cw // nsfw, age gap, omega!lwj, possible lactation?

just thinking about 35 y/o milf omega!lwj patiently guiding 20 y/o alpha!wwx through his first rut. 😌😌 his thighs tremble around wwx's waist as wwx clumsily thrusts, but lwj still talks to him in low, comforting tones.
((FYI this is def a spin-off of this shalsjaldjskhs))

wwx has been taken over completely by his rut. he doesn't know how to control it; he just knows he needs to fuck and breed SOMETHING.

so when lwj offers himself, wwx wastes no time pushing lwj onto his back and bullying his way between lwj's thighs.
lwj is very patient, and makes only a soundless grunt when wwx enters him too quickly. he stops wwx's hips and forces him to go slowly so that lwj has time to slick up.

wwx SOBS at the agonizingly slow pace as apologies tumble out of his mouth.
wwx is so lost, humping frantically away between lwj's legs and mouthing at his breasts. he spills too soon, too quickly, and cries out when he feels his knot expanding inside of lwj.

lwj reassures him with soothing touches and gentle words. wwx falls asleep in the middle of it.
something about taller, older, more experienced omega!lwj gently guiding newly-presented alpha!wwx through a rut and letting alpha!wwx knot him repeatedly is just so 🥵🥵🥵

• • •

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24 Nov
a short (hopefully) thought for #omegaLWJseason:

newly-presented omega lwj overhears alpha wen chao bragging that he's going to ask his father to make lwj his concubine. lwj asks alpha wwx to fake a relationship with him.

except. neither of them knows what that looks like.
wwx: an excuse to spend time with you AND piss off wen chao? sign me up!

lwj, relieved: thank you for agreeing


wwx: so

wwx: what now

lwj: … I haven't the slightest idea
wwx: we hold hands, I think! couples hold hands, right?

lwj: absolutely not. I will not do anything that could result in pregnancy

wwx: … holding hands doesn't result in pregnancy

lwj: are you CERTAIN?


wwx: perhaps we should consult your library pavilion
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23 Nov
I always appreciate a good wangxian time travel, and it's still #omegaLWJseason, so…

35 y/o omega!lwj accidentally time travels back to his 15 y/o days. typically, presentations don't emerge until someone is around 16-18 years of age, so wangxian are unpresented at this time.
because they wear many layers to mask scent and it's rude to sniff others, the lan clan use different forehead ribbon designs to distinguish between different presentations. omegas get a jeweled bead hanging down from the center. alphas get a metal cloud engraving in the middle.
(for distinction purposes, bby unpresented lwj is lwj and 35 y/o omega!lwj is hgj))

hgj's arrival at the cloud recesses causes a bit of a panic, esp since the first thing hgj does is go directly to his uncle and tell him about the time travel oopsie.
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21 Nov
thinkin about omega!lwj and alpha!lwj meeting each other.

both wear so many layers and have their scents so carefully hidden under all their clothes. they look at each other for a long time before simultaneously bowing to each other, fully accepting of each other's presentation.
omega!wwx and alpha!wwx, on the other hand, would 10000% fight each other.
alpha!lwj and omega!lwj are the epitome of courtesy. when going down stairs, alpha!lwj gracefully offers his arm and omega!lwj takes it with the lightest of touches. they are perfect.

meanwhile omega!wwx has latched onto alpha!wwx's arm because alpha!wwx made fun of his teeth.
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14 Nov
very quick nsfw mpreg thought for #omegaLWJseason: omega!lwj finally being allowed to ride a train alone to go visit his brother—and ends up preggie from a brief encounter on it with a handsome alpha stranger. 😩😩
I just rly like the thought of lwj, dressed all prim and proper—elegantly chaste, as befitting an omega of his breeding. yet he tightly clutches a teacup in the train's lounge car as a handsome alpha teases him about being so uptight that he stands out.
the alpha, still talking, follows lwj out of the lounge car after lwj finishes his meal. lwj bristles. "Why can't you leave me alone?"

the alpha blinks, then laughs. "Little Cloud, you haven't once told me to go away! Just say so, and I will." he plays with a lock of lwj's hair.
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14 Nov
what if unbonded alphas can tell that their rut is approaching because their teeth itch with the need to bite.

what if omega!lwj can tell that alpha!wwx is almost in rut not because of his changing scent, but because wwx chews on a squeaky ball to relieve the itchiness.
alpha!wwx likes his squeaky ball! it's sturdy, big enough to fit in his mouth and get to all his teeth, and it squeaks just enough to satisfy the rut-driven part of him that wants to hear something cry out.

it REALLY annoys his coworker lwj. the constant *squeak… squeak…*
omega!lwj is about to go insane. whenever he's about to go into heat, he just wraps himself in more blankets in his cubicle. that bothers no one! this alpha, with his SQUEAKY TOY, is definitely bothering people! how is lwj supposed to work in this environment??
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11 Nov
oh no my jiang-snakes headcanon is growing rapidly out of hand.

anyways, I'm just thinking about how foxxian, in his first life, is immune to jiang snake venom. he has been bitten so many times by a liddol snakecheng while growing up that the venom no longer affects him.
and in foxxian's second life, he pesters snakecheng to the point where, out of sheer habit, snakecheng nibbles on him.

and foxxian,

at first, snakecheng freezes. he thinks foxxian is joking. foxxian has always been like this, overly dramatic, feigning injury for sympathy.

then he remembers—this is not foxxian's original body. he has no immunity.
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