no-go areas” on social media. 🤪 Image
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Interesting new article deconstructing the so-called ‘anti-woke’ culture war, in which the appropriation of the #neofascist culture war discourse by the mainstream right in the UK is analysed discursively.

By Bart Cammaerts.…
The anti-woke culture war by the British conservative party as well as right-wing media will serve to analyse how social justice struggles like anti-racism, anti-sexism and pro-LGBTQ rights are being abnormalised and positioned as extreme deviant political positions.
So-called ‘cancel culture’ is strategically deployed to neutralise contestations against a range of bigoted views. Freedom of speech & the right to offend is weaponised to protect racist & discriminatory language, positioning idea’s as valid opinions worthy of democratic debate.
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#THREAD on grotesque dinosaur Christopher Chope, who blocked a bill to make up-skirting a criminal offence, & another making it easier to protect girls from FGM, & who has been nominated to join the privileges committee & probe into #Partygate.

Who is this fossilised dickhead?
Chope was chairman of the Thatcherite Conservative Way Forward group, recently relaunched by climate-skeptic Steve Baker.

During the 2009 expenses scandal, it emerged that Chope claimed £136,992 in parliamentary expenses in 2007–8. This included claiming £881 to repair a sofa.
In October 2011, Chope questioned the time allotted to a debate on MPs' pensions. The debate came before a debate into the Hillsborough disaster inquiry & it was reported that Chope had threatened to delay the inquiry, leading to widespread criticism.…
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Koch & other US Libertarian billionaire-funded low-tax deregulatory antidemocratic anti-abortion anti-Net Zero free-market think tanks are driving the Tories' policy agenda & are supported by Truss & the ERG.

These think tanks also influence Britain's extremism policy.
In November last year, Priti Patel said it was "an honour" to give a keynote speech on security at the Koch-funded anti-abortion Heritage Foundation think tank HQ in Washington, which rejects the scientific consensus on climate change.

Facing accusations of downplaying Islamophobia, & known for his reactionary views, the "temporary" contract for the role of UK head of the 'Commission on Countering Extremism', appointed in March 2021, was extended for the Heritage Foundation's hard-right extremist Robin Simcox.
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The Road from Mont Pèlerin: The Making of the Neoliberal Thought Collective (Eds Mirowski, P & Plehwe, D).

Modern #neoliberalism was born at the "Colloque Walter Lippmann" in 1938, but came into its own with the 1947 founding of the Mont Pèlerin Society.…
The Mont Pèlerin Society's original membership was made up of transnational economists and intellectuals, including Friedrich Hayek, Milton Friedman, George Stigler, Karl Popper, Michael Polanyi, & Luigi Einaudi.

From this small beginning, their ideas spread throughout the world, fostering, among other things, the political platforms of Margaret Thatcher & Ronald Reagan & the Washington Consensus, & leading to the potentially catastrophic & #neofascist present.

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Remember the far-right youth group, Turning Point UK, supported by Jacob Rees-Mogg, Priti Patel & Steve Baker & modelled on the #neofascist TPUSA, which tried to infiltrate Universities & poison young people's minds?

They're back, & now called 'Orthodox Conservatives'.
Much of TPUSA's money comes from mining & oil interests, as well as libertarian/far-right thinktanks - its mission is to "identify, educate, train, & organize students to promote the principles of freedom, free markets, & limited government."

TPUSA makes headlines for supposed racist, sexist, & misleading statements, & for having very little transparency in its day-to-day running.

Candae Owens was TPUSA’s director of communications - her & founder Charlie Kirk lie & promote unhinged conspiracy theories.
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The global hard-right's most easily manipulable favourite #ToryLeadership stooge, Liz Truss, floated a #neofascist plan to send Britain's 'unwanted' asylum seekers to Turkey, but within hours it was shot down by the Turkish government.…
Rupert Murdoch's Times reported on Saturday morning that Liz Truss would like to open negotiations to send 'migrants' to countries such as Turkey.

Later that day, Turkey hit back, warning that the country would not become a “refugee camp or border guard” for any other nation.
Britain, a relatively rich country of 67 million people, has fewer than 150,000 refugees in the UK.

Turkey, a poorer nation of 85 million people, already has the largest refugee population on earth, including 3.7 million people who have fled the civil war in neighbouring Syria.
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Orbán-loving #neofascist conspiracy theorist Douglas Murray is one of the most dangerous men in Britain.

If left-wing foreign/non-dom billionaires owned 75% of the UK press & secretly funded left-wing think tanks close to the UK Govt, he'd be calling for armed insurrection. ImageImageImage
Introductory #THREAD to the Spectator's dangerous conspiracy theorist Douglas Murray, who plays a significant role in the 'shameless normalisation' of far-right discourse, & was associate director of the dangerous Henry Jackson Society from 2011 - 2018.

Part of a #THREAD about the dangerous hard-right Henry Jackson Society which has been profoundly shaped by #neofascist Steve Bannon, who in 2017 met with Boris Johnson in New York & Jacob Rees-Mogg in London, since when, Britain has been ruined:

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What kind of barbaric, uncivilised, intolerant, backward-looking, unethical, anti-human-rights, antidemocratic tin-pot authoritarian #neofascist regime would actually introduce new laws to "objectively justify" explicit discrimination against black people & Travellers?

Oh. 😬🇬🇧
In 2019, Boris Johnson declared war on Whitehall, undermining the civil service, disregarding advice (eg Pincher & Patel), cutting jobs & merging Depts, destroying Britain's reputation abroad & replacing experienced professionals with ideological zealots.…
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Antiracist progressives today often encounter the conservative backlash that twists the democratic doctrine of free speech into an absolutist or ‘purist’ form – weaponizing it as a warped defence of white supremacy in a way that seeks to make #racism legally acceptable. ImageImage
Today the New/Alt-Right is asserting a putative political need for an ostensibly democratic society to maintain an absolute tolerance of abusive & even assaultive speech – as protected forms of dissent.

The free speech fallacy: opposition to hate speech imperils free speech. Image
Herbert Marcuse believed that this doctrine of absolute tolerance of 'free speech' was being systematically utilised to abuse guarantees against bigotry & discrimination, & to derail or destroy the possibility of democratic egalitarianism. Image
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Some people have asked me why I describe the UK Government as #neofascist, rather than just straightforwardly #fascist.

While of course there are many similarities, there are some crucial differences.

Like their fascist predecessors, #neofascists embrace populist nationalism & authoritarian values, attack Marxist & other left-wing ideologies, indulge in racist & xenophobic scapegoating, & portray themselves as protectors of traditional national culture & religion.
Whereas fascists assigned much of the blame for their countries’ economic problems to the machinations of bolsheviks, liberals, & Jews, British neofascists tend to focus on non-European immigrants, arriving in increasing numbers from the 1990s.
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Today I've seen a number of trending hashtags with a common theme: the UK Government's increasingly obvious #Fascist tendencies.

Know your history.

#TomHunt #PeterBone #LizTruss
#Rwanfda #RwandaNotInMyName #RwandaDeportation #ToryFascist
#ToryFascistDictatorship #PritiPatel
#THREAD on what Linguist Ruth Wodak calls 'shameless normalisation', which explicitly refers to ‘impolite or shameless behaviour’ manifested in "the far-right populists’ agendas (& related rhetoric)... which have already reached the political mainstream."

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Summary of the more obvious similarities between Boris Johnson, Jair Bolsonaro, Narendra Modi, Donald Trump, & Viktor Orbán, who have all:

Revealed their contempt for democratic institutions & playing by the rules

Shamelessly used divisive populist nationalist rhetoric
Shown sociopathic tendencies through lying & gaslighting: they don’t care if voters know they are contradicting evidence, & it doesn’t bother them when voters know they are lying - they will just lie again, & voters might even believe them because they say it with such conviction
Demonised judges & lawyers, & weakened the judiciary’s capacity to hold them & their governments to account

Taken measures to marginalise or silence critical news media, & instilled supporters to media regulatory & oversight bodies
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If proposed #MagnitskyAct passes German #Bundestag, it will trigger a sea change in #Germany-#Russia relations. It essentially forces Germany to levy #sanctions on Russia for #HumanRights violations. Drys up lots of oligarch finance. #Navalny #NATO #DeutscheBank #TrumpPutin
Russia has been bankrolling a chunk of the #NeoFascist political fringe in #EasternEurope as a way to destabilize #NATO and the #EU. Will a #German #MagnitskyAct clean up some of the money laundering that allows it to occur? Dunno.
To think that a few determined people, upset about the murder of #Russian lawyer #Magnitsky for his work uncovering corruption, were able to create the #MagnitskyAct, which is now changing the world! Does that sound like a famous quote you remember?
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Ah, the #EuropeanParliamentElection knocks at the door! Let’s see who is #campaigning for what…In #Italy, a #rightwingcoalition calls for a #guaranteedincome, #largerpensions, and resistance to the heavy-handed #austerityprograms enforced by the #EuropeanUnion.
In #France, some #rightwinggroups champion #fight against #climatechange, decry #exploitation of #foreignworkers, growing #economicinequality. What about the #centerright and #centerleft parties? #Polls show they will lose their #majority, and the Euroskeptics bag 30+% of seats.
However, #Euroskeptic, like #populist, is a term that obscures more than it reveals. #Spain’s leftist #Podemos isn’t likely to break bread with #Italy’s rightist #NorthernLeague-#M5S, but both are considered #Euroskeptic. Some are really #wolves but wear #sheepskins.
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